WWE Raw Results For 9/3/18: Tag Team Title Match, The Shield Go To Jail, Plus HBK & The Undertaker Return

- Ronda Rousey is comforting Natalya in the locker room when the Bella Twins arrive, they then praise Rousey and says she’ll be the greatest women’s champion ever. The Bella’s say that Rousey inspired them to make a comeback, The Bella’s offer their training services and Rousey says she is good with Natalya.

- Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to address The upcoming match between Triple H and The Undertaker, HBK says he will be there personally to see the match. HBK gives his expert opinion on what could happen between HHH and ‘Taker, HBK predicts that HHH will win the match. The gong sounds and The Undertaker makes his way to the ring, ‘Taker grabs a microphone and he says things have just became personal. ‘Taker says he put both HBK and HHH down after taking the best they had, ‘Taker says HBK and HHH cannot accept that he bested them. HBK says he’ll never go back on his word and will stay retired out of respect for the system, the fans and for The Undertaker.

HBK says he has gotten tons of offers to come back and has stayed retired out of respect for ‘Taker, ‘Taker says HBK has stayed retired due to fear. ‘Taker says the only reason HBK would come back again was for another shot at him, ‘Taker says he would destroy HBK if he came back. ‘Taker promises to defeat HHH once again in Australia.

- Acting Raw GM Corbin finds Finn Balor backstage and says their match is off tonight, Corbin says Balor will face Braun Strowman instead tonight.

The Boss & Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley) vs. Dana Brooke & Ember Moon w/Titus Worldwide

The match begins with Bayley cornering Brooke before tagging Banks in, Banks and Bayley double team Brooke. Banks nails Brooke with a meteora as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Bayley wrenching away on the arm of Moon. Moon gets free and she takes Bayley down with a head scissors, Bayley prevents Moon from tagging Brooke in. Banks tags in and Moon attacks them both with kicks, Moon then takes them both down with a springboard cross body. Brooke tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team, Brooke recovers and nails Banks with an enzaguri. Brooke misses a handspring elbow strike and Banks rolls her up for the three count.

Winners: The Boss & Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley)

After the match, Dana Brooke says she is done with Titus Worldwide.

- Bobby Lashley is reading a paper backstage when Charly Caruso arrives, Lashley shows Caruso the paper and it was a performance review. Lashley is told to attend a meditation session with Jinder Mahal tonight.

- Jinder Mahal & Sunil Singh are in the ring for the meditation session, Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring a short time later. Mahal says he senses the anger in Lashley and he wants to help him harness his inner peace, Mahal tries to get Lashley to do some meditations and Lashley mocks them the whole time. Kevin Owens appears from out of nowhere and he attacks Lashley, Lashley fights back until Mahal attacks him from behind. Owens drops Lashley with a super kick, Owens then power bombs Lashley on the ringside edge.

- Finn Balor is shown backstage.

Braun Strowman w/Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

The match begins with Balor attacking Strowman with a few leg kicks, Strowman gains control by dropping Balor with a shoulder block. Strowman misses a charge in the corner and Balor goes for a sleeper hold, Strowman gets free and he nails Balor with a headbutt. Balor gets up and Strowman drops him with a shot to the back, Strowman follows that up by nailing a chraging Balor with a side slam. Strowman then drops Balor with a boot to the face, Balor again goes for the sleeper hold and Strowman tosses him across the ring. Balor then sends a charging Strowman out of the ring before landing a double stomp as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Strowman twisting away on the head of Balor.

Strowman releases the hold to attack the upper body of Balor with strikes, Strowman knocks Balor out of the ring and he follows him out there, Balor drops a charging Strowman with a sling blade on the arena floor. Strowman gets in the ring and Balor attacks him with a ton of strikes, Strowman fights back and crushes Balor in the corner. Balor recovers and he nails a charging Strowman with a drop kick followed by a sleeper hold, Strowman gets free and Balor sends him into the ring post. Balor takes out Strowman and his co-horts with a suicide dive, Balor gets Strowman in the ring before landing an enzaguri. Strowman goes down and Balor goes to the top rope, Strowman gets up and he gets Balor off the top rope. Balor goes for a triangle choke and Strowman prevents it by landing a spine buster, Strowman nails Balor with a power slam for the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman w/Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler

After the match, the trio of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler attack Finn Balor until The Shield come back out to make the save. A good portion of the Raw locker room come out and they all attack The Shield, Strowman destroys Roman Reigns with a shot to the head with the ring steps. Seth Rollins is thrown into the cop car by Ziggler, Elias and McIntyre, Ziggler smashes a car door into the face of Rollins. McIntyre then kicks Dean Ambrose right in the face, Ziggler also nails a bloody Rollins with a super kick. Strowman also hits Reigns with a power slam on the arena floor.

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