WWE Raw Results For 9/17/2018: Two Title Matches, Nia Jax Returns & Ronda Rousey Issues An Open Challenge

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- WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, as highlights from Brock Lesnar’s return at WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 air. Reigns admits that the Hell In A Cell Match was brutal and it didn’t go as planned, Reigns says he is still the WWE Universal Champion. Reigns admits that he didn’t think Lesnar was going to appear last night, Reigns calls Lesnar out and Braun Strowman comes out instead. Strowman grabs a microphone and tells Reigns to be thankful to Lesnar for saving his title, Strowman then says he wants revenge on Lesnar. Acting Raw GM Corbin makes his way to the ring in an attempt to calm things down, Corbin says he is also upset about what happened last night and he has been talking with Stephanie McMahon about what to do.

Corbin announces that at WWE Crown Jewel, it will be Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Title against both Lesnar and Strowman. Strowman thinks that Corbin’s decision sucks and that Reigns sucks as well, Strowman tells everybody off before leaving the ring. Paul Heyman comes out next with the cell door that Lesnar kicked in last night, Heyman says the bigger the star in the WWE, the more money you are worth in the UFC. Heyman says nothing is more powerful than being the WWE Universal Champion, Heyman says Lesnar will reclaim the WWE Universal Title at WWE Crown Jewel. Strowman gets angry and he chases Heyman backstage, Corbin says he knows that Reigns is injured from last night while mocking him as well. Corbin says Reigns will defend the WWE Universal Title against him tonight.

Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

The match begins with McIntyre attacking Ambrose with a few chops, Ambrose fights back and nails the leg of McIntyre with a stunner. Ambrose traps the leg of McIntyre in the ropes before landing a drop kick, Ambrose goes out of the ring so he can smash McIntyre’s injured leg into the ring post. McIntyre gets out of the ring and Ambrose sends him into the ringside edge, Ambrose and McIntyre exchange blows on the arena floor. McIntyre recovers and he sends Ambrose into the barricade, McIntyre gets Ambrose in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see McIntyre wrenching away on the arm of Ambrose, Ambrose gets free and he surprises McIntyre with a roll up before landing a right. Ambrose knocks McIntyre out of the ring and they have a striking exchange when he gets back in, Ambrose drops McIntyre a few times with clotheslines.

Ambrose drops McIntyre and McIntyre fights off a single leg crab before landing a Glasgow Kiss, McIntyre gets Ambrose on the top rope and he follows him up there. Ambrose quickly crotches McIntyre while landing some strikes, McIntyre finds a well to propel Ambrose off the top rope. McIntyre looks for the Claymore Kick and Ambrose winds up rolling him up for a near fall, Ambrose then applies a Texas Cloverleaf to McIntyre. McIntyre gets to the ropes to break the submission hold, McIntyre gets to the ring apron and Ambrose knocks him to the arena floor with a knee strike. Ambrose then hits McIntyre with a suicide dive, Ambrose gets McIntyre in the ring and McIntyre rolls right back out. Ambrose goes to the top rope and McIntyre sends him into the barricade as he leaps off, Ambrose gets back in the ring and McIntyre nails him with a Claymore Kick for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Drew McIntyre is shown walking backstage when he bumps into Dolph Ziggler, Acting Raw GM Corbin arrives to congratulate McIntyre on his victory. Ziggler says he isn’t invoking his WWE Intercontinental Title rematch clause tonight, Corbin says Seth Rollins isn’t here yet and he would have to be stripped of his title if he doesn’t show, Ziggler says he wants the rematch tonight.

- A video package airs highlighting Ronda Rousey’s title defense at WWE Hell In A Cell.

- Natalya is shown talking to the Bella Twins in the locker room when Ronda Rousey arrives, Rousey wants to know how to issue an open challenge for tonight. Natalya questions her motives and then Natalya tells her what to do, Rousey leaves as the trio continues talking to each other.

Chad Gable w/Bobby Roode vs. Viktor w/Konnor

The match begins with Viktor doing a little work on the arm of Gable, Gable takes Viktor down while applying a headlock. Gable then drops Viktor with a shoulder tackle, Viktor gets Gable in the corner before attacking him with a few chops. Gable recovers by hitting Viktor with an arm drag followed by a butterfly suplex, Konnor distracts Gable and Viktor nails him with a running European uppercut for a near fall. Viktor keeps Gable trapped in the corner while landing a series of strikes, Viktor holds Gable down while applying a modified chin lock. Viktor releases the hold to hit Gable with more strikes, Viktor gets Gable on the top rope and Gable gets him in a rope assisted arm bar. Gable follows that up with a flying forearm strike and a variety of suplexes against Viktor, Gable sends Viktor out of the ring before landing a cannonball from the ring apron.

Gable gets Viktor in the ring before landing a missile drop kick, Gable then hits Viktor with Chaos Theory for a three count.

Winner: Chad Gable w/Bobby Roode

After the match, Konnor attacks both Chad Gable and Bobby Roode.