WWE Raw Results For 9/24/2018: Tag Team Title Match, The Shield Compete & Liv Morgan Gets Injured

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- A limo is shown and Acting Raw GM Corbin opens the door to let Stephanie McMahon and Triple H out, Triple H walks away while Stephanie stays to address Corbin. Stephanie tells Corbin what she expected of him and questions why he put himself in a title match last week, Stephanie says Corbin can find two partners and face The Shield tonight.

- The Shield then make their way to the ring, Dean Ambrose calls The Shield the three biggest work horses in the WWE. Ambrose says The Shield has never lost the war, Roman Reigns says their championships are the keys to the kingdom. Reigns says the only men who deserve championships are standing in the ring right now, Rollins says it is always about being the best. Rollins calls Acting Raw GM Corbin out and says they can all settle their differences right now, Corbin eventually comes out. Corbin says he is putting his foot down and no more madness will be happening on Raw, Corbin says he has partners for tonight and Stephanie McMahon is going to be impressed.

Braun Strowman comes out with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, Strowman tells Reigns that he’ll be taking the title at WWE Crown Jewel. Strowman says that he is already seeing cracks in The Shield, Strowman says there will be a fourth partner at WWE Super Show-Down. Strowman and gang say that Ambrose doesn’t need The Shield, Ziggler points out that Ambrose is the only member of The Shield without a title. McIntyre says that Reigns and Rollins do not appreciate Ambrose, Ziggler brings up all the times Ambrose has sacrificed himself for The Shield. Ziggler says Ambrose can leave The Shield and they’ll make sure he wins the WWE Intercontinental Title, Reigns interrupts and a brawl nearly breaks out until Corbin intercedes.

- Finn Balor & Bayley are shown backstage.

Finn Balor w/Bayley vs. Jinder Mahal w/Sunil Singh & Alicia Fox

The match begins with Mahal backing Balor into the corner before attacking him with a plethora of strikes, Mahal slams Balor to get him out of the corner. Mahal slows things down by holding Balor in a chin lock, Mahal transitions to a headlock against Balor. Mahal releases Balor from the hold before dropping him with a shoulder tackle, Mahal reapplies the chin lock to a downed Balor. Balor gets free and he nails Mahal with a drop kick, Balor knocks Mahal out of the ring before nailing him with a suicide dive as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Mahal dropping Balor with a kick to the midsection, Mahal follows that up by choking Balor along the middle rope.

Mahal lets Balor go free before nailing him with a few knee drops, Mahal follows that up by applying an abdominal stretch to Balor. Balor rolls through a sunset flip attempt from Mahal to land a drop kick, Balor then hits Mahal with a flying forearm strike and a double stomp. Balor then hits a cornered Mahal with a running chop, Mahal recovers and he kicks Balor in the head. Balor kicks Mahal in the head as he was distracted by Fox and Singh, Balor then hits Mahal with a sling blade. Singh distracts Balor and Mahal rolls him up for a near fall, Bayley interferes and trips up Mahal while Singh and Fox continue arguing. Bayley and Fox briefly brawl on the arena floor, Bayley then hits Singh with a Bayley To Belly on the arena floor. Balor rolls up a distracted Mahal for a three count.

Winner: Finn Balor w/Bayley

After the match, Jinder Mahal gets Sunil Singh in the ring while giving him the verbal business.

- Highlights are shown from last weeks Raw when the Riott Squad attacked Ronda Rousey, followed by a save from the Bella Twins.

Natalya & The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan)

The match begins with Nikki tossing Morgan across the ring, Morgan gets angry and she attacks Nikki with a few strikes. Nikki recovers and drops Morgan with a shoulder tackle, Nikki follows that up by nailing Morgan with a back breaker for a near fall. Brie tags in and she works with Nikki to send Morgan across the ring for a near fall, Brie then attacks Morgan with Yes Kicks. Morgan corners Brie before tagging Riott into the ring, Riott kicks away at Brie before applying a headlock. Brie gets free and she drops Riott with a middle rope missile drop kick, Brie then nails Riott with a running knee strike for a near fall. Logan interferes and that causes the Riott Squad to eat a triple suplex from the opposition, Brie gets Riott back in the ring and Riott quickly knocks her back to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Logan holding Brie down in a cobra clutch, Brie gets free and Logan drops her with a forearm strike. Riott tags in and she attacks Brie with a few more strikes. Riott holds Brie in a cobra clutch once again, Brie gets free and she takes Riott out with a hair pull bulldog. Logan tags in and she drops Brie. Brie eventually recovers and tags Natalya into the match, Nikki hits the ring and Riott drops her with a knee strike. Riott tags in as Natalya applies the sharp shooter to Logan, Riott nails Natalya with a Riott Kick for a three count.

Winners: The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan)