WWE Raw Results For 11/5/18: Tag Team Title Match, Kurt Angle Wants To Be A Team Captain & Nia Jax Forms An Alliance

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- The show starts off with a bunch of superstars on the stage as security surrounds the ring, Acting Raw GM Corbin makes his way to the ring. A video package airs showing Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Universal Title at WWE Crown Jewel after Corbin attacked Braun Strowman, Corbin talks about WWE Survivor Series. Corbin goes over the previously announced matches for the card, Corbin says Shane McMahon stole the WWE World Cup trophy from Raw. Corbin says he’ll be the captain of the Raw men’s team at WWE Survivor Series, but will not compete in the match itself. Corbin says that Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre are the first members of the men’s Raw team, Corbin also announces Strowman as a member of the team.

Corbin says that Strowman needs to learn to respect authority, Corbin then names Alexa Bliss as the captain of the Raw women’s team at WWE Survivor Series. Bliss makes her way to the ring and she grabs a microphone, Bliss says that she will just be managing and not competing at WWE Survivor Series. Bliss says she’ll be watching all the women compete to see who deserves to be on the team, Bliss announces The Riott Squad versus Sasha Banks, Natalya & Bayley tonight. Kurt Angle interrupts and makes his way to the stage, Angle says that competing in the WWE World Cup lit a fire under him. Angle announces his intentions to compete in the Raw team at WWE Survibor Series, Corbin tells Angle to take a permanent vacation.

Angle challenges Corbin for a match tonight and the winner will be the team captain of the Raw squad, Corbin agrees to the match. Strowman interrupts and he goes right to the ring, Strowman quickly eliminates the security team. Strowman goes after Corbin and he chases him backstage before attacking members of the Raw roster, Strowman gets free as the roster brawls with each other. Strowman tells a stage hand to find Corbin as he searches for Corbin himself.

- Charly Caruso interviews Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya, with Banks saying the result will be the same for their match at WWE Evolution. Natalya says that she is wearing a pair of her late dad’s sunglasses to the ring.

Natalya, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan)

The match begins with The Riott Squad jumping their opponents as the bell sounds, Natalya drops Riott and she gets her in the sharp shooter. Morgan distracts the ref and Logan kicks Natalya in the head, Riott quickly throws Natalya out of the ring as Logan tags in. Logan hits Natalya with a few strikes before throwing her into the barricade, Logan gets Natalya in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Natalya fights back and Logan quickly drops her, Morgan tags in and she kicks Natalya right in the back for a near fall. Morgan throws Natalya out of the ring as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Morgan holding Natalya in a chin lock. Natalya gets free and Morgan quickly drops her, Morgan traps Natalya in the corner while kicking away at her.

Natalya gets free again and she tags Banks into the match, Banks quickly cleans house against the opposing team. Banks hits Morgan with a step up knee strike before nailing Logan with a double knee strike on the arena floor, Banks then hits Morgan with a top rope double knee strike. Banks goes for the Bank Statement and Riott breaks it up, Riott tags in and Banks nails her with a knee strike. Bayley tags in and she hits Riott with a knee strike of her own, Riott recovers and she sends Bayley into the corner. Riott gets trapped in the ropes and Bayley nails her with a stunner, Bayley follows that up by taking Logan and Morgan out with a suicide dive. Riott attacks a distracted Bayley and she gets her back in the ring, Bayley fights back and Riott nails her with a few strikes. Riott quickly applies the chin lock to a downed Bayley, Bayley gets free by hitting Riott with a jaw breaker.

Logan tags away and she stomps away on a cornered Bayley, Logan holds Bayley down while applying the cobra clutch. Bayley gets free and Logan sends her into the middle rope for a near fall, Morgan tags in and she hits Bayley with a middle rope face buster for a near fall as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Logan nailing Bayley with a drop kick for a near fall, Bayley fights back and Logan attacks her teammates. Natalya tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team, Natalya hits Logan with a release German suplex and a Glam Slam for a near fall. Banks hits the ring and she attacks Riott before getting hit with an enzaguri from Morgan, Natalya gets Logan in a sharp shooter and Riott grabs Natalya’s father’s sunglasses before breaking them. Natalya releases the hold and breaks down in tears as The Riott Squad leaves the ringside area.

Match Result: No Contest

- Braun Strowman is shown hunting for Baron Carbin and he has yet to find him.

- Highlights were shown from the DX vs. Brothers Of Destruction match at WWE Crown Jewel.

Jinder Mahal w/Sunil Singh vs. Apollo Crews

The match begins with Mahal attacking Crews with a few strikes, Crews fights back and he nails a charging Mahal with a drop kick. Crews gets to the ring apron and he gets back in the ring before getting distracted by Singh, Mahal then hits Crews with a knee strike for a near fall. Mahal holds Crews down while applying a chin lock, Crews gets free and he nails Mahal with an enzaguri. Crews then hits Mahal with a press slam followed by a standing moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Apollo Crews

- Seth Rollins is shown walking around backstage.

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