Impact Wrestling Xplosion 3/25/20 Results: Willie Mack vs. Adam Thornstowe & Mahabali Shera Speaks

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Willie Mack vs. Adam Thornstowe w/Luster The Legend

The match begins with Legend distracting Mack so Thornstowe can attack him from behind, Thornstowe corners Mack while landing a few strikes. Mack recovers and he nails Thornstowe with a clothesline followed by strikes, Thornstowe bites Mack and Mack responds by landing a Thesz Press. Mack then nails a downed Thornstowe with a knee drop, Mack follows Thornstowe around the ring while landing more strikes. Mack follows up by nailing Thornstowe with a flying shoulder tackle and a leg drop for a near fall as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Mack nailing Thornstowe with more strikes. Mack corners Thornstowe while landing some shoulder thrusts, Thornstowe fights back as Legend trips up Mack. Thornstowe then hits a downed Mack with a senton bomb for a near fall, Thornstowe keeps Mack down while stomping away on him. Thornstowe follows up by nailing a downed Mack with a knee drop, Thornstowe keeps Mack down while applying a chin lock.

Mack fights back and Thornstowe drops him with a hair pull, Thornstowe goes for a standing moonsault and senton and Mack avoids both of them. Mack then nails Thornstowe with a series of clotheslines and a Samoan drop, Mack also nails Thornstowe with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Mack then nails a swinging Thornstowe with an exploder suplex, Mack also drops a cornered Thornstowe before Luster drags Thornstowe out of the ring. Mack quickly takes out Legend with a dive before eating a super kick from Thornstowe, Thornstowe gets Mack in the ring before eating a pop up forearm strike and a frog splash for a three count.

Winner: Willie Mack

- Around The Ring w/Gabby Loren is next and tonight’s guest is Mahabali Shera, who says his name means “lion.” Shera says he is in Impact Wrestling to prove that he is the lion, Shera says all of his family has participated in sports and he wanted to take things on a worldwide level by becoming a pro wrestler. Shera talks about being the Ring Ka King Champion in 2011 before coming over to Impact Wrestling, Shera says he is respected a lot by people from his home country. Shera talks about how he knew no English when he came over to America, Shera talks about all the studying he does to become a better pro wrestler.

- This week’s Classic Match Of The Week is The Pope vs. AJ Styles from TNA Lockdown 2010.

- Highlights are shown of Jake Crist versus Daga from a previous edition of Impact Wrestling.

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