Impact Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Revolver “Penta Does Iowa” Results: Pentagon Jr., Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Dreamer, OVE, Matt Sydal, Taya Valkyrie, Rich Swann, Eli Drake, Jessicka Havok & More In Action!

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Impact Wrestling World Title Match - Street Fight
Penta El Zero M def. Jimmy Jacobs to retain the title

Shawn Michaels Feels Honored To Have Inspired Okada, Feels Okada Would Easily Adjust To WWE

Mathew Palmer Open Invitational Scramble Championship Match
Rich Swann def. Mathew Palmer, Sugar Dunkerton, Gringo Loco, Airwolf, Larry D, Ace Austin, Chip Day & Andy Dalton to win the title 

House Of Hardcore Rules Match
Tommy Dreamer def. Jake Manning

Tornado Tag Match
OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist) def. Matt Sydal & The Rascalz (Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

The Dirty def. Zero Gravity & Night Ryderz

Jason Cade w/Famous B def. Shane Strickland

Taya Valkyrie def. Jessicka Havok

Eli Drake def. Clayton Gainz

- The pre-show starts with Josh Matthews and Sonjay Dutt going over the card for tonight’s event.

- Matthews & Dutt go back inside the building while trying to figure out how the Twitch poll works.

- Matthews goes over what happened between Su Yung and Rosemary on Impact, then ponders whether or not Rosemary is dead after being put in the coffin.

- Matthews also previews what we will see next week on Impact.

- Matthews and Dutt do a sound check with the audio guy.

- The stipulations fans can vote on for the main event are Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fight or Submission Match.

- Dutt says he would vote for the falls count anywhere match, while Matthews would vote for a submission match.

- Matthews & Dutt snap a picture for social media.

- Matthews & Dutt debate which stipulation on the poll would favor Jimmy Jacobs tonight.

- Sugar Dunkerton arrives and he wants to teach Matthews about shining, while Dutt leaves to talk to Jimmy Jacobs about the main event stipulations. Dunkerton says he wants to see a street fight tonight, says he doesn’t like falls count anywhere matches.

- Dunkerton says he is here tonight because he wants a job with Impact Wrestling.

- Dunkerton introduces himself to every on Twitch who doesn’t know who he is, says he will be everybody’s new favorite wrestler tonight.

- Matthews says he is excited to be here tonight to check out Sami Callihan’s show.

- Dunkerton talks about how great it is that Impact Wrestling is spotlighting other companies.

- Dunkerton reveals that he will take part in the scramble match tonight.

- Dutt announces that Shane Strickland versus Jason Cade will kick off the show.

- Matthews and Dutt debate what the greatest show on TV is.

- Matthews announces that “Impact Trivia” will start with their Twitch shows in June.

- Matthews lists the places were people who are watching the event through Twitch reside at.

- The fans voted and street fight won the poll for the main event stipulation, which brings the pre-show to an end.

Jason Cade w/Famous B vs. Shane Strickland

The match begins with Strickland catching Cade with a few strikes, Strickland then catches Cade with a head scissors takedown followed by a drop kick. Strickland keeps Cade near the ropes while landing some strikes, Strickland then traps Cade in the ropes while landing some chops. Cade recovers and he nails Strickland with a forearm strike before kicking the back of his leg, Cade takes the opportunity to choke a downed Strickland. Strickland trips up cade on the ring apron before super kicking him to the arena floor, Strickland follows that up with a baseball slide drop kick against Cade. Strickland traps Cade near the barricade while trying to crush his head, Strickland then nails Cade with a running knee strike to the head. Strickland goes to the ring apron and B trips him up while the referee was distracted, Cade then wheel barrow slams Strickland into the barricade.

Cade gets Strickland back into the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Cade follows Strickland around the ring while kicking away at him. Strickland fights back and Cade drops him with a back elbow strike, Cade holds Strickland down while twisting away on his head. Strickland almost shoves Cade into the referee before landing a side kick, B again trips up Strickland and Cade nails him with a drop kick for a near fall. Strickland goes to the middle rope and Cade trips him up before landing a double stomp, Cade follows that up with a neck breaker on Strickland for a near fall. Strickland escapes a back slide to catch Cade with a knee strike, Cade recovers and nails Strickland with a reverse hurricarana. Strickland quickly recovers to nail Cade with a kick to the head, Strickland then hits Cade with a 619 to the midsection, Strickland catches Cade with a knee strike followed by a rolling cutter for a near fall.

