IMPACT Wrestling Results for 5/6/21 IMPACT World Title #1 Contender Tournament

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Rhino (w/ Violent By Design) vs Chris Sabin

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Chris and Rhino exchange wrist locks before Chris sends Rhino out of the ring and Deaner trips Chris from ringside before Rhino clotheslines Chris off of the distraction. Rhino beats on Chris in the corner before Chris comes back with a flurry and Rhino rolls out onto the floor before Chris hits a slingshot cross body. The referee keeps an eye on VBD at ringside before they end up back inside and Chris hits a missile dropkick before Deaner distracts the referee and Rhino thumbs his eye. Rhino then hits a superplex for two before Chris rolls away from a Gore and pins Rhino with a straw cradle for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin defeats Rhino via pinfall to advance to Under Siege.

- Backstage Brian Myers is upset before Rosemary appears and reads his fortune which he calls bullshit before Black Taurus runs him over as we go to commercial.

Susan (w/ Kimber Lee) vs Taylor Wilde

Susan and Taylor exchange standing switches before Taylor takes Susan down and dropkicks her for two before Susan sends her throat first into the bottom rope. Kimber chokes Taylor from ringside when Susan distracts the referee as Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb make their way down to ringside before Taylor comes back with a German suplex. Susan rolls out of the ring before Taylor hits a tope and Kimber rips her off of the apron before Kaleb picks Kimber up and Tenille hits Susan with a neckbreaker on the opposite side of the ring. Taylor then gets back into the ring and pins Susan with a suplex for the win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde defeats Susan via pinfall.

- We get a backstage interview with Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo who is quickly interrupted by Decay before Rosemary mocks Deonna. Deonna turns to leave before she's stopped by Havok before Deonna says that Havok and Rosemary should wrestle with the winner facing her at Under Siege as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package promo by W. Morrissey ahead of his singles debut against Willie Mack at Under Siege.

Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs Trey Miguel​​​​​

Trey backs Rohit into the corner for a clean break before Trey hits a sunset flip and Rohit rolls out of the ring before taking his time getting back inside and the two have a test of strength. Rohit then drops Trey with a back elbow as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Rohit still in control of Trey before he comes back with a northern lights suplex into a double wrist lock before Rohit gets to the ropes for the break. Rohit hits a draping, twisting neckbreaker into a falcon arrow before locking in a cross face and Trey counters into a submission of his own before Rohit gets a near fall off of an inside cradle. Trey then hits a hip disconnecter into a knee bar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel defeats Rohit Raju via submission to advance to Under Siege.

- After the match Jake Something comes out passed Trey and attacks Rohit and Shera.

Juice Robinson (w/ David Finlay) vs Doc Gallows (w/ Kenny Omega & Karl Anderson)

Juice hits mounted punches in the corner before hitting a cannonball and Doc kicks him off of the top turnbuckle and down onto the floor before beating on him in the corner back inside the ring. Doc chokes Juice in the ropes as David looks on and keeps an eye on the former Bullet Club members before Juice comes back with an implant DDT for two. Juice jabs Doc and rocks him with an elbow before knocking Karl and Kenny off of the apron before Doc counters an Unprettier and nearly sends Juice out of the ring with a boot. Doc then hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Doc Gallows defeats Juice Robinson via pinfall.

- After the match Eddie Edwards comes out and gets beaten down when he tries to help Juice and David.

- Deonna, Kimber, and Susan are leaving the building before Scott makes the number one contender match for her title between Rosemary and Havok official for next week.

El Phantasmo vs ESK

El rakes the back of ESK and puts him in the tree of woe before stomping on his groin and hitting a springboard cross body and ESK hits an ushigoroshi for two. El then hits a superkick for the pin and the win.

Winner: El Phantasmo defeats ESK via pinfall.

Kiera Hogan vs Rachel Ellering

Kiera superkicks Rachel and beats on her in the corner before hitting a back stabber for two before hitting a bulldog for two and locking in a rear chin lock. Rachel comes back with a clothesline into a flying back elbow and a senton for two before Kiera comes back with running moves in the corner for a near fall. Rachel then hits a black hole slam after they run the ropes and she catches Kiera for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rachel Ellering defeats Kiera Hogan via pinfall.

- Backstage Don Callis meets with Moose ahead of his Under Siege qualifier against James Storm as we go to commercial.

James Storm vs Moose

Moose rocks James with a boot before James sends Moose through the ropes and into the railing as we go to commercial.

We come back to James in control of Moose back in the ring before Moose sends James out onto the apron and hits a dragon screw in the ropes before focusing on his knee at ringside. Back inside the ring Moose stomps the knee of James in the corner and pounds away at his knee with clubbing blows before James comes back with right hands. James hits a Thesz press and a Code Breaker into a tornado DDT for a near fall before getting another off of a sunset flip before Moose spears the knee of James. Moose locks in a half crab before James gets to the ropes for the break before breaking free of an Eye of the Storm and James hits the Last Call. The referee then nearly calls for the bell when he sees James injured before James turns around and Moose spears him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose defeats James Storm via pinfall to advance to Under Siege.

- After the match Moose puts a chair around the knee of James before stomping it and Chris comes out afterwards to check on James as Moose leaves as we go off the air.

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