All In Results: Two Title Matches, Chris Jericho Appears, Omega vs. Pentagon & Tons Of Great Wrestling!

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Cody def. Nick Aldis to win the title

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal def. Flip Gordon to retain the title

Chicago Street Fight
Hangman Page def. Joey Janela (w/ Penelope Ford)

Kazuchika Okada def. Marty Scurll

Golden Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kota Ibushi) def. Rey Mysterio, Bandido & Fenix

Christopher Daniels def. Stephen Amell

Tessa Blanchard def. Madison Rayne, Chelsea Greene & Britt Baker

Kenny Omega def. Pentagon Jr.

Over Budget Battle Royal
Flip Gordon was the winner, last eliminating Bully Ray

SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) def. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Matt Cross def. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

- Scorpio Sky grabs the microphone before the match to bash Chicago and its people, Frankie Kazarian also says that everybody is part of history tonight with All In.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

The match begins with Mark attacking Sky as Jay jumps Kazarian from behind, The Briscoes hit Kazarian with a double shoulder tackle. Mark nails Kazarian with a few strikes as Jay tags in, Sky returns to the ring and he attacks The Briscoes. Kazarian returns and hits Mark with a slingshot drop kick, Kazarian keeps Mark cornered while landing a few strikes. Kazarian then drops Mark for a near fall, Sky tags in and he nails the arm of Mark with a top rope axe handle smash. Jay distracts Sky and Sky knocks him off the ring apron, Mark recovers and drops Sky with a clothesline. Mark then hits Sky with a slingshot double stomp, Jay tags in and he attacks Sky with more strikes.

Jay corners Sky before kicking away at him, Mark tags in and he nails a hurt Sky with a twisting suplex for a near fall. Mark keeps Sky trapped in the corner while landing some chops, Sky fights back and Jay tags in to kick away at him. Jay follows that up by nailing Sky with a drop kick, Mark tags in and he attacks Sky with more strikes. Jay tags back in and he applies the chin lock to a downed Sky, Sky recovers and he takes Jay down with a hurricarana. Kazarian tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Kazarian eventually nails Jay with a DDT. Kazarian catches both opponents in a pinning combination for a pair of near falls, Jay gets caught in the ropes before Kazarian nails him with a leg drop.

The Briscoes are knocked to the arena floor and Kazarian takes them both out with a suicide dive, Sky also lands a dive against The Briscoes. Sky gets Jay in the ring before landing a suicide cutter, Kazarian and Sky lock both Briscoes in dragon sleepers. Jay eventually finds a way to free him and his brother from the submissions, Jay rakes the eyes of Sky before knocking him out of the ring. Kazarian and Jay have a striking exchange until Mark interferes to drop Kazarian, Jay knocks Kazarian out of the ring so Mark can nail with a neck breaker on the arena floor. Jay waits for Kazarian to get back in the ring before landing a neck breaker for a near fall, Mark tags in and he double teams Kazarian with Jay. The Briscoes hit Kazarian with Redneck Boogie for a near fall, The Briscoes get Kazarian on the top rope and Mark follows him up there.

Sky drags Jay out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade, Sky then takes Mark off the top rope with a hurricarana. SCU then hits Jay with a tornado DDT, SCU then hits Mark with a uranage into a lung blower for a near fall. SCU goes for Celebrity Rehab and Jay stops it from happening, Jay then hits Kazarian with a Jay Driller. Mark then lands a Froggy Bow on Kazarian for a near fall, Briscoes go for a Doomsday Device and Kazarian surprises him with a Flux Capacitor for the three count.

Winners: SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

- Kenny Omega is interviewed backstage, saying that the fans have demanded him versus Pentagon Jr. and they are giving it to them. Omega says he has no nerves heading into the match and he knows just how good Pentagon Jr. is.

Over Budget Battle Royal : Moose, Jordynne Grace, Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, Rocky Romero, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Jacobs, Marko Stunt, Brandon Cutler, Austin Gunn, Chuckie T, Berretta, Bully Ray, Flip Gordon, Tommy Dreamer, Punishment Martinez, The Hurricane & Cheeseburger are the participants.

The match begins with an all out brawl between the competitors, Ray drags Never Job out of the ring and he puts him through a table. Berretta attacks Ray with a dive through the ropes. Grace also lands a dive on Grace before Cabana takes out multiple competitors with a moonsault on the arena floor. All the competitors eventually go out of the ring and a huge brawl breaks out, Moose waits for everybody to get in the ring to jab away at them all. Moose goes for a dive and gets put on the ring apron before Stunt eliminates him. Martinez then dumps Stunt out of the ring with a boot to the chest, Page then hits Berretta with a flapjack. Ray attacks Billy Gunn with strikes in the corner, Best Friends try eliminating Page until the Gunn’s save him.

Cutler drops Cage until Stunt jumps on his back, Cutler then hits Stunt with a modified Bossman slam from out of nowhere. Page eventually dumps Cutler for an elimination, Ray attacks Stunt with chops before letting him hit the arena floor for an elimination. Romero hits Page with a knee strike before eating a power slam from Cage, the Best Friends attack some competitors before hugging. Martinez would then dump the hugging Best Friends out of the ring, Romero hits Gunn and Cage with Forever Clotheslines. Cage eventually drops Romero with a discus clothesline before eliminating him, Cheeseburger also nails everybody with palm strikes. Cage eventually dumps Cheeseburger out of the ring with an F-5, Cage and Martinez go after each other. Hurricane goes for a choke slam and he lands it on Martinez and Cage, Page and Hurricane battle on the ring apron until Hurricane is knocked to the arena floor for an elimination.

Cabana then knocks a celebrating Page to the arena floor for an elimination, Dreamer brings garbage can full of weapons into the ring. Dreamer attacks everybody with garbage can shots, Dreamer eventually nails Martinez with a death valley driver. Ray attacks Dreamer from behind before dumping him out of the ring, the Gunns work with Stunt to drop Ray. Jacob low blows Austin before Martins drops him with a boot to the face, Billy comes to the aid of his son and Jacobs kisses him before getting eliminated. Martinez kicks Gunn in the face before getting eliminated by him, Ray returns and hits eliminates Austin before eating a Fame Asser from Billy. Cage uses a gorilla press slam to throw Gunn from the ring, Stunt returns and finally gets officially eliminated by Ray. Page tosses Grace around befpre landing a buckle bomb, Grace recovers and eliminates Cage by clotheslining him out of the ring.

Ray gets Grace on the top rope and he follows her up there before getting shoved off, Cabana and Grace hit Ray with Whats Up. Ray recovers and manages to eliminate Grace, Ray then goes after Cabana and drops him with a clothesline. Ray misses a middle rope senton and Cabana attacks him with a steel chair, Ray still manages to eliminate Cabana. Flip Gordon was in the “Never Job” costume and he eliminates Ray to win the match.

Winner: Flip Gordon

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