IMPACT Wrestling Results for 11/26/19 Downtown Daddy Brown Sends Julian Cumberbun Packing

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Rip Rayzor (Ace Austin) vs Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann)

Pete tries to give Rip pizza, but Rip says that he didn't order one before Pete goes for a headlock and Rip's spiked choker hurts him before dropping Rip with a shoulder block. Rip takes Pete down with a side headlock takeover before he gets back to his feet and Rip hits a hip toss into a deep arm drag. Rip then hits a scoop slam for a quick two count before Pete comes back with arm drags and a dropkick into a slam and a running splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rapid Delivery Pete defeats Rip Rayzor via pinfall with a running splash.

-We get an interview with The North's Ethan Page as Julian Cumberbun and Sami Callihan as his manager under the name of Sonny Sanders who will defend his International Commonwealth Championship against Willie Mack as Downtown Daddy Brown in tonight's main event in a Loser Leaves Town match. Daddy then comes out to the stage and says that Julian can stick his money and riches and stick them before saying that he is going to send Julian downtown before Sonny hits Daddy with a tennis racket and Julian accidentally hits Sonny before Daddy rips Julian's suit off as we go to commercial.

-We get a retro music video style video package with The Hard Workers, Hall and Oats (The Deaners) before we get an interview with Excessive Force (Fallah Bahh & D-Lo Brown).

The Hard Workers (The Deaners) vs Excessive Force (Fallah Bahh & D-Lo Brown)

EF attack Hall and Oats before the match and hit a double falling headbutt as soon as the match starts before Bahh as Plunder drops Oats as Cody with a stiff headbutt. D-Lo as Pummel comes in and applies a shoulder lock to Oats before Oats gets to his feet and tags in Cousin Jake as Hall who drops EF with a double clothesline. Oats then gets the blind tag and pins Pummel with a sunset flip for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hard Workers defeat Excessive Force via pinfall.

-After the match Plunder crushes the top hats and the sternum of Oats with a splash before we get a video package for the Crist Brothers as The New Wave who are set to debut next week as we go to commercial.

Johnny Swinger vs Buck Gunderson

Johnny rakes the back of Buck and hits a running clothesline in the corner into a high angle back drop before biting Buck in the corner. Johnny then plays to the crowd and Buck capitalizes momentarily before Johnny hits a swinging neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Swinger defeats Buck Gunderson via pinfall with a swinging neckbreaker.

-We get a video package for Rhino as Frank the Butcher who is set to debut soon before we go to an interview with The Rough Riders consisting of Tenille Dashwood, Tessa Blanchard, Havok and Jordynne Grace about their match against The Rascalz, Brian Cage and Josh Alexander as we go to commercial.

-We come back to promos by various performers before we go back to the ring.

Jazzy Fitbody (Madison Rayne) vs Agnes Beerheart (Alisa Edwards)

They exchange wrist locks before Jazzy is distracted by James Drake as Sebastián Baker at ringside and Agnes hits her from behind before suplexing her for a two count. They take each other out before Jazzy hits Agnes with forearms and clotheslines before putting Agnes on her shoulders and doing squats with her. Jazzy then hits a diving splash off of the second rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jazzy Fitbody defeats Agnes Beerheart via pinfall with a diving splash.

-After the match Sebastián tries to convince Jazzy to sign his contract all the while threatening her before Jazzy signs it and they shake hands before Jazzy kicks him low and tears up the contract before leaving as we go to commercial.

Tim Burr (Josh Alexander), Jim Nasium (Dez) Ray Strack (Wentz) & Bill Ding (Trey) vs The Rough Riders (Tessa Blanchard, Havok, Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace)

Trey and Tessa kick things off before Wentz and Jordynne come in and Wentz runs the ropes repeatedly before hitting a sunset flip and rolling Grace up for a quick two count. Grace drops Wentz and Dez comes in as Tenille gets the tag on the opposite side and Dez does push ups before doing jumping jacks and Tenille dropkicks him. Josh tries to drop Havok, but can't before dropping her with a diving double ax handle for a near fall, Havok and Josh exchanging chops before Wentz takes out everyone on the opposite side with superkicks and a PK. Dez then misses a dive before Tessa hits a buzzsaw DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Rough Riders defeat The Rascalz and Josh Alexander via pinfall.

