Blackcraft Wrestling "No Apologies" Results: A Fan Get Crucified, The Preacher Gets Murdered & 4 Title Matches

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Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship
Matthew Justice def. Johnny Blackcraft to win the title

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Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Blackcraft def. David Starr to retain the title

Blackcraft Wrestling Women’s Championship
Saraya Knight def. Maria Manic by count out to retain the title

Baphomet Battle Royal
Zicky Dice wins the match

The Essence (Harlow O’Hara & Vipress) def. Machiko San & Kimber Lee

Matthew Justice def. Gangrel

BCW Tag Team Championship
Tornado Tag Match

The Mane Event (Shannon Jones & Duke Davis) def. OVE (Dave Crist & Jake Crist), The Butcher & The Blade (Pepper Parks & Andy Williams), Damian 666 & Bestia 666 & The Crown (Jurn Simmons & Alexander James)  to win the titles

Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
666 Scramble Match

Teddy Hart def. Dick Justice, Luchasaurus, Matt Cross, Mechawolf & Rey Fenix

Simon Grimm def. Penta OM

No DQ Match
Masato Tanaka def. Chris Dickinson

Devil’s Den Match
G-Raver def. Shlak

- The Preacher starts the show by preaching to the crowd, a person volunteers to be the newest member to the cult and The Preacher says he is to be crucified. The druids put the volunteer on the cross and they nail his hands to the cross, the volunteer is crucified.

Devil’s Den Match
G-Raver vs. Shlak

The match begins with G-Raver drop kicking Shlak into a table and out of the ring, G-Raver follows that up by nailing Shlak with a suicide dive. Shlak recovers and he suplexes G-Raver onto some chairs in the crowd, Shlak grabs some chairs and throws them in the ring. Shlak rips away at the face of G-Raver before getting back in the ring, Shlak then hits G-Raver with a release German suplex. Shlak then hits G-Raver with a suplex through a door, Shlak follows that up by nailing G-Raver with a chair shot for a near fall. Shlak grabs a plastic bag and he tries suffocating G-Raver with it, G-Raver gets free and he nails Shlak with a drop kick followed by chair shots. G-Raver nails Shlak with a knee strike for a near fall, G-Raver grabs multiple doors and he sets them up in the corners. G-Raver and Shlak take turns throwing chairs at each other, Shlak and G-Raver take turns spearing each other through doors.

G-Raver and Shlak get up and have a wild striking exchange, Shlak nails G-Raver with a sit out power bomb on a chair for a near fall. G-Raver recovers and he nails Shlak with a knee strike to the head, G-Raver grabs tattoo needles and he stabs Shlak with them. G-Raver then hits Shlak with a chair shot to the head for a near fall, G-Raver climbs to the top chain and Shlak attacks him with strikes. Shlak sets up a door on some chairs before climbing up the chains, G-Raver gets Shlak off the ropes. G-Raver nails Shlak with a top rope double knee strike through the door for a three count.

Winner: G-Raver

- oVe makes their way to the ring and they tell off the crowd, they continue insulting everybody until The Crown comes out.

BCW Tag Team Championship
Tornado Tag Match
OVE (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) (c) vs. The Butcher & The Blade(Pepper Parks & Andy Williams) vs. Damian 666 & Bestia 666 vs. The Crown (Jurn Simmons & Alexander James) vs. The Mane Event (Shannon Jones & Duke Davis)

The match begins with a brawl between everybody in the match, the brawl between all the teams spills all over the arena. Damian grabs a belt and he whips everybody with it, Bestia and Damian battle with The Mane Event in the ring while everybody else brawls on the arena floor. Bestia and Damian nail Davis with a flying knee strike, Damian then throws Duke into an upside down Davis. Bestia then nails Jones with a kick to the balls, Duke is thrown out of the ring while Jones hits Bestia and Damian with a double clothesline. Jones hits Bestia with an elevated German suplex for the three count.

Winners: The Mane Event (Shannon Jones & Duke Davis), your new BCW Tag Team Champions

Matthew Justice vs. Gangrel

The match begins with Gangrel nailing Justice with a knee strike before dropping Justice with a shoulder tackle, Justice backs Gangrel into the corner before landing some shoulder thrusts. Justice then drops Gangrel with a flying forearm strike, Justice gets Gangrel in a headlock and Gangrel gets free before poking him in the eyes. Justice recovers and he nails Gangrel with a back body drop, Gangrel rolls out of the ring and Justice takes him out with a dive. Justice goes for another dive and Gangrel propels him into a bunch of chairs, Gangrel mauls Justice with a few strikes as they battle around ringside. Justice eventually drops Gangrel with a clothesline on the arena floor, Justice gets Gangrel in the ring and Gangrel nails him low a few moments later. Gangrel then sling shots Justice neck first into the bottom rope, Justice fights back and Gangrel nails him with a power slam for a near fall.

