Crux Wrestling: Hey Jealousy Results - A Death Match, A Blindfold Battle Royal, Plus B-Boy & Matt Tremont In Action

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Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match
Matt Tremont & Lee Byford def. Kerry Awful & Jesse Butler

Crux Tri-State Championship
Jaden Newman def. Sage Philips to win the title

Chip Day def. B-Boy

Lee Byford def. O’Shay Edwards

Kiss My Foot Match
Ryan Dookie & Lemon Juice Magee def. Jimmy Fletcher & Bailey Blake

10 Person Blindfold Battle Royal
Slade Porter was the winner

Dreamboy def. Luther X, Manders & Blake

Jeremiah Plunkett w/Mr. Day def. Levi Everett

The Office (Cubicle Man Dan, Nick Iggy & Daniel Perez) w/HR def. The Hooligans (Devin Cutter, Mason Cutter & Fearless Neil)

IFHY (Shawn Kemp & Jonathan Wolf) def. The Smokin’ Budz (Cody & David Morton)

Ruthless Lala def. Billie Starks

The show starts with James D. Businessman on the microphone saying that Tank isn’t here tonight because he is hospitalized, while Shotzi Blackheart and Tripp Cassidy are banned from the building.

Luther X vs. Manders vs. Dreamboy vs. Blake

The match begins with Manders laying everybody out with shoulder tackles, Manders and Legion have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Manders nails Blake with an overhead suplex, Manders then corners his opponents before landing multiple avalanches. Dreamboy and Blake double team Manders and knock him out of the ring, Blake then takes out Dreamboy with a springboard hurricarana. X clears the ring after nailing Blake with a back breaker, X goes to the arena floor to attack his opponents. Blake then takes everybody out with a suicide dive, Dreamboy follows that with a suicide dive of his own. Dreamboy gets X in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Dreamboy goes to the top rope and Manders takes him off for a double power slam with X. Blake then drops Manders and all four competitors are down, a four way striking exchange breaks out a short time later between all the competitors.

X drops Manders and he gets him in a cross face, Manders gets free and he drills X with a lariat. Manders follows that up with a pump handle exploder suplex on X, Blake nails Dreamboy with a 450 splash before hitting Manders with a handspring cutter. X gets Blake in a knee bar and Dreamboy lands a 450 splash for a near fall.

Winner: Dreamboy

After the match, Lee Byford hits the ring and he attacks Blake and Dreamboy with power bombs. Byford calls out O'Shay Edwards to have their match right now.

Lee Byford vs. O’Shay Edwards

The match begins with Byford and Edwards exchanging some strikes, Edwards then nails Byford with a spine buster and Byford rolls out of the ring. Byford and Edwards exchange more strikes before getting back in the ring, Edwards escapes a power bomb attempt to hit Byford with an Oklahoma Stampede for a near fall. Byford fights back to nail Edwards with a headbutt and avalanche, Edwards escapes another power bomb attempt to hit Byford with a German suplex for a near fall. Byford fights back and he tosses Edwards out of the ring, Byford’s manager attacks Edwards before throwing him back into the ring. Edwards recovers and he nails Byford with a suplex for another near fall, Edwards rolls out of the ring to confront Byford’s manager and Byford nails him with a drop kick. Byford gets Edwards back into the ring and Edwards nails him with a forearm strike followed by Brown Sugar, Edwards goes to the top rope and the manager throws powder into his eyes. Byford nails Edwards with a power bomb for a three count.

Winner: Lee Byford

Kiss My Foot Match
Jimmy Fletcher & Bailey Blake vs. Ryan Dookie & Lemon Juice Magee

The match begins with Dookie working over the arm of Blake, Blake pulls the hair of Dookie before tagging Fletcher in. Fletcher drops Dookie before applying a chin lock, Dookie fights back and he attacks Fletcher with a shoulder tackle. Dookie goes after the arm of Fletcher before getting poked in the eye, Blake tags in and he stomps away on a downed Dookie. Fletcher tags in and he applies the Boston crab to Dookie, Fletcher releases the hold before tagging Blake back in. Dookie nails Blake with a brain buster before tagging Magee in, Magee immediately tags back out and Blake attackins Dookie from behind. Blake nails Dookie with a top rope sole food for a near fall, Fletcher tags in as Dookie nails Blake with a stunner. Dookie then hits Fletcher with a stunner and Magee tags in to get a three count on the pin attempt.

Winners: Ryan Dookie & Lemon Juice Magee

After the match, Lemon Juice Magee takes his shoe off and Jimmy Fletcher kisses his foot.

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