Strickland sets up for a head and arm suplex until Cade backs him into the corner, Cade then catches Strickland with a handspring Code Breaker for a near fall. Strickland gets to the ropes and Cade knocks him to the ring apron with a super kick, Cade looks for a sliced bread and Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Strickland counters them all to land a death valley driver on the ring apron, Strickland places Cade on the barricade before landing a Swerve Stomp. Strickland gets Cade back in the ring and Strickland clobbers him with a knee strike for a near fall, Strickland goes to the top rope and B trips him up as the referee was distracted. Cade goes to the top rope and he nails Strickland with a Kryptonite Krunch and Black Magic for the three count.

Winner: Jason Cade w/Famous B

The Dirty vs. Zero Gravity vs. Night Ryderz

(Note: I don’t know the names of everybody in the match, since they weren’t announced, so I went with what I got here.)

The match begins with all the competitors brawling in the ring, Night Ryderz and The Dirty remain in the ring to brawl before Zero Gravity takes them all out. Night Ryderz return and they knock Zero Gravity out of the ring, The Dirty return and they lay waste to the Night Ryderz. The Dirty then take out Night Ryderz with a double suicide dive on the arena floor, Zero Gravity then take out The Dirty with double suicide dives. Night Ryderz get back in the ring before diving onto both teams on the arena floor, Night Ryderz gets one of The Dirty in the ring and they get him on the top rope. The other member of The Dirty hits the ring for a tower of doom spot, a member of Zero Gravity lands a splash on one of The Dirty for a near fall. A Night Ryder lands a middle rope moonsault on one of The Dirty for a near fall, a member of Zero Gravity hits a Night Ryder with a middle rope spin kick.

The Dirty nail one of the Night Ryders with an elbow strike followed by a knee strike, Zero Gravity double teams one of The Dirty with a series of double team moves for a near fall. Night Ryderz double team one of the Zero Gravity guys for a near fall, a member of The Dirty and Night Ryderz brawl in the middle of the ring. The Dirty hit a Night Ryder with a double forward DDT for the three count.

Winners: The Dirty

Jessicka Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie

The match begins with Valkyrie pie facing Havok before Havok shoves her to the mat, Havok then drops a charging Valkyrie with a shoulder block. Havok misses a charging in the corner and Valkyrie kicks her low, Valkyrie goes for a flying cross body and Havok shoves her down. Havok then propels Valkyrie across the ring before landing an avalanche, Havok misses another charge in the corner and Valkyrie nails her with a running hip attack. Valkyrie follows up by nailing Havok with a running double knee strike, Havok recovers and she throws Valkyrie out of the ring. Havok follows Valkyrie out of the ring to smash her face on the ring mat, Havok then throws Valkyrie into the barricade. Havok goes for a chop and she winds up nailing the ring post as Valkyrie ducks, Valkyrie also throws Havok into the ring post a few moments later.

Valkyrie follows that up by throwing Havok into the barricade, Valkyrie drops Havok on the arena floor while landing more strikes. Valkyrie and Havok battle on the ring apron until they both go down after kicking each other in the face, they both get back in the ring and a striking exchange breaks out. Valkyrie sends a charging Havok into the corner before landing another running double knee strike, Valkyrie goes to the top rope and Havok trips her up. Havok gets Valkyrie off the ropes by landing an elbow drop on her, Havok then connects with a face wash on Valkyrie for a near fall. Valkyrie recovers and she hits Havok with a Saito suplex, Valkyrie misses a double running knee strike before eating a release German suplex for a near fall. Havok looks for a tombstone pile driver and Valkyrie escapes before rolling her up for a three count.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Mathew Palmer Open Invitational Scramble Championship Match: Mathew Palmer (c) vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Gringo Loco vs. Airwolf vs. Larry D vs. Ace Austin vs. Chip Day vs. Andy Dalton vs. Rich Swann

The match begins with Dunkerton demanding some music be played and the sound man obliges as the stream dies, the stream returns with everybody taking each other out. Day nails a downed Airwolf with a penalty kick, Loco drops Austin with a hip toss before landing a drop kick. Swann then nails Loco with a plethora of kicks, Palmer hits the ring and he drops everybody with axe handle smashes. D lifts Palmer in the air before cracking him with an uppercut, Loco leaps off the back of Airwolf to hit Palmer with a swanton bomb. Airwolf then hits Loco with a tornado DDT, Dunkerton and Day work together before eventually turning on each other. Dunkerton knocks Day out of the ring before landing a suicide dive, Austin follows up with a dive of his own. Palmer and Swann battle on the top rope until Palmer superplexes him onto all the participants, Palmer gets Swann in the ring before landing a buckle bomb and and Fame Asser.

Dunkerton returns to the ring and he nails Palmer with a fisherman buster suplex, Dunkerton then hits Palmer with a tiger driver. Day returns to attacks Dunkerton with some strikes and a missile drop kick, Day then crushes Dunkerton with a double knee strike and tornado DDT. Day and Dalton battle until Dalton nails him with a brain buster, Loco uses a moonsault to take Dalton and Day out. Airwolf returns to catch Loco with a knee strike and splash, Austin catches Airwolf with a drop kick and spinning forward kick. Loco nails Austin with a springboard cutter and Swann manges to steal a pin on Palmer to get the three count.

