Impact Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Revolver “Penta Does Iowa” Results: Pentagon Jr., Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Dreamer, OVE, Matt Sydal, Taya Valkyrie, Rich Swann, Eli Drake, Jessicka Havok & More In Action!

Tornado Tag Match: OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist) vs. Matt Sydal & The Rascalz (Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

The match begins with a bunch of the competitors quickly getting knocked out of the ring, Sydal drops Callihan with a head kick before landing a jumping spin kick. Dave attacks Sydal from behind before The Rascalz hit the ring to double team him, Sydal and Wentz hit a downed Dave with a standing shooting star press/standing moonsault combination. Jake hits the ring and he gets nailed with a ton of kicks from The Rascalz, Callihan trips up a charging Wentz to knock him out of the ring. Callihan then hits Xavier with an exploder suplex into the corner, Callihan then nails a charging Xavier with a clothesline. Xavier rolls to the ring apron and Callihan nails him with a springboard lariat, Callihan follows that up by landing a suicide dive onto Xavier.

Everybody from both teams take each other out with suicide dives, Wentz launches himself off the back of Xavier to take out OVE with a suicide dive. Xavier follows that up by taking out OVE with a Sasuke Special, Dave traps Xavier in the barricade before nailing him with strikes. Everybody from both teams brawl on the arena floor, Wentz and Callihan take their battle into the ring. Callihan catches a cornered Wentz with a step up enzaguri, Callihan places Wentz on the top rope before following him up there. The rest of the competitors all meet up in the corner for a tower of doom, Wentz takes out a swinging Jake with a twisting high cross body. Everybody from both teams hit the ring and they all take each other out, Callihan catches Xavier with a Get Out Of Here. Sydal returns to hit Callihan with Meteora Knees for a near fall, Callihan then gets triple teamed by the opposition.

The Rascalz hit Callihan with a push standing shooting star press for a near fall, OVE recovers to hit their opponents with triple tombstone pile drivers for a near fall. OVE goes for the All Seeing Eye on Wentz and Wentz gets free, Wentz catches Dave with a super cutter for a near fall. Sydal goes for a shooting star press and Dave gets his knees up, Xavier nails Callihan with a handspring pele kick to the head, Jake catches a leaping Wentz with a super ace crusher for the three count.

Winners: OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist)

Impact Wrestling World Title Match - Street Fight: Pentagon Jr (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs

The match begins with Jacobs biting the hand of Pentagon Jr, Pentagon Jr gets free and he cracks Jacobs with a few super kicks. Jacobs rolls out of the ring and Pentagon Jr goes for a dive, Jacob gets a garbage can and he hits a diving Pentagon Jr with it. Pentagon Jr falls out of the ring and Jacobs nails him with the garbage can again, Jacobs grabs Pentagon Jr and he throws him into the ring steps. Jacobs takes his glove off and he chokes Pentagon Jr with it, Jacobs leaps off a chair and he catches Pentagon Jr with an elbow drop. Jacobs gets Pentagon Jr up and he throws him into some fans at ringside, Jacobs stands over Pentagon Jr and he attacks him with strikes. Jacobs grabs a large piece of plywood and he sets it up on the barricade, Pentagon Jr recovers and he hip tosses Jacobs into the plywood.

Pentagon Jr gets Jacobs up and he attacks him with a plethora of strikes, Jacobs recovers and he throws Pentagon Jr into the barricade. Pentagon Jr grabs the garbage can and he hits Jacobs in the head with it, Pentagon Jr grabs a ladder and he sets it up on the barricade. Pentagon Jr also grabs another piece of plywood and he puts that in the ring, Pentagon Jr sets Jacobs up by the ring post before landing a few chops. Pentagon Jr goes for another chop and he winds up hitting the ring post, Jacobs then throws Pentagon Jr into the ladder. Jacobs then sits Pentagon Jr on a chair before diving on top of him, Jacobs gets Pentagon Jr back in the ring and he puts a garbage can on top of him. Jacobs goes to the top rope and he crushes Pentagon Jr with a senton bomb for a near fall, Jacobs finds a bunch of chairs and he throws them all in the ring.

Pentagon Jr recovers and he drops Jacobs with a few Sling Blades, Pentagon Jr goes for a package pile driver and Jacobs escapes to land a cutter on some chairs for a near fall. Jacobs grabs the piece of plywood and he sets it up in the corner, Jacobs then hits Pentagon Jr with a hurricarana before eating a super kick. Jacobs recovers and he spears Pentagon Jr through the plywood for a near fall, Jacobs grabs a piece of the wood and he attacks Pentagon Jr with it. Jacobs finds another piece of plywood and he brings it in the ring, Jacobs grabs a chair and he attacks Pentagon Jr with it. Jacobs grabs the plywood and he sets it on top of some chairs, Pentagon Jr kicks away at Joacobs before getting him on the top rope. Pentagon Jr follows him up there before getting knocked off by Jacobs, Pentagon Jr drags Jacob to the top of the plywood before landing a package pile driver for a three count.

Winner: Pentagon Jr, still the Impact Wrestling World Champion