WWE Raw Results For 7/1/2019: WWE United States Title Match, AJ Styles Reveals His True Self & The Street Profits Debut

Mike Kanellis & Maria Kanellis vs. Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

The match begins with Rollins dropping Mike with a snap mare before kicking him in the back, Mike gets up and Rollins trips him up before landing a back elbow strike. Mike recovers and he corners Rollins before landing a few kicks, Rollins recovers and he nails Mike with a buckle bomb followed by a thrust kick. Lynch tags in and Maria grabs the microphone to mock Mike for his efforts in the match, Lynch goes after Maria and Maria says she is pregnant. Mike questions how Maria got pregnant and Maria mocks him, Lynch locks Mike in the Disarmer and Mike taps out.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

After the match, Maria gets in the ring with the microphone to insult Mike some more, Maria says she has waited to see Mike grow up and he has been a disappointment. Maria says Becky Lynch was the only man in the ring tonight and maybe she’ll get impregnated by Lynch next time.

- Charly Caruso interviews Paul Heyman backstage, Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar and the Money In The Bank contract. The Street Profits arrive and they talk about Lesnar until Heyman leaves.

- Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are shown backstage.

- Alexa Bliss makes her way to the stage to host A Moment Of Bliss, tonight’s guest is going to be Nikki Cross. Highlights are shown of Cross beating Bayley to get Bliss another shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Cross says that Bliss was the first person to take her seriously and Cross will always be thankful for that. Carmella interrupts and makes her way to the talk show, Carmella questions why Bliss is getting a title shot after Cross’ win. Carmella says that Bliss is taking advantage of Cross and wonders what Cross will get for the win last week, Bliss mocks Carmella and Carmella challenges her to a match.

Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

The match begins with Carmella quickly rolling up Bliss for a three count.

Winner: Carmella

Nikki Cross w/Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella

The match begins with Cross attacking Carmella before eating a drop kick, Carmella follows that up by dropping Cross with a head scissors takedown. Carmella then hits Cross with a clothesline and Cross rolls out of the ring, Bliss distracts Carmella and that allows Cross to trap her in the ring apron before landing some strikes. Cross gets Carmella back in the ring to get a near fall on a few pin attempts, Carmella fights back and she drops Cross with more clotheslines. Carmella then hits Cross with an atomic drop and a bronco buster for a near fall, Cross recovers and she nails Carmella with a rope assisted drop kick. Cross misses a leap off the ropes before hitting Carmella with a spinning neck breaker for a three count.

Winner: Nikki Cross w/Alexa Bliss

- AJ Styles is shown warming up backstage.

- Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross are talking backstage when they get interrupts, Bliss refuses to allow Cross to answer a question about a potential title shot.

- Drake Maverick & wife are talking backstage when a bunch of wrestlers chasing R-Truth storm by, Maverick attacks R-Truth with a brief case and pins him to win the WWE 24/7 Title.

- Ricochet is shown walking backstage.

WWE United States Championship
Ricochet (Champion) vs. AJ Styles

The match begins with Ricochet tripping up Styles before rolling him up, Styles recovers and he cracks Ricochet with a right. Ricochet recovers and he eventually nails Styles with a springboard clothesline, Styles shocks Ricochet with a roll up for a near fall. Styles keeps control by smashing Ricochet into the turnbuckle a few times, Ricochet knocks Styles out of the ring before nailing him with a suicide dive. Ricochet gets Styles in the ring and he misses a springboard leap, Styles nails Ricochet with a Phenomenal Forearm for a three count, even though Ricochet’s foot was under the rope. A second referee comes out and a discussion takes place as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see the match restarted and Ricochet attacking Styles with some strikes.

Styles fights back and Ricochet nails him with an enzaguri, Ricochet then hits Styles with a neck breaker for a near fall. Ricochet recovers from a missed phoenix splash attempt before knocking Styles out of the ring, Ricochet misses a suicide dive and Styles lands his. Styles gets Ricochet back in the ring before landing a brain buster for a near fall, Styles follows up by landing the Rack Bomb for a near fall. Styles then places Ricochet on the top rope and he follows him up there, Ricochet knocks Styles down and he catches Styles with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Ricochet, still the WWE United States Champion

After the match, Ricochet and AJ Styles shake hands while Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows make their way towards the ring, Styles turns on Ricochet and attacks him. Gallows and Anderson hit the ring to nail Ricochet with a Magic Killer, Styles then hits Ricochet with a super Styles Clash from the middle rope.

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