Winner: Rich Swann, new PWR Open Scramble Champion

- Jake Manning grabs the microphone before the match begins, Manning says there was no mention of a House Of Hardcore Match in his contract. Manning says the scouts won’t let in the House Of Hardcore Rules Match yet, Manning says he’ll still fight Dreamer in a normal match. Manning eventually leaves the ring and Dreamer grabs the microphone, Dreamer calls Manning a woman who slept with Balls Mahoney. Dreamer says he will face Manning in a normal wrestling match, Manning relents and gets in the ring.

House Of Hardcore Rules Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jake Manning

The match begins with Dreamer wrenching away on the arm of Manning, Manning trips up Dreamer and finally gets his arm free. Manning consults with the scouts rule book before working over the arm of Dreamer, Dreamer gets free and he catches Manning with a snap mare. Manning kicks Dreamer in the midsection before landing a few strikes, Dreamer recovers to catch Manning with a hip toss and back elbow strike. Manning rolls out of the ring and Dreamer follows him to land a few strikes, Dreamer drinks something before spitting it in the eyes of Manning. Dreamer traps Manning while allowing the fans to chop him, Dreamer puts the ring bell on Manning’s junk before hitting it with a hammer.

Manning recovers and he drops Dreamer balls first on the top of the barricade, Manning follows Dreamer on the arena floor while landing some strikes. Manning traps Dreamer on the ring apron before landing an axe handle smash, Manning also chokes Dreamer on the middle rope. Manning rolls out of the ring before punching Dreamer in the face, Manning gets back in the ring to apply a chin lock to Dreamer. Manning then hits Dreamer with a middle rope fist drop for a near fall, Manning reapplies a chin lock to a downed Dreamer. Manning releases the hold and goes to the top rope before missing a diving headbutt, Dreamer kicks Manning in the head before landing a clothesline. Dreamer mounts Manning in the corner before landing a few strikes, Dreamer then hits Manning with a cutter for a near fall.

Dreamer goes out of the ring and he brings some weapons back in, Dreamer grabs a garbage can lid and he hits Manning with it. Manning recovers and he hits a charging Dreamer with a drop toe hold on a steel chair for a near fall, Manning goes to the top rope and Dreamer hangs him in the tree of woe position. Dreamer then drop kicks a chair into the face of an upside down Manning, Manning recovers to shove Dreamer on a chair for a near fall. Manning takes the chair and he goes to the middle rope with it, Manning leaps off and Dreamer gets his foot up. Dreamer then catches Manning with a DDT for a near fall, Dreamer finds a ladder and he brings it in the ring. Dreamer sets the ladder up in the corner and Manning throws him into it, Manning hits Dreamer with a double under hook DDT for a near fall.

Manning climbs a ladder and does a trust fall onto Dreamer for a near fall, Manning goes backstage and he brings a tent into the ring. Manning pulls a kendo stick out of the tent and he attacks Dreamer with it, Dreamer recovers and he nails Manning with a Russian leg sweep followed by kendo stick shots. Dreamer catches Manning with a death valley driver onto the tent for the three count.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Eli Drake vs. Clayton Gainz

The match begins with nobody winning the initial test of strength, Drake nails Gainz with a kick during a second test of strength. Drake then scores a takedown on a dazed Gainz, Gainz recovers and he drops Drake with a shoulder tackle. Drake recovers to catch Gainz with a drop toe hold and several arm drags, Drake then hits a charging Gainz with a drop kick. Drake slows things down by wrenching awya on the arm of Gainz, Gainz recovers to hit Drake with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gainz then catches Drake with a body slam for a near fall, Drake escapes the grip of Gainz before catching him with a neck breaker. Gainz looks for a roll up and Drake stomps away on him, Gainz nails Drake with a punch before landing a springboard clothesline.

Gainz then hits Drake with a TKO for a near fall, Drake escapes Gainz grip again and fails at a neck breaker attempt. Gainz catches a downed Drake with a springboard splash for a near fall, Drake fights back and misses a springboard moonsault. Gainz goes to the top rope and Drake meets him up there to land a superplex, Drake nails Gainz with the Gravy Train for the three count.

Winner: Eli Drake

After the match, Eli Drake grabs the microphone and he says everyone saw the first class ticket to the gravy train. Drake says he is five days away from beating Penta El Zero M to become the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion again. 

