AIW "Slumber Party Massacre" Results: Two Title Matches, Scott Steiner vs. 'Swoggle & Shinjiro Otani In Action

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AIW Absolute Championship
Tom Lawlor def. Tim Donst, Matthew Justice & Pretty Boy Smooth to win the title

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AIW Tag Team Championship
To Infinity And Beyond def. The Production, The Philly Marino Experience & The Boys From Jollyville to retain the titles

Mexican Deathmatch
La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666 & Beastia 666) def. The Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan)

Shinjiro Otani def. Eddie Kingston

Scott Steiner def. Swoggle

Nick Gage def. Mance Warner w/Duke

Colt Cabana & Space Monkey def. Ethan Page & MJF

Submit Or Surrender Match
Joshua Bishop w/Wes Bartley def. Dominic Garrini

Mexican Deathmatch
La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666 & Beastia 666) vs. The Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan)

The match begins with Damian stabbing Ryan in the head with a fork, Beastia takes off his belt and he whips Beverly with it. Damian also starts whipping Ryan with the belt as well, Damian chokes Beverly with the belt while Beastia attacks Ryan with the fork. Beastia and Ryan take thri battle to the arena floor, Damian and Beverly battle outside the ring as well. Beastia wraps a chair around the head of Ryan before throwing him into the ring post, Damian also throws Beverly into a bunch of chairs. Beastia grabs a door and he attacks Ryan with it, Ryan grabs a fork and he stabs Beastia with it before getting hit with a chair by Damian. Damian sets the chair up in the corner and he throws Ryan into it, Damian also sets a door up in the corner while Beastia attacks Ryan.

Beastia then hammers a chair into the groin region of Ryan, Ryan fights back and he throws Beastia into a knee strike from Beverly. Beverly finds Damian and he throws him into the ring post, Beverly finds a piece of a broken door and he attacks Damian with it. Beverly gets in the ring and he nails Beastia with a thrust kick and chops, Beverly and Ryan attack a cornered Damian with a ton of strikes. Damian attacks Ryan with a foreign object to the head, Beastia and Damian hit Beverly with a double muscle buster for a near fall. Ryan grabs some chairs and he attacks both opponents with them, Beverly propels Ryan into Beastia and they both go through the door. Beverly brings a door with forks into the ring and he sets it up in the corner, Beastia uses a death valley driver to put Ryan through the fork door for a three count.

Winners: La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666 & Beastia 666)

Submit Or Surrender Match
Dominic Garrini vs. Joshua Bishop w/Wes Bartley

The match begins with Garrini dropping Bishop with a flying knee strike, Bishop rolls out of the ring and Garrini takes him out with a suicide dive. Garrini and Bishop have a striking exchange on the arena floor, Garrini then throws Bishop leg first into the ring post. Garrini also smashes the head of Bishop into the ring post, Bishop recovers and suplexes Garrini on the ringside edge. Bishop finds some weapons and he throws them into the ring, Bishop grabs a spike and he stabs Garrini with it in the ear. Garrini grabs a spike of his own and they attack each other with them, Garrini smashes a baseball bat filled with tacks onto the back of Bishop. Bartlet attacks Garrini and Garrini pile drives him on the ring apron, Bishop knocks Garrini to the arena floor.

Bishop finds a steel chair and he attacks Garrini with it, Garrini gets free and he goes onto the stage while Bishop puts a door on some chairs. Bishop power bombs Garrini off the stage and through the door on the arena floor, Bishop finds a thumbtack board and he throws it into the ring before bringing Garrini in the ring. Garrini fights back and he nails Bishop with a pile driver onto the thumbtack board, Garrini finds every weapon available and he attacks Bishop with them. Garrini finds skewers under the ring and he brings them inside, Bishop grabs the skewers and he stabs Garrini in the ear with them. Bishop finds a bag of thumbtacks and he places them all in the ring, Garrini recovers and he drops Bishop onto the tacks. Garrini finds skewers and he sticks them in the head of Bishop, Bishop recovers and slamming Garrini onto the tacks.

Bishop finds a steel chair and he nails Garrini in the face with it, Bishop then choke slams Garrini through the chair. Bishop then handcuffs Garrini in the corner, Bishop grabs lighter fluid and he sprays all of it onto Garrini. Bishop grabs a lighter and Garrini surrenders before getting lit on fire.