Gangrel drags Justice to the ropes before choking him on the top one, Gangrel then hits Justice with multiple elbow drops for another near fall. Gangrel keeps Justice in the corner while landing more strikes, Justice fights back and Gangrel crotches him on the top rope. Gangrel follows Justice to the top rope and Justice knocks him off, Justice nails Gangrel with a top rope knee strike for a near fall. Gangrel recovers and he nails Justice with an implant DDT, Justice rolls out of the ring and Gangrel gets him back in. Gangrel then hits Justice with an overhead release suplex into the corner, Justice counters an implant DDT with a death valley driver for a three count.

Winner: Matthew Justice

- Machiko San makes her entrance and Laynie Luck is nowhere to be found, San says that Luck couldn’t make it tonight. San says she has found a replacement and that replacement is Kimber Lee.

The Essence (Harlow O’Hara & Vipress) vs. Machiko San & Kimber Lee

The match begins with Lee goes for a kick and O’Hara causes her to do a split, O’Hara then kicks Lee in the face for a near fall. Lee fights back and she nails O’Hara with a jaw breaker followed by chops, Lee then takes O’Hara down with a head scissors takedown. Vipress and San get tagged in by their respective partners, San drops Vipress with clotheslines followed by a release German suplex. San chases Vipress around the ringside area until O’Hara interferes to attack San, Vipress mounts San and lands a few strikes. O’Hara tags in and she hits San with a sliding clothesline for a near fall, O’Hara then attacks San with a plethora of strikes. O’Hara and Vipress double team San in the corner while Lee argues with the referee, Vipress tags in and she works with O’Hara to hit San with a double suplex.

Vipress then hits San with a northern lights suplex for a near fall, San fights back and she nails Vipress with a few kicks. Lee tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team, Lee battles Vipress in the ring while everybody else battles on the arena floor. Lee goes for a swanton bomb and Vipress gets out of the way, O’Hara hits Lee with a DDT while Vipress gets the pin for a three count.

Winners: The Essence (Harlow O’Hara & Vipress)

Penta OM vs. Simon Grimm

The match begins with Grimm dragging OM to the ground while wrenching away on both arms, OM gets to the ropes to break the hold. OM nails Grimm with a super kick followed by a sling blade, OM drops Grimm before kicking him in the head for a near fall. Grimm escapes a package pile driver to hit OM with a short arm clothesline for a near fall, Grimm gets OM on the top rope and he follows him up there. OM escapes to land a super kick followed by a top rope double stomp for a near fall, Grimm fights back and a striking exchange breaks out. OM nails Grimm with another super kick, Grimm recovers and he drops OM with an enzaguri before landing a Gotch style pile driver for a three count.

Winner: Simon Grimm

Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
666 Scramble Match
Dick Justice vs. Luchasaurus vs. Matt Cross vs. Mechawolf vs. Teddy Hart vs. Rey Fenix

The match begins with Justice attacking Luchasaurus with a few strikes, Luchasaurus recovers and he hits Justice with a headbutt followed by a roundhouse kick. Everybody attacks Luchasaurus and knocks him out of the ring, a brawl breaks out between everybody in the match. Cross takes out Luchasaurus and Justice with a suicide dive, Fenix and Hart have a striking exchange in the ring. Hart and Fenix also exchange some drop kicks, Mechawoldf hits Fenix with a tornado DDT before landing suicide dives on everybody else, Fenix clears the ring and he takes everybody down with a dive. Hart follows suit and does a moonsault onto everybody, Justice also does a dive onto the competitors in the match. Mechawolf and Luchasaurus take their battle into the ring, Luchasaurus knocks Mechawolf out of the ring before landing a spinning head kick.

Cross hits Luchasaurus with a springboard cutter, Cross misses a shooting star press and Justice nails everybody with clotheslines afterwards. Fenix hits the ring and he nails Hart with a palm strike, Mechawolf then hits Fenix with multiple power bombs. Mechawolf then hits Hart with an enzaguri while he was on the top rope, Hart nails Mechawolf with a super destroyer for a three count.