Tornado Tag Match: OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist) vs. Matt Sydal & The Rascalz (Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

The match begins with a bunch of the competitors quickly getting knocked out of the ring, Sydal drops Callihan with a head kick before landing a jumping spin kick. Dave attacks Sydal from behind before The Rascalz hit the ring to double team him, Sydal and Wentz hit a downed Dave with a standing shooting star press/standing moonsault combination. Jake hits the ring and he gets nailed with a ton of kicks from The Rascalz, Callihan trips up a charging Wentz to knock him out of the ring. Callihan then hits Xavier with an exploder suplex into the corner, Callihan then nails a charging Xavier with a clothesline. Xavier rolls to the ring apron and Callihan nails him with a springboard lariat, Callihan follows that up by landing a suicide dive onto Xavier.

Everybody from both teams take each other out with suicide dives, Wentz launches himself off the back of Xavier to take out OVE with a suicide dive. Xavier follows that up by taking out OVE with a Sasuke Special, Dave traps Xavier in the barricade before nailing him with strikes. Everybody from both teams brawl on the arena floor, Wentz and Callihan take their battle into the ring. Callihan catches a cornered Wentz with a step up enzaguri, Callihan places Wentz on the top rope before following him up there. The rest of the competitors all meet up in the corner for a tower of doom, Wentz takes out a swinging Jake with a twisting high cross body. Everybody from both teams hit the ring and they all take each other out, Callihan catches Xavier with a Get Out Of Here. Sydal returns to hit Callihan with Meteora Knees for a near fall, Callihan then gets triple teamed by the opposition.

The Rascalz hit Callihan with a push standing shooting star press for a near fall, OVE recovers to hit their opponents with triple tombstone pile drivers for a near fall. OVE goes for the All Seeing Eye on Wentz and Wentz gets free, Wentz catches Dave with a super cutter for a near fall. Sydal goes for a shooting star press and Dave gets his knees up, Xavier nails Callihan with a handspring pele kick to the head, Jake catches a leaping Wentz with a super ace crusher for the three count.

Winners: OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist)

Impact Wrestling World Title Match - Street Fight: Pentagon Jr (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs

The match begins with Jacobs biting the hand of Pentagon Jr, Pentagon Jr gets free and he cracks Jacobs with a few super kicks. Jacobs rolls out of the ring and Pentagon Jr goes for a dive, Jacob gets a garbage can and he hits a diving Pentagon Jr with it. Pentagon Jr falls out of the ring and Jacobs nails him with the garbage can again, Jacobs grabs Pentagon Jr and he throws him into the ring steps. Jacobs takes his glove off and he chokes Pentagon Jr with it, Jacobs leaps off a chair and he catches Pentagon Jr with an elbow drop. Jacobs gets Pentagon Jr up and he throws him into some fans at ringside, Jacobs stands over Pentagon Jr and he attacks him with strikes. Jacobs grabs a large piece of plywood and he sets it up on the barricade, Pentagon Jr recovers and he hip tosses Jacobs into the plywood.

Pentagon Jr gets Jacobs up and he attacks him with a plethora of strikes, Jacobs recovers and he throws Pentagon Jr into the barricade. Pentagon Jr grabs the garbage can and he hits Jacobs in the head with it, Pentagon Jr grabs a ladder and he sets it up on the barricade. Pentagon Jr also grabs another piece of plywood and he puts that in the ring, Pentagon Jr sets Jacobs up by the ring post before landing a few chops. Pentagon Jr goes for another chop and he winds up hitting the ring post, Jacobs then throws Pentagon Jr into the ladder. Jacobs then sits Pentagon Jr on a chair before diving on top of him, Jacobs gets Pentagon Jr back in the ring and he puts a garbage can on top of him. Jacobs goes to the top rope and he crushes Pentagon Jr with a senton bomb for a near fall, Jacobs finds a bunch of chairs and he throws them all in the ring.

Pentagon Jr recovers and he drops Jacobs with a few Sling Blades, Pentagon Jr goes for a package pile driver and Jacobs escapes to land a cutter on some chairs for a near fall. Jacobs grabs the piece of plywood and he sets it up in the corner, Jacobs then hits Pentagon Jr with a hurricarana before eating a super kick. Jacobs recovers and he spears Pentagon Jr through the plywood for a near fall, Jacobs grabs a piece of the wood and he attacks Pentagon Jr with it. Jacobs finds another piece of plywood and he brings it in the ring, Jacobs grabs a chair and he attacks Pentagon Jr with it. Jacobs grabs the plywood and he sets it on top of some chairs, Pentagon Jr kicks away at Joacobs before getting him on the top rope. Pentagon Jr follows him up there before getting knocked off by Jacobs, Pentagon Jr drags Jacob to the top of the plywood before landing a package pile driver for a three count.

Winner: Pentagon Jr, still the Impact Wrestling World Champion

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