Beyond Wrestling Americanrana ‘19 Results: Joey Janela Battles David Starr For 60 Minutes, 2 Title Matches & The Rock N' Roll Express In Action

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60 Minute Ironman Match
Joey Janela def. David Starr

Chris Dickinson def. Daisuke Sekimoto

John Morrison def. Josh Briggs

Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) def. The Butcher & The Blade (Pepper Parks & Andy Williams)

IWTV Championship
Orange Cassidy def. RD Evans (x2) to retain the title

Nerder Death Kill (Thomas Santell & Nick Gage) def. The Chop N’ Roll Express (Tom Lawlor & Bryan Alvarez)

Steel Cage Match
Kris Statlander def. Kimber Lee

Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Beefcake Charlie) def. EYFBO (Santana & Ortiz)

Feast Wrestling Championship
Ladder Match

Solo Darling w/Officer Mad Dog def. Cheeseburger, Puf, Johnny Cockstrong, Anthony Greene w/The Platinum Hunnies, Swoggle, Kikutaro, Alex Zayne, Ken Doane w/Cam Zimgami, Christian Casanova w/Cam Zimgami & Marko Stunt to win the title

Alex Reynolds def. John Silver

Chuck O'Neil def. Wheler Yuta

John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds

The match begins with Silver nailing Reynolds with a spear before landing a few strikes, Silver follows Reynolds around the ring while landing more strikes. Silver keeps Reynolds cornered while landing more strikes, Reynolds fights back and Silver drops him with a running back elbow strike. Silver keeps Reynolds on his knees while landing a few kicks, Reynolds rolls out of the ring and Silver nails him with a penalty kick from the ring apron. Reynolds goes after Silver and Silver nails him with more kicks on the ring apron, Silver sets up for a pile driver and Reynolds counters with a back body drop on the ring apron. Reynolds then nails Silver with a baseball slide drop kick, Reynolds goes back out of the ring to shove Silver back first into the ringside edge. Reynolds gets Silver in the ring to continue working over his injured back, Reynolds briefly applies the crossface to a downed Silver.

Reynolds drags Silver to the ropes before choking him on the middle one, Silver fights back and he nails Reynolds with a running European uppercut. Silver then tosses Reynolds across the ring, Reynolds stops the momentum by nailing a charging Silver with a double stomp. Reynolds then nails Silver with a back breaker for a near fall, Reynolds then applies a modified cross face to a downed Silver. Reynolds gets Silver to his knees while landing some kicks of his own, Silver avoids the final kick to nail Reynolds with some strikes. Silver then nails Reynolds with a lawn dart followed by a face wash and brain buster for a near fall, Silver misses the punt and Reynolds rolls out of the ring. Silver then takes out Reynolds with a suicide dive, Silver gets Reynolds in the ring before landing a top rope high cross body that Reynolds rolls through for a near fall.

Reynolds recovers and he nails Silver with multiple roaring elbow strikes, Silver recovers and he attacks Reynolds with a few kicks followed by knee strikes. Reynolds recovers and he hits Silver with a stunner followed by a super kick, Reynolds then hits Silver with a power bomb for a near fall. Reynolds applies the modified sharpshooter to Silver and Silver eventually gets to the ropes, Reynolds then decides to stomp away on the injured back of Silver. Reynolds goes to the top rope and Silver meets him up there, Reynolds knocks Silver off the ropes before missing a moonsault attempt. Silver then hits Reynolds with an enzaguri followed by a release German suplex, Silver then hits Reynolds with a back stabber for a near fall. Reynolds and Silver have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Silver hits Reynolds with a Meat Man Kick and a blue thunder bomb for another near fall.

Silver misses another punt attempt he accidentally takes out the ref, Mark Sterling interferes and he throws Reynolds a pair of brass knuckles. Reynolds hits Silver with the brass knuckles before getting a three count.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

EYFBO (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

The match begins with Bronson getting Ortiz in a headlock, Ortiz gets free before dropping Bronson before kicking away at him. Bronson fights back and he nails Ortiz with a slam, Beefcake tags in and Ortiz rakes his back. Beefcake gets angry and he drops Ortiz with a chop, Santana tags in and he nails Beefcake with a few strikes. Beefcake fights back and he nails a charging Santana with a flapjack, Bronson tags in and Santana nails Beefcake with a head kick. Santana then nails Bronson with a super kick, Bronson fights back to nail Santana with a uranage. Bronson sets up for a dive and winds up getting double teamed by EYFBO, Ortiz then takes out Beefcake with a suicide dive. Santana attacks the back of Bronson with some kicks, Santana then nails Bronson with a kick to the face.

Ortiz tags in and he works with Santana to nail Bronson with a wishbone, Santana then takes a downed Bronson and he rams him balls first into the ring post. Santana tags in before smashing the knee of Bronson into the ring post a few times, Santana applies a ring post assisted figure four on Bronson. Santana gets in the ring and he nails Bronson with more kicks to the back, Bronson fights back and Santana attacks the injured leg. Ortiz tags in and he nails Bronson with a falling headbutt, Ortiz then applies the figure four leg lock to Bronson. Ortiz grabs the ropes and the referee kicks his arms, Bronson reverses the figure four until Santana hits the ring to help Ortiz. Beefcake hits the ring to break up the submission and dump Santana out of the ring, Ortiz nails Bronson with a drop kick to the injured leg.

Santana tags in and Bronson nails him with a sit out pile driver onto Ortiz, Beefcake tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Beefcake nails both opponents with avalanches and clotheslines, Beefcake picks up both opponents to land a pair of Attitude Adjustments. Bronson than takes out Ortiz with a suicide dive, Beefcake goes to the middle rope to land a moonsault for a near fall. Santana fights back and Beefcake drops him with a clothesline, Bronson tags in and Bear Country lands the Elevator Drop for a near fall. Ortiz then sends a charging Beefcake into the ring post, Ortiz and Bronson have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Ortiz then hits Bronson with a sit out power bomb before Santana lands a head kick, EYFBO takes out Beefcake with a double flap jack before Santana hits Bronson with a cannonball for a near fall. Bronson escapes the grasp of Ortiz before Beefcake takes him out, Beefcake then hits Santana with power bombs and a death valley driver. Bear Country hits Santana with an Elevator Drop for a three count.

Winners: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

After the match, Team Tremendous comes out and they attack Bear Country.

Chuck O'Neil vs. Wheler Yuta

The match begins with Yuta jumping O'Neil before the bell sounded, Yura nails O'Neil with a German suplex for a near fall. Yuta then hits O'Neil with a double springboard drop kick, O'Neil fights back and he catches a leaping Yuta before landing a Michinoku driver. O'Neil goes for the arm bar and Yuta gets free to knock him out of the ring, Yuta then take sout O'Neil with a suicide dive. Yuta picks O'Neil up and he attacks him with a ton of chops, O'Neil fights back and their battle moves to the ring apron. O'Neil then tosses Yuta into the ring post and Yura crashes to the arena floor, Yura gets back in the ring and O'Neil nails him with more strikes. O'Neil and Yuta have a striking exchange until O'Neil kicks him in his injured arm, O'Neil then hits Yura with a release German suplex.

Yuta quickly recovers to hit O'Neil with a shotgun drop kick and stomps, O'Neil recovers and he destroys Yuta with a knee strike. O'Neil nails Yuta with a ton of forearm strikes and the referee stops the bout because Yuta is unable to continue.

Winner: Chuck O'Neil

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