Winner: Joshua Bishop w/Wes Bartley

AIW Tag Team Championship
To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) (c) vs. The Production (Eddy Only & Derek Director) vs. The PM Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenagliga)vs. The Boys From Jollyville (Russ Myers & T-Money)

The match begins with an all out brawl between all the teams that spills all over the arena, The Production gain control of the ring before the PM Experience clears them out of it. Cheech hits the ring and he rolls up Tenagliga for a near fall, Cheech then causes Collins to accidentally hit Tenagliga with a DDT. Only clears the ring and he takes everybody out with a suicide dive, everybody starts attacking each other with suicide dives. PM Experience hit Cheech with a top rope double stomp into a DDT, The Production hits the ring and they destroy Collins. T-Money appears out of nowhere and he nails a member of The Production with a pounce, Myers then hits Collins with a moonsault.

T-Money then takes everybody out with a suicide dive, Myers then hits Collins with a cannonball before eating a stunner from Delaney. Chhech and Delaney hit the Lincoln Log and Collins and Only for a three count.

Winners: To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney), still the AIW Tag Team Champions

Eddie Kingston vs. Shinjiro Otani

The match begins with Otani wrenching away on the arm of Kingston, Kingston gets to the ropes to break the hold. Otani drags Kingston to the mat before applying a headlock, Kingston gets free and a chopping exchange breaks out between the two. Otani corners Kingston before landing a knee strike and leg sweep, Otani then attacks Kingston with the face wash. Otani takes Kingston to another corner and lands another series of face washes, Otani traps Kingston in the corner while landing more strikes. Otani keeps Kingston cornered before landing a running boot to the face, Kingston escapes the grasp of Otani to land a spinning elbow strike for a near fall. Kingston sets up for the back drop driver and Otani blocks it, Kingston drops for a heel hook and Otani gets to the ropes.

Kingston and Otani get into another striking exchange until Kingston attacks the injured leg of Otani, Kingston then applies the single leg crab to Otani. Otani gets to the ropes to break the submission from Kingston, Kingston continues attacking the injured knee of Otani. Kingston nails Otani with a spinning back fist for a near fall, Otani blocks a second spinning back fist before landing a German suplex. Otani drills Kingston with a lariat for a three count.

Winner: Shinjiro Otani

Scott Steiner grabs the microphone before the match and he has to make a special request, Steiner makes the sound guy play a song that mocks small people. Steiner continuously insults Swoggle while the music plays, Steiner says he brought his own midget in Cabana Man Dan to fight Swoggle. Dan attacks Swoggle with flip flop chops and an angry Swoggle nails Dan with multiple suplexes before applying a Steiner Recliner, one of Steiner’s freaks hits the ring and Swoggle kisses her.

Scott Steiner vs. Swoggle

The match begins with Steiner kicking Swoggle right in the face, Steiner then tosses Swoggle out of the ring and Steiner follows him out there. Swoggle spits beer into Steiner’s eyes, Steiner grabs a steel chair and he attacks Swoggle with multiple shots. Steiner then throws Swoggle into a bunch of chairs before landing more chair shots, Steiner gets Swoggle in the ring and he follows him back in there. Dan gets back in the ring as well and he attacks Swoggle with flip flop shots, Steiner attacks Dan with a belly to belly suplex. Steiner grabs a steel chair and he attacks Dan with it before landing an overhead release suplex, Steiner then hits Swoggle with a Steiner Line. Steiner then hits Swoggle with a belly to belly suplex, Steiner picks Swoggle up and he attacks him with some strikes.

Steiner grabs the steel chair and he attacks the legs of Swoggle with it, Steiner hits Swoggle with another belly to belly suplex. Swoggle goes to the middle rope and he leaps off before getting a kick to the face, Swoggle drops Steiner with a series of kicks before going to the middle rope. Swoggle then hits Steiner with a cross body block followed by multiple hip attacks, Swoggle goes back up and Steiner nails him with a flat liner as he leaps off. Steiner applies the Steiner Recliner and a tap out follows.

Winner: Scott Steiner

Ethan Page & MJF vs. Colt Cabana & Space Monkey

The match begins with Page getting Monkey in a headlock before dropping him with a shoulder tackle, Monkey fights back and he nails Page with a leg lariat. Monkey then takes Page down with a head scissors followed by a monkey flip and a drop kick, MJF and Cabana get tagged in by their respective partners. Cabana and MJF mimic each others moves until Cabana decides to spank everybody, MJF and Page eventually jump Cabana from behind. Monkey tags in and he attacks MJF with a springboard chop, Page interferes and he drops Monkey with a right before tagging in. Page drills Monkey with an European uppercut before landing a delayed vertical suplex, MJF tags in and he stomps on Monkey’s tail. Page tags back in and he stomps away on a downed Monkey, MJF tags in again and he nails a cornered Monkey with shoulder thrusts.

