Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 Results: ACH vs. Rush, Morton vs. Janela, Matt Tremont's Last GCW Match

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Joey Janela vs. Ricky Morton

Yota Tsuji Doesn't Believe AEW Has Respect For IWGP

ACH vs. Lio Rush

The Rascalz vs. IronBeast

Alex Shelley vs. Tony Deppen

Jonathan Gresham vs. Lee Moriarty

Rickey Shane Page’s Open Challenge

Team Pazuzu vs Blake Christian & Alex Zayne & Jordan Oliver

Matt Tremont vs. Alex Colon

Clusterfuck Battle Royal

Rickey Shane Page's Open Challenge

Rickey Shane Page says that it's not going to be an open challenge he's instead inviting a student out to wrestle him. Marcus Mathers comes out and he tells him to go to the back and he's just a child that there's no way he's going to wrestle him. Next, he brings out 411, the son of ECW wrestler 911, 44OH! jump him as well. Danhausen comes to answer the challenge and gets jumped by 44OH! Finally, Orange Cassidy answers the challenge to raucous applause.

Rickey Shane Page vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange starts the match by using his typical antics to stay away from RSP and 44OH! A quick small package attempt gets a two-count for Orange Cassidy. Orange puts his hands in his pockets and RSP takes them out a couple of times and they play around for a little bit before getting back to wrestling. Orange takes control of the power of his hands in his pockets. Orange goes for a suicide dive and gets tripped by Gregory Iron allowing RSP to take control. While RSP continues to beat on Orange, 44OH! set up furniture on the outside.

Orange hits the fake strikes and then hits the suicide dive on one of Ricky Shane's goons before heading a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT on Page. Eric Ryan is sent crashing through the table and Cassidy does the trust fall onto the rest of 44OH! Back in the ring, Page hits a choke breaker for a 2-count. RSP goes to drink Cassidy's orange juice and instead, Cassidy kicks it into his face, hits the Orange Punch on Greg Iron, and lands his signature cradle for the victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

- A Matt Tremont promo plays.

The Rascalz vs. IronBeast

The Rascalz start off with some high octane offense. Zachary Wentz hit a Bronco Buster onto KTB, and a double suicide dive. Shortly after that, IronBeast takes control with the power game and attempt to go for more doors to put their opponents through. The match would then break down into more traditional tag action with Beast getting the advantage with a multitude of double team maneuvers. Zachary Wentz tries to take on both men by himself but they floor him with a gorilla press gutbuster combination followed by the Beastsault from KTB for the count of two. Now, Shane Mercer is in the ring with Zachary and they trade strikes before Mercer gets the advantage and tags in KTB. Zachary is able to avoid a double team move and make the hot tag to Dezmond Xavier, who cleans house. Xavier tries to go for a pin but Mercer breaks up the count. both Rascalz start to take advantage and they go for a stereo suicide dive attempt but get caught and both men gorilla press toss The Rascalz into one another. IronBeastgo for the doomsday device but Xavier flips off the shoulders of Mercer IronBeast hits an assisted powerslam for two. Rascalz takes over with strikes and manages to get a near fall. Xavier goes for a suicide dive but IronBeast block it by throwing a door at him. IronBeastget the victory with a powerbomb into a german suplex combo.

WINNER: IronBeast

Jonathan Gresham vs. Lee Moriarty

Early on in this match, we see an exchange of pure wrestling holds along with a Lenny Leonard and Dave Prazak reunion commentary, this match has a real early Ring of Honor vibe. Moriarty takes to the air to get an advantage and a quick lateral press attempt gets only a one count for Lee. Both men quickly go back to the wrestling holds with Moriarty working on the arm of Jonathan Gresham. Moriarty gets a two-count with a unique pinning combination and immediately goes back to working on the arm of Gresham. After a series of near falls in the favor of Moriarty, Gresham starts to gain control by working on Moriarty's arm. A unique leg-hold combined with trapping the arms of Moriarty gets a two-count for Jonathan Gresham. Gresham would continue to go for unique pinfall attempts while never being able to score the victory. Moriarty would swing the momentum in his direction with some explosive kicks and a mushroom stomp that would score him a two-count. Moriarty went for a suplex attempt but there was too much pressure on his back so he switched gears and delivered a double stomp to the arm from the top rope. Moriarty slapped an Armbar on Gresham, who quickly got to the ropes.

Following more exchanges of holds and near falls, the action picked up with some trash talk and intense striking by both athletes. Moriarty nailed a Tilt-A-Whirl Armbar. At first, Jonathan Gresham got to the ropes but Moriarty used the ropes to roll them back into the middle of the ring. Gresham eventually found reprieve on the other side of the ring. Both men begin to exchange strikes until Jonathan Gresham gets the best of Moriarty, nailing several Burning Bayonets to the side of Lee Moriarty's head. Gresham would get the win with the octopus stretch combined with several hammerfist blows to the head.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

- After the match, Jonathan Gresham cut a promo putting Moriarty calling him one of the best in the world.

