Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

The match begins with Reigns attacking Joe with a plethora of strikes, Reigns misses a charge at Joe and he crashes into the ring post. Joe attacks a cornered Reigns with a plethora of strikes, Joe drops Reigns before stomping away on him. Joe holds Reigns down while twisting away on his head, Reigns fights back and Joe drops him with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Joe keeps Reigns down while again twisting away on his head, Reigns fights back again and Joe knocks him out of the ring. Joe follows that up by taking Reigns out with a suicide dive, Joe gets Reigns back in the ring and he nails him with more strikes. Joe throws Reigns back out of the ring and Reigns escapes his dive attempt before landing a Drive By, Reigns gets Joe in the ring and he nails him with a leaping clothesline.

Reigns traps Joe in the corner while landing clothesline strikes, Reigns then drops a dazed Joe with a boot to the face. Reigns goes for a superman punch and Joe counters before landing a senton for a near fall, Joe goes for the rear naked choke and Reigns escapes to send him out of the ring. Joe gets back in the ring and Reigns nails him with a spear for a three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

- The Miz makes his way to the ring as we go to a commercial break.

- The Miz is in the ring for Miz TV and his guest tonight is Seth Rollins, Miz shows highlights of Brock Lesnar cashing in on Rollins to win the WWE Universal Title. Rollins mocks Lesnar after seeing the video package, Rollins claims that Lesnar is a Seth Rollins wannabe. Paul Heyman appears on the big screen to interrupt the proceedings, Heyman disputes that Lesnar is a Rollins wannabe. Heyman makes his way out to the entrance ramp and Rollins interrupts him, Rollins threatens some physical violence and he makes Heyman run backstage. Rollins says that Lesnar is nothing more than a man and he will lose at WWE Summerslam, Rollins says he will still face AJ Styles tonight.

- Charly Caruso is backstage at the Raw Reunion party, Sami Zayn interrupts and he says TV time is being wasted on the legends. Zayn says all the legends should go home and stay home for good, Rey Mysterio appears and he tells Zayn to show respect. Kurt Angle arrives and he suggests that they settle their problem in the ring.

- Kelly Kelly bumps into Candice Michelle backstage before meeting Naomi and Melina, Melina is ref and Michelle attacks Kelly to win the 24/7 Title. Alundra Blayze appears and she taps Michelle to win the 24/7 Title.

- The Coach joins the commentary team before the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn

The match begins with Zayn doing some work on the arm of Mysterio, Zayn nails Mysterio with a few strikes afterwards. Mysterio fights back and Zayn knocks him to the ring apron, Mysterio goes for a springboard move and Zayn trips him up in the corner. Zayn nails Mysterio with a running drop kick in the corner for a near fall, Zayn gets Mysterio down before applying a chin lock. Mysterio gets free and Zayn nails him with a sit out power bomb for a near fall, Zayn goes for a lawn dart and Mysterio counters with a tornado DDT. Mysterio then attacks a dazed Zayn with a few strikes, Mysterio then propels Zayn into the ropes before attempting a 619. Zayn gets out of the ring and avoids the 619, Zayn starts heading backstage when Rob Van Dam comes out with Sgt. Slaughter, The Hurricane and Kurt Angle chas ehim back into the ring. Mysterio knocks Zayn into the ropes before landing a 619, Mysterio then hits Zayn with a top rope splash for a three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

- A limo arrives at the arena and Ric Flair gets out of it.

- The Street Profits are shown backstage celebrating the Raw Reunion, Angelo Dawkins talks about partying with the legends. Dawkins phone rings and its The Godfather.

- Alundra Blayze makes her way to the stage with the 24/7 Title with a microphone in hand, Blayze finds a trashcan and she is about to place the title in it when the Million Dollar Man arrives. MDM says he’ll buy the title from her and he offers her a stack of money for it, Blayze accepts and gives MDM the title.

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