WWE Raw Results For X-Mas Eve 2018: Two Title Matches, A Miracle On 34th Street Fight & Rhyno Returns

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- A Christmas themed video package airs previewing tonight’s event.

- Elias is in the ring to start the show and he wants to know “who wants to walk with Elias?” Elias says he’ll beat and humiliate Bobby Lashley tonight during the Miracle On 34th Street Fight, Elias then performs an original Christmas song mocking Lio Rush and Lashley until the duo interrupt him.

Miracle On 34th Street Fight
Elias vs. Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush

The match begins with Lashley scoring a takedown on Elias before landing a few strikes in the corner, Lashley then drops Elias with a neck breaker. Lashley corners Elias again while landing some shoulder thrusts, Lashley keeps Elias in the corner while landing more strikes. Elias tries fighting back and Lashley knocks him to the arena floor, Lashley follows Elias out of the ring and Elias hits him with a Christmas tree. Elias follows Lashley around the outside of the ring while landing chops, Elias grabs a kendo stick out of a Christmas present and Rush steals it from him. Elias still manages to send Lashley into the ring steps as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Elias hitting Lashley with strikes on the inside of the ring.

Lashley recovers and he drops Elias with a flat liner, Rush interferes and fails at a frog splash attempt as Elias got his knees up. Elias catches Lashley in a roll up for a near fall, Elias gets up and Lashley quickly drops him with a clothesline. Lashley throws Elias out of the ring and he follows him out there, Lashley picks up Elias and he backs him into the barricade. Lashley then slams Elias onto a pile of Christmas presents, Lashley gets Elias back in the ring before landing some elbow smashes. Elias recovers and kicks a charging Lashley in the face, Lashley recovers and nails Elias with an overhead release suplex. Lashley opens a Christmas present and its full of Legos that he spreads on the ring, Lashley places Elias on the top rope and he follows him up there. Elias knocks Lashley off the ropes and onto the pile of Legos, Elias then grabs a fire extinguisher and he shoots Lashley with it.

Lashley then accidentally sends Rush through a table, Elias then hits Lashley with a knee strike and some stomps in the corner. Elias then unwraps a present to find a bowling ball and he rolls it into the balls of Lashley, Elias then opens a present to find a guitar and he hits Lashley with it for a three count.

Winner: Elias

After the match, Elias dumps a bowl of egg nog onto Lio Rush.

- A video package airs showing the McMahon Family's big announcement from last weeks Raw.

- Heath Slater talks about Christmas and his kids.

Raw Tag Team Title Match
Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (c) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

The match begins with Dawson distracting Roode so Wilder can roll him up for a near fall, Wilder works on the arm of Roode before tagging Dawson in. Roode fights back and he tags Gable into the match, Gable and Roode nail Dawson with some double team moves for a near fall. Gable holds Dawson down while wrenching away on his arm, Dawson gets free and he corners Gable before landing a few strikes. Gable then hits Dawson with an arm drag followed by a head scissors, The Revival recover and drop Gable on the top rope as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Wilder holding gable in a chin lock, Gable gets free as Dawson tags into the match.

Dawson traps gable in the ropes before landing a few strikes, Dawson then hits gable with a northern lights suplex after a ref distraction. Wilder tags in and he double teams gable with Dawson for a near fall, Wilder places Gable on the top rope and Gable gets him in a rope assisted arm bar. Dawson tags in and Gable nails him with a back suplex, Wilder and Roode get tagged in by their respective partners. Roode quickly cleans house against the opposing teams, Roode then causes Wilder to land a standing moonsault on a downed Dawson. Roode then hits Wilder with a spine buster for a near fall, Gable tags in and Wilder throws Roode into the ring post to avoid their finisher. Gable nails Wilder with a German suplex for a near fall, Dawson tags in and Gable rolls him up for a near fall.

Dawson would then catch Gable in a roll up of his own for another near fall, Wilder tags in and The Revival hit Gable with an assisted German suplex for a near fall. Roode then hits Wilder with a spear from out of nowhere as Gable catches Dawson in a small package for a three count.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, still the Raw Tag Team Champions

- The B-Team perform their version of the 12 Days Of Christmas for Apollo Crews.

- The Lucha House Party reveal their wish list for Christmas.

- Curt Hawkins also reveals his Christmas wish, which is to win a match.

- No Way Jose says that he would like to give Santa Clause a gift, which is to bring the WWE Universe to the North Pole.

- A video package airs showing the new superstars making their way to Raw and Smackdown Live.

- Dolph Ziggler says he deserves a few things for Christmas, which is the Best In The World trophy, a stand up special on Netflix and to win tonight’s triple threat match to prove just how good he is.