IMPACT Wrestling Results for 8/11/20 Young vs Mack, Eddie Edwards Defends His Title

Hey there Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch.TV!

- We open the show with Eric Young and Willie Mack brawling backstage ahead of their match tonight before they're separated by security only to end up brawling from the back out to ringside and into the ring for the match.

Mixed Tag Match Set For 6/25 WWE SmackDown

Willie Mack vs Eric Young

EY tries to leave and says that they'll have a match on his time before Willie gives pursuit and brings EY back to ringside before they brawl and Willie tosses EY into the ring. EY stomps Willie as soon as he tries to get back in and the referee starts the match before Willie hits several dropkicks and whipping EY across the ring and hitting a running forearm in the corner. EY snaps Willie's neck in the top rope before hitting a running knee in the corner and Willie whips him across the ring and over the top rope and down onto the floor. Willie hits a slingshot tope to the outside before rolling EY back in for two and meets him up top before EY bites Willie and he falls down onto the mat before EY hits a high angle diving elbow drop for two. EY hits several knee drops and chokes Willie in the corner before Willie catches him coming off of the second rope and hits a northern lights suplex for two. EY clotheslines Willie before Willie comes back with a stunner and climbs up top before EY meets Willie on the top turnbuckle when he's about to go for a frog splash. The Twitch stream then goes out before it comes back on and Eric wins with a piledriver.

Winner: Eric Young defeats Willie Mack via pinfall.

- We come back from the break to this week's edition of Wrestle House before we go backstage and Reno Scum attack Rhino and steal his money before we go back to the ring for our next match between Jordynne Grace and Kimber Lee.

Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee

They lock up before Jordynne applies a standing side headlock and drops Lee with a shoulder block before clotheslining her for two. Grace then whips Lee into the corner before Lee pulls the referee in the way and Grace sends Lee out onto the apron before Lee hits an enzuigiri as we go to commercial.

We come back to Lee in control, having Grace in a calf crusher before Grace gets to the ropes and Lee stays focused on her leg before kicking her in the spine. Grace counters a suplex into one of her own before dropping Lee several times and hitting a spinebuster for two before they exchange pin attempts until Lee hits an enzuigiri. Lee then hits a bridging German suplex for a near fall before Grace gets her knees up when Lee goes for a swanton bomb and chokes until she taps for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace defeats Kimber Lee via submission.

- We get this week's edition of Locker Room Talk with RVD and Katie Forbes before they almost immediately start making out and Madison leaves before Sami Callihan appears and attacks RVD. Sami then goes for a piledriver to RVD onto the floor before Katie sprays him with hair spray and she and RVD stomp Sami.

- We then go to The Rascalz backstage before Moose walks up and hands Trey wearing a Suicide mask an invitation to challenge for the TNA title as we go to commercial.

- The Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo cuts a promo about defeating Jordynne Grace for the title and says that she's entitled to a rematch before challenging Jordynne to the first ever 30 Minute Ironman Match in Knockouts History at Emergence.

- We get a duel promo video package by the tag champions Motor City Machine Guns and The North ahead of MCMG defending their titles next week on night one of Emergence.

No Disqualification Tag Team Match

Havok & Nevaeh vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Kiera and Tasha hid on the other side of the stage until Havok and Nevaeh come out and attack them from behind before all four women brawl at ringside until Havok and Tasha end up in the ring. The match officially starts when Havok catches Tasha coming off of the top and hits a spinning side slam for two before hitting a running boot to Tasha in the corner. Kiera grabs the leg of Havok and allows Tasha to hit her with a chair, but it just angers Havok before Tasha superkicks it into her face and Kiera comes in and superkicks Havok as well. Nevaeh comes in and hits a double clothesline before suplexing Tasha several times for two before Kiera and Tasha double up on Nevaeh for two. Nevaeh hits a release German suplex to Kiera for two before Havok sets up a table at ringside and all four women exchange strikes in the ring until everyone except Havok is dropped. Havok then goes for a tombstone to Tasha that Kiera stops before Havok counters a double suplex into one of her own and Kiera superkicks her off of the apron and through the table. Kiera then pins Nevaeh with a fisherman's suplex for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz defeat Nevaeh and Havok via pinfall.

- Moose is walking backstage before EC3 appears on a screen and tells him that he's come back to IMPACT for him and his title before warning him and disappearing as Moose looks around him as we go to commercial.

Suicide (Trey) vs Dez w/Wentz

They exchange strikes before they're almost immediately interrupted by Gallows and Anderson who rush the ring and attack them for the disqualification.

Winner: No Contest due to double interference.

-Karl gets on the mic and says that they're not leaving until Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come out to the ring before they appear on the big screen. Ace informs Karl and Luke that he and Fulton aren't even in the same state as them before agreeing to face them next week.

- We get a rundown for the cards for both nights of Emergence starting next week and going into the following week.

IMPACT World Championship Match

Eddie Edwards (c) vs Brian Myers

Eddie backs Brian into the corner for a clean break before they lock up again and Eddie backs Brian into the ropes for another clean break. They lock up a third time and Brian backs Eddie into the corner for a clean break before Eddie lays into him with chops in the corner. Brian kicks Eddie in the midsection and clotheslines him before taking Eddie down with a side headlock takeover and dropping Eddie with a shoulder block once he gets to his feet. Brian drops Eddie with a right hand and stomps his right hand before choking him in the ropes and Eddie clotheslines him over the top rope and down onto the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back to Brian in control in the ring, Brian sending Eddie into the post before driving him into the edge of the apron and tossing him back into the ring. Brian grounds Eddie once he's back in the ring before sweeping him before Eddie sends Brian out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before Brian drives Eddie into the railing. Brian gets back into the ring, seemingly content with winning via count out before Brian stomps Eddie once he gets back inside right before being counted out and hits a side slam for two. Eddie comes back with a German suplex and backpack stunner for a near fall before Brian counters a Tiger driver for a near fall and gets hit with a superkick and a forearm before Eddie hits a Tiger driver for a near fall. Eddie then pins Brian with the Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards retains his IMPACT World Championship by defeating Brian Myers via pinfall.

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