WWE Raw Results For 7/15/19: Two Title Matches Are Booked For Summerslam & Bray Wyatt Returns!

- Charly Caruso interviews Roman Reigns, who says that this is his week and he’ll finish it strong by winning the battle royal tonight and then winning the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Summerslam.

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

The match begins with Joe backing Balor into the ropes before giving him a shove, Joe gets Balor down while wrenching away on his arm. Balor gets free and he captures Joe in a headlock, Joe gets free and he nails a charging Balor with a chop. Balor recovers and he takes Joe down with a headlock, Joe catches Balor in a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe attacks Finn Balor and Balor fights back by landing a double stomp and shotgun drop kick followed by a Coupe De Grace. The lights go out as Balor is celebrating in the ring, somebody is attacking Balor in the darkness and that person is revealed to be Bray Wyatt.

- Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle arrive at a hotel for their honeymoon and check in, Michelle wants the most romantic room and the best champagne. R-Truth appears as they leave and he has a referee with him, R-Truth tries bribing the hotel clerk to get information on Maverick.

- The Street Profits talk about what they have just witnessed on WWE Raw before giving predictions for the women’s fatal 4 way elimination match and the battle royal that are taking place tonight.

- Mike Bennett is shown backstage when Maria arrives, Maria says that she should wrestle while pregnant because she has a better chance of beating Zack Ryder than he does.

Zack Ryder vs. Mike Kanellis

The match begins with Ryder nailing Kanellis with a Rough Rider for a three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

After the match, Maria grabs a microphone and says that Mike should’ve let her wrestle tonight, Maria says the unborn baby had a better shot at winning the match that he did.

- The Club are shown talking backstage.

The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) vs. The Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik & Kalisto)

The match begins with Syles throwing his shirt at Metalik before attacking him with strikes, Anderson tags in and he stomps away on a downed Metalik. Metalik fights back and he nails Anderson with a bulldog followed by a missile drop kick, Anderson recovers and he tags Gallows into the match. Gallows keeps Metalik cornered while mauling him with strikes, Metalik fights back and gallows quickly drops him. Anderson tags in and he nails Metalik with a running knee lift, Ricochet appears from out of nowhere and he attacks Styles. A brawl breaks out between everybody as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Styles drilling Dorado with a drop kick. Gallows tags in and he nails a cornered Dorado with some more strikes, Anderson tags in and he slams Dorado for a near fall.

Dorado recovers and he nails Anderson with a handspring stunner, Kalisto tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Kalisto then drops Anderson with a hurricarana, The Lucha House Party then takes out The Club with suicide dive. Styles interferes and distracts Kalisto, Anderson then catches a leaping Kalisto and nails him with a spine buster. Gallows tags in and he works with Anderson to hit Kalisto with a Boot Of Doom, Styles tags in and he forces Kalisto to tap out to the calf crusher.

Winners: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

After the match, AJ Styles holds Kalisto in the calf crusher for an extended amount of time.

- Highlights are shown from the Winners Take All match from WWE Extreme Rules ‘19.

- Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage, Rollins says he has to be focused on winning the battle royal tonight, Rollins says he is hurt seeing Brock Lesnar as the WWE Universal Champion. Rollins says that he doesn’t know if Becky Lynch is going to be here on Raw tonight, Rollins says he’ll fight anyone to get a shot at Lesnar.

- Highlights from Bray Wyatt’s return are shown.

- Becky Lynch shows up before the bell sounds for the next match.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Gets Raw Women’s Title Shot At WWE Summerslam
Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

The match begins with Bliss going after everybody until she gets chased out of the ring, Natalya clears the ring until its just her and Naomi. Naomi misses a charge in the corner and Natalya drops her, Natalya and Naomi drop each other with a double neck breaker. Carmella tries pinning Naomi and Natalya for some near falls, Carmella grabs Natalya and she tosses her out of the ring. Carmella traps Naomi in the corner before kicking away at her, Naomi fights back and Carmella stops her on the top rope. Carmella gets Naomi down with a hurricarana for a near fall, Carmella then hits Natalya with a Mella Go Round. Carmella follows that up by nailing Natalya with a bronco buster, Carmella nails Natalya and Naomi with super kicks before getting rolled up by Bliss for a three count.

Eliminated: Carmella

The match resumes with Naomi nailing Bliss with a drop kick for a near fall, Naomi then slams Bliss before knocking Natalya out of the ring. Naomi traps Bliss in the corner before assaulting her with kicks for a near fall, Bliss fights back and she nails Naomi with a clothesline for a near fall. Bliss traps Naomi near the ropes while attacking her with multiple kicks, Naomi and Bliss then drop each other with a double clothesline as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Naomi rolling Natalya up before landing a hurricarana, Natalya goes out of the ring and she drags Naomi out. Naomi then nails Natalya with a blockbuster on the arena floor, Bliss gets Naomi in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt. Bliss slows things down further by holding Naomi in a chin lock, Naomi gets free and Bliss attacks her with more strikes.

Naomi fights back and she catches Bliss in a roll up for a near fall, Naomi then hits Bliss with a leg sweep and leg drop for a near fall. Naomu follows that up by nailing Bliss with a bulldog into the corner, Natalya returns and nails Naomi with a spinning clothesline for a near fall. Natalya then applies a chin lock to a downed Naomi, Natalya releases the hold to apply the surfboard stretch to Naomi. Bliss tries pinning Natalya to break the submission hold, Naomi then attacks Natalya with a few kicks before getting tosses across the ring. Naomi drops Natalya and Bliss distracts her, Natalya hits Naomi with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Bliss then drops Natalya with a right, Bliss then focuses her attack on Naomi while putting her in a chin lock.

Bliss traps Naomi in the corner before kicking away at her, Bliss then takes the opportunity to choke Naomi in the corner. Naomi drops Bliss with a series of kicks for a near fall, Bliss recovers and she applies a chin lock to Naomi. Natalya gets back in the ring and Bliss throws Naomi into her, Bliss sends a charging Natalya into the corner while stomping away on her. Naomi grabs Bliss and she drags her out of the ring, Naomi goes for a roll up and Natalya counters with a roll up for the three count and we go to a commercial break.

Eliminated: Naomi

We return from the break to see Bliss and Cross talking shop on the arena floor, Cross grabs a microphone and she demands that the crowd cheer for Bliss. Bliss hides in the ropes so Natalya cannot get at her, Bliss then drops Natalya with a kick to the midsection. Natalya fights back and Bliss drops her by pulling her hair, Bliss then hits Natalya with Insult To Injury for a near fall. Natalya fights back again and Bliss rolls out of the ring, Natalya then takes out Cross with a spinning clothesline. Bliss gets Natalya back in the ring and Natalya gets her in a sharp shooter and Bliss taps out.

Eliminated: Alexa Bliss

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Charly Caruso interviews Natalya and she says that Alexa Bliss sucks. Natalya says her life changed a lot in the last year and she’ll be facing Becky Lynch in her home country of Canada, Lynch grabs a microphone and she says that she came here to fight. Lynch then says Natalya better step up or she’ll wipe the floor with her in Canada, Lynch says she is better in war than in love. Natalya mocks Lynch’s lovemaking skills and she’ll bring the war to her at WWE Summerslam.

- Randy Orton appears backstage and he says he will win the battle royal tonight to take care of unfinished business with Brock Lesnar.

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