MJF attacks the tail of Monkey while Cabana argues with the referee, Monkey eventually propels MJF into the corner. Cabana and Page get tagged in by their respective partners, Cabana quickly cleans house against the opposing team. Cabana hits Page with a springboard moonsault for a near fall, MJF jumps on the back of Cabana and Monkey knocks him off. Cabana catches MJF in the Billy Goat’s Curse and a tap out follows.

Winners: Colt Cabana & Space Monkey

Mance Warner w/Duke vs. Nick Gage

The match begins with Warner and Gage having a wild striking exchange, Warner and Gage also drop each other with shoulder tackles. Gage tosses Warner out of the ring and the brawl continues out there, Warner and Gage exchange some headbutts as well. Warner recovers and he throws Gage into a bunch of chairs in the crowd, Warner finds a steel chair and he attacks Gage with it. Gage fights back and he nails Warner with chair shots of his own, Gage and Warner take their brawl to the staging area. Gage then suplexes Warner onto some chairs that were on the stage, Warner fights back and another striking exchange breaks out. Gage throws Warner off the stage and onto members of the crowd, Gage gets Warner in the ring and he follows him in there.

Warner drags Gage to the top rope and he follows him up there, Gage then hits Warner with a super fall away slam. Gage follows that up with a springboard elbow drop on Warner, Warner and Gage have a striking exchange until Warner lands a knee strike for a near fall. Warner then bulldogs Gage onto a chair that was set up in the ring, Warner goes for a lariat and Gage counters with a DDT onto a chair for a near fall. Gage follows up by nailing Warner with a choke breaker, Gage corners Warner while placing a chair on his head. Gage nails Warner with a boot scrape onto the chair, Duke interferes and he accidentally hits Warner with a chair. Gage grabs a chair and he destroys Duke with it, Gage goes out of the ring and he brings a door back into it.

Gage then sets the door up between a pair of chairs in the ring, Gage places Warner on the top rope and he follows him up there. Warner nails Gage with a super choke slam through the door for a near fall, Warner and Gage have another striking exchange until Gage hits Warner with a piece of the broken door. Warner then crushes Gage with a lariat for another near fall, Warner grabs a piece of the door from out of nowhere. Gage recovers and he nails Warner with pile drivers followed by a power bomb for a three count.

Winner: Nick Gage

AIW Absolute Championship
Pretty Boy Smooth (c) vs. Tom Lawlor vs. Tim Donst vs. Matthew Justice

The match begins with everybody attacking Smooth, Smooth eventually gets free and he lays out the opposition. Smooth grabs a leaping Lawlor and he tosses him across the ring, Smooth goes to the ring apron before kicking Donst on the head. Smooth returns to the ring to hit Justice and Lawlor with a double back elbow strike, Lawlor drops Smooth and he applies the figure four leg lock. Lawlor also catches Justice in an ankle lock until Donst arrives to break everything up, Donst goes for a suplex and Lawlor counters with a guillotine choke. Donst gets free and Lawlor decides to attack Justice with some kicks, Smooth trips up Lawlor before eating an elbow drop from Donst. Justice clears the ring before taking everybody out with suicide dives, Justice then goes around the outside of the ring and he attacks everybody with chops.

Justice goes to the top rope and he leaps off onto all of his opponents, Justice goes back to the top rope and Donst crotches him. Lawlor gets back in the ring and he places Donst on the top rope, Donst corners Smooth and Lawlor in the corner before hitting Justice with a series of suplexes for a near fall. Donst then attacks all of his opponents with a variety of suplexes, Lawlor traps Donst in the corner before landing multiple chops. Justice then hits Donst with a Coast 2 Coast, Justice then propels a charging Lawlor out of the ring. Justice looks for a suicide dive and Smooth stops it from happening, Smooth gets back in the ring and Justice nails him with a spear. Donst then hits Justice with an H Crusher, Lawlor takes Donst out before getting dropped by Smooth. Everybody in the match exchange a ton of roll ups for a ton of near falls, a striking exchange breaks out between all of the competitors.

Donst ends the exchange by nailing Justice with a Drunken Driver for a near fall, Smooth hits Lawlor with the Call The Coroner for a near fall. Smooth grabs a bunch of steal chairs and he throws them all in the ring, Smooth sets a lot of chairs up in the ring before Donst sends him out of the ring. Donst drags Lawlor to the top of the chairs before landing a Drunken Driver for a near fall, Donst then locks Lawlor in the cross face and Justice breaks it up with chair shots. Smooth kicks a chair into the face of a swinging Justice, Lawlor applies a rear naked choke to Smooth and Smooth gets free. Lawlor hits Smooth with a knee strike before reapplying the rear naked choke and Smooth goes out cold.

Winner: Tom Lawlor, you’re new AIW Absolute Champion

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