Team Pazuzu vs Blake Christian & Alex Zayne & Jordan Oliver

Throughout the match, the veterans of Team Pazuzu maintain control of the rookies. Briefly, Blake Christian tried to take control by getting rid of Santana and Ortz but was quickly stopped by Chris Dickinson. The action would spill out to the floor with four men brawling on the floor Wilder Ortiz kept control of Christian in the ring. Dickinson would soon be the legal man and hit an amazing cradle piledriver ankle submission combination and then the attack focused strictly on the leg of Blake Christian as all members of Pazuzu made quick exchanges keeping themselves fresh. Christian tries to fight back against Dickinson and they begin exchanging. Finally, Christian hits a German Suplex and Alex Zayne and Oliver enter the odds. The young wrestlers hit a multitude of high-risk maneuvers but Christian is not able to put away Dickinson. Finally, Alex Zayne tags in and exchanges with Chris Dickinson before “The Filthy Father” hits a Lariat for two. Pazuzu continues their relentless dissection of the babyfaces with a vicious three-on-one attack. Santana hits a Frog Splash but that only scores him the count of 2. Pazuzu tries to land another three-on-one attack but the babyfaces run interference Alex looks to tag out but there's nobody in the corner. Finally, Christian crawls to the corner and tags in before demanding that Chris Dickinson get in the ring. Dickinson and Christian exchange briefly before Jordan Oliver gets involved and also begins exchanging with Dickinson before nailing a reverse Discus Lariat into a German Suplex. Alex Zane takes out Santana and Ortiz with a tope, but in the ring, Dickinson gets the pinfall with a running Razor's Edge.

WINNERS: Team Pazuzu

- After the match, Pazuzu cut a nice promo about indie wrestling and praised their opponents and the crowd.

Alex Shelley vs. Tony Deppen

Deppen and Shelley exchange holds and early on Shelley plants Deppen with a DDT on the apron. Later on in the match, Deppen would target the leg with dropkicks and a shin breaker. Shelley would use a corkscrew neckbreaker and only get a two-count. Shelley would attempt the Motor City Stretch and Deppen countered with a cradle for the win.

WINNER: Tony Deppen

ACH vs. Lio Rush

Both men start exchanging early on as they jockey for an advantage. Lio Rush immediately hits a suicide dive. Back inside the ring, they once again exchange. Lio Rush hit a springboard stunner from the bottom rope for two. In the corner ACH hits a series of kicks for and nails a brainbuster for two. Later on in the match, Rush once again tried the springboard Center but got kicked in the back and nailed with a tiger driver for two. Rush would counter a running move into the Rush Hour and into a Frog Splash for the win.

WINNER: Lio Rush

Joey Janela vs. Ricky Morton

Early on, Joey Janela did his best chain grappling attempt and mocked Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels early on. Janela gets a two count off a back elbow and maintain the advantage with a side headlock. Janela challenges Morton to meet him outside. Janela nails Morton with a chair. Morton nails Janela with a piledriver through a table. Janela makes Morton bleed with a chair and says this is for Cornette. Ricky Morton hits a DVD and the ring apron and pulls out a door. Janela slams Ricky into the door and hits a flying elbow with the door on Morton. Joey then batters Ricky with a door before hitting a figure four. Ricky gets near fall with a small package. Janela hits as superkick for two. Ricky Morton hits a Destroyer for two. Janela reapplies the Figure Four and Morton reverses it into an Indian Deathlock and Joey taps out.

WINNER: Ricky Morton

The Clusterfuck

Nate Webb went Coast-to-Coast in this match as he started it and managed to be a part of the finish as well. The Clusterfuck was aptly named as it was a match that saw The Invisible Man, a blow-up doll named Yoshihiko, Cassandro, Nasty Leroy, Dustin Thomas, JTG, and more. At one point in the match, 44OH! held court in the match before being beaten down by the Second Gear Crew. The next portion of the match was dominated by The Invisible Man. The Invisible Man managed to eliminate Parrow, Effy, Manders, Mance Warner, and more before being eliminated by Yoshihiko. The last entrant in the match was Sharkboy, who managed to eliminate Allie Kat. Sharkboy was eliminated by Starboy, who is too young to drink. AJ Gray was able to eliminate Calvin Tankman who had a great run in the match. The final two men were Atticus Cogar and Nate Webb and Webb was able to win the match by hitting a moonsault Van Terminator and his Lift & Cutter finisher.

WINNER: Nate Webb, who is still just a Teenage Dirtbag, baby!

Matt Tremont vs. Alex Colon

Almost immediately, the match turned bloody as each man began carving one another with light tubes. The match was then taken to the floor as Colon and Tremont traded blows and more cuts with light tubes. Back in the ring, Colon hits a tornado DDT on light tubes as glass and dust shatter everywhere. Tremont would hit a Samoan drop through a bunch of doors and barbed wire. Both men but then travel into the stands and beat each other up on the bleachers where Matt hit a superplex. Both men would then go to a guarded area where Colon would hit a splash off of the balcony onto Matt through several doors before throwing Matt back in the ring and hitting a double foot stomp through more light tubes. Tremont got a two-count after a DVD through more tubes. Eventually, both men just began striking each other with an obscene amount of light tubes and Tremont asked Alex to put him out of his misery by hitting him with a rake made up of light tubes. Alex would oblige and score the victory.

WINNER: Alex Colon

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