-We get the three hundred thousand dollar man and Kongo Kong in the three thousand dollar body slam challenge which is answered by Mr.Atlantis. Kong then attacks Atlantis when he tries to lift him before he's saved by Brian Cage as Muscles McGee who slams Kongo and takes the money as we go to commercial.

-We get promo by Tommy Dreamer as a sixties version of himself before we get a match from last week between Moose and Joey Ryan with Moose as and Joey as Captain Joystick.

Captain Joystick (Joey Ryan) vs DJ 2-Large (Moose)

DJ slams Joystick several times before Joystick gets out of the ring and DJ chases him before he's distracted by Kiera Hogan as Ms.Milehigh, but 2-Large is ready and chops Joystick at ringside. Back in the ring DJ dances before Joystick focuses on his leg and the referee is distracted by Milehigh before Joystick fakes being hit with a chair and DJ puts the chair around his neck like he's been hit. Joystick tries to convince the official no one was hut with a chair before DJ puts his hat on and pins Joystick with the Platinum Discus Lariat.

Winner: DJ 2-Large defeats Captain Joystick via pinfall with the Platinum Discus Lariat.

-We then have a segment of The Cockpit where DJ joins Joystick and Milehigh and Joystick mocks rap music before DJ spits bars and is ejected from the Cockpit. Joystick then lays DJ out with a serving tray before leaving with a distraught Milehigh as we go to commercial.

-We come back to footage of last month where Gama Singh fire bombed Cowboy Colt McCoy setting up their blindfold match tonight.

Blindfold Match

Gama Singh w/Dada Singh vs Cowboy Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards)

They stumble around, reaching out and groping for their opponent before Gama peaks and hits Cowboy with a right hand before Gama tries to cover someone who's not there. Cowboy trips Gama by accident before knocking Dada off of the apron and Cowboy finds Gama and hits a cutter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cowboy Colt McCoy defeats Gama Singh via pinfall with a cutter.

-Cowboy is interviewed after the match before he's attacked by The Soviets and the Soviets attack the owner of the promotion Giuseppe (Scott D'Amore) before lying the Soviet flag over Cowboy as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Giuseppe being interviewed and saying that he's going to team up with Colt and send the Soviets back to Russia next week and that hotdogs and popcorn are half price.

IPWF international Commonwealth Television Championship Loser Leaves Town Match

Julian Cumberbun (Ethan Page) (c) w/Sonny Sanders (Sami Callihan) vs Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack)

They lock up for a clean break before Julian rocks Brown with punches and Brown comes back with several inverted atomic drops. Brown sends Julian out of the ring and onto the floor before Sonny helps him up and Julian goes into the crowd and hides among them. Brown punches Julian and tosses him back into the ring before Julian pleads with Brown, but he's not buying it. They exchange strikes before Julian distracts the referee and Sonny Brown with the tennis racket and Julian chokes Brown to the count of four. Julian sends Brown out of the ring and Sonny stomps Brown before tossing him back into the ring and Julian locks in a figure four before Brown rolls over and reverses the pressure, but Julian is right to the ropes. They exchange right hands until Julian drops Brown and Brown gets a near fall off of a sunset flip before rocking Julian with punches and drops him with a bionic elbow. Brown hits an elbow drop for a near fall that Sonny breaks up before Sonny distracts the referee and Julian hits Brown with the tennis racket for a very close near fall. Brown then sends Julian into Sonny and drops him from the apron before Brown rolls Julian up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Downtown Daddy Brown defeats Julian Cumberbun to become the new IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship and Julian Cumberbun must leave the promotion.

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