Impact Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Revolver “Penta Does Iowa” Results: Pentagon Jr., Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Dreamer, OVE, Matt Sydal, Taya Valkyrie, Rich Swann, Eli Drake, Jessicka Havok & More In Action!

Mathew Palmer Open Invitational Scramble Championship Match: Mathew Palmer (c) vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Gringo Loco vs. Airwolf vs. Larry D vs. Ace Austin vs. Chip Day vs. Andy Dalton vs. Rich Swann

The match begins with Dunkerton demanding some music be played and the sound man obliges as the stream dies, the stream returns with everybody taking each other out. Day nails a downed Airwolf with a penalty kick, Loco drops Austin with a hip toss before landing a drop kick. Swann then nails Loco with a plethora of kicks, Palmer hits the ring and he drops everybody with axe handle smashes. D lifts Palmer in the air before cracking him with an uppercut, Loco leaps off the back of Airwolf to hit Palmer with a swanton bomb. Airwolf then hits Loco with a tornado DDT, Dunkerton and Day work together before eventually turning on each other. Dunkerton knocks Day out of the ring before landing a suicide dive, Austin follows up with a dive of his own. Palmer and Swann battle on the top rope until Palmer superplexes him onto all the participants, Palmer gets Swann in the ring before landing a buckle bomb and and Fame Asser.

Dunkerton returns to the ring and he nails Palmer with a fisherman buster suplex, Dunkerton then hits Palmer with a tiger driver. Day returns to attacks Dunkerton with some strikes and a missile drop kick, Day then crushes Dunkerton with a double knee strike and tornado DDT. Day and Dalton battle until Dalton nails him with a brain buster, Loco uses a moonsault to take Dalton and Day out. Airwolf returns to catch Loco with a knee strike and splash, Austin catches Airwolf with a drop kick and spinning forward kick. Loco nails Austin with a springboard cutter and Swann manges to steal a pin on Palmer to get the three count.

Winner: Rich Swann, new PWR Open Scramble Champion

- Jake Manning grabs the microphone before the match begins, Manning says there was no mention of a House Of Hardcore Match in his contract. Manning says the scouts won’t let in the House Of Hardcore Rules Match yet, Manning says he’ll still fight Dreamer in a normal match. Manning eventually leaves the ring and Dreamer grabs the microphone, Dreamer calls Manning a woman who slept with Balls Mahoney. Dreamer says he will face Manning in a normal wrestling match, Manning relents and gets in the ring.

House Of Hardcore Rules Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jake Manning

The match begins with Dreamer wrenching away on the arm of Manning, Manning trips up Dreamer and finally gets his arm free. Manning consults with the scouts rule book before working over the arm of Dreamer, Dreamer gets free and he catches Manning with a snap mare. Manning kicks Dreamer in the midsection before landing a few strikes, Dreamer recovers to catch Manning with a hip toss and back elbow strike. Manning rolls out of the ring and Dreamer follows him to land a few strikes, Dreamer drinks something before spitting it in the eyes of Manning. Dreamer traps Manning while allowing the fans to chop him, Dreamer puts the ring bell on Manning’s junk before hitting it with a hammer.

Manning recovers and he drops Dreamer balls first on the top of the barricade, Manning follows Dreamer on the arena floor while landing some strikes. Manning traps Dreamer on the ring apron before landing an axe handle smash, Manning also chokes Dreamer on the middle rope. Manning rolls out of the ring before punching Dreamer in the face, Manning gets back in the ring to apply a chin lock to Dreamer. Manning then hits Dreamer with a middle rope fist drop for a near fall, Manning reapplies a chin lock to a downed Dreamer. Manning releases the hold and goes to the top rope before missing a diving headbutt, Dreamer kicks Manning in the head before landing a clothesline. Dreamer mounts Manning in the corner before landing a few strikes, Dreamer then hits Manning with a cutter for a near fall.

Dreamer goes out of the ring and he brings some weapons back in, Dreamer grabs a garbage can lid and he hits Manning with it. Manning recovers and he hits a charging Dreamer with a drop toe hold on a steel chair for a near fall, Manning goes to the top rope and Dreamer hangs him in the tree of woe position. Dreamer then drop kicks a chair into the face of an upside down Manning, Manning recovers to shove Dreamer on a chair for a near fall. Manning takes the chair and he goes to the middle rope with it, Manning leaps off and Dreamer gets his foot up. Dreamer then catches Manning with a DDT for a near fall, Dreamer finds a ladder and he brings it in the ring. Dreamer sets the ladder up in the corner and Manning throws him into it, Manning hits Dreamer with a double under hook DDT for a near fall.

Manning climbs a ladder and does a trust fall onto Dreamer for a near fall, Manning goes backstage and he brings a tent into the ring. Manning pulls a kendo stick out of the tent and he attacks Dreamer with it, Dreamer recovers and he nails Manning with a Russian leg sweep followed by kendo stick shots. Dreamer catches Manning with a death valley driver onto the tent for the three count.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Eli Drake vs. Clayton Gainz

The match begins with nobody winning the initial test of strength, Drake nails Gainz with a kick during a second test of strength. Drake then scores a takedown on a dazed Gainz, Gainz recovers and he drops Drake with a shoulder tackle. Drake recovers to catch Gainz with a drop toe hold and several arm drags, Drake then hits a charging Gainz with a drop kick. Drake slows things down by wrenching awya on the arm of Gainz, Gainz recovers to hit Drake with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gainz then catches Drake with a body slam for a near fall, Drake escapes the grip of Gainz before catching him with a neck breaker. Gainz looks for a roll up and Drake stomps away on him, Gainz nails Drake with a punch before landing a springboard clothesline.

Gainz then hits Drake with a TKO for a near fall, Drake escapes Gainz grip again and fails at a neck breaker attempt. Gainz catches a downed Drake with a springboard splash for a near fall, Drake fights back and misses a springboard moonsault. Gainz goes to the top rope and Drake meets him up there to land a superplex, Drake nails Gainz with the Gravy Train for the three count.

Winner: Eli Drake

After the match, Eli Drake grabs the microphone and he says everyone saw the first class ticket to the gravy train. Drake says he is five days away from beating Penta El Zero M to become the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion again.