Winner: Teddy Hart

No DQ Match
Masato Tanaka vs. Chris Dickinson

The match begins withDickinson wrenching on the arm of Tanaka, some chain wrestling takes place between Dickinson and Tanaka. Tanaka escapes the grasp of Dickinson to land a shoulder tackle followed by a hip toss, Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a running forearm strike and a ton of punches. Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a cross body block and Dickinson rolls out of the ring, Tanaka chases Dickinson back in the ring before eating an enzaguri. Dickinson then hits Tanaka with a pile driver on the ring apron, Dickinson gets Tanaka back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Dickinson traps Tanaka in the corner while landing some chops, Dickinson also nails Tanaka with a suplex for a near fall. Tanaka fights back and Dickinson nails him with a death valley driver, Dickinson drags Tanaka to the ring post before smashing his leg on it.

Tanaka escapes a power bomb attempt to knock Dickinson to the ring apron with a roaring elbow, Dickinson recovers and nails Tanaka with a death valley driver through a table on the arena floor. Dickinson gets Tanaka back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Dickinson corners Tanaka while landing a few strikes. Dickinson drops Tanaka before landing a kick to the back for a near fall, Tanaka recovers and he sends a charging Dickinson into the corner. Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a tornado suplex, Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a series of running clotheslines. Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a tornado DDT for a near fall, Tanaka goes to the top rope and Dickinson meets him up there. Dickinson crushes Tanaka with a super falcon arrow, Dickinson follows up by landing a release German suplex on Tanaka for a near fall.

Dickinson throws some chairs in the ring and the competitors take turns cracking each other with chairs shots, Dickinson and Tanaka drop each other with clotheslines. Dickinson and Tanaka have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Dickinson ends the exchange and he nails Tanaka with a power bomb for a near fall. Dickinson finds a table and he brings it in the ring before setting it up as well, Dickinson places Tanaka on the top rope and he follows him up there. Tanaka gets free and he power bombs Dickinson through the table, Tanaka then hits Dickinson with a frog splash for a one count. Tanaka and Dickinson then exchange some release German suplexes, Tanaka nails Dickinson with a Diamond Dust for a near fall. Tanaka follows up by landing a Sliding D on Dickinson for a three count.

Winner: Masato Tanaka

Blackcraft Wrestling Women’s Championship
Saraya Knight (c) vs. Maria Manic

The match begins with Knight and Manic brawling in the crowd, Knight grabs a steel chair and she attacks Manic with it. Manic shoves Knight onto some chairs while landing some strikes, Knight grabs another chair and she hits Manic with it. Manic takes the chair back and she hits Knight with it, Vipress and Harlow O’Hara come out to distract Manic. Manic attacks O’Hara by slamming her on the arena floor, Knight makes it into the ring and Manic attacks O’Hara until the ref counts her out.

Winner: Saraya Knight, still the BCW Women’s Champion

Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Blackcraft (c) vs. David Starr

The match begins with Blackcraft immediately catching Starr in a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Johnny Blackcraft, still the BCW Heavyweight Champion

After the match, David Starr attacks Johnny Blackcraft and he quickly puts him out with a sleeper hold. The Preacher comes out and he says that Blackcraft isn’t worthy of being a BCW Heavyweight Champion, Matthew Justice comes out and he grabs the microphone from The Preacher. Justice demands an immediate title shot and The Preacher turns it down, The Preacher says Justice will have to kill him to get a title shot and Justice slits his throat with a knife.

Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Blackcraft (c) vs. Matthew Justice

The match starts with Justice immediately nailing Blackcraft with his finisher for a three count.

Winner: Matthew Justice, your new BCW Heavyweight Champion

Baphomet Battle Royal
Featuring "The Savage Gentleman" Victor Benjamin, Lady Frost, Zicky Dice, Gory, Kit Osborne, John Wayne Murdoch, Mance Warner, Dale Patricks, KTB, Derek Direction, Dave Dutra, 
Benjamin Carter, Royce Isaacs, Sledge, Stockade, Conan Lycan, Conor Claxton, Lord Crewe, 
Rory Gulak, Cory Futuristic, Pinkie Sanchez, Atticus Cogar, Anthony Greene, Casanova Valentine, Arik Cannon, Matt Light, Swoggle & Justin Credible

The match begins with an all out brawl between everybody in the match, bodies are being tossed out quickly and the ring is half empty just a few minutes into the match. Credible attacks people with various chair shots, Swoggle gets eliminated and Credible does as well. Gulak is placed on the top rope and attacked with a plethora of strikes, Gulak is eventually dumped out of the ring. Cannon goes after everybody after drinking some alcohol, Cannon gets dumped out of the ring after the lights go out. Riley Madison interferes and low blows someone so Zicky Dice can get the win.

Winner: Zicky Dice

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