Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Part 1 Results: A Deathmatch, A Battle Of Invisible Men, A Battle For A Soul & More!

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GCW World Championship
Nick Gage def. Shinjiro Otani to retain the title

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Anything Goes Deathmatch
Masashi Takeda def. Jimmy Lloyd

Taka Michinoku def. Orange Cassidy

Invisible Man def. Invisible Stan

Scramble Match
Jungle Boy def. A-Kid, Australian Suicide, Jake Atlas, Shane Mercer & Slim J

Tony Deppen def. No Legs

Marko Stunt def. Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford

Ethan Page’s Soul is On The Line
Starman def. Ethan Page

Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford vs. Marko Stunt

The match begins with Janela getting Stunt in a headlock, Stunt gets free and he tricks Janela into running around the ring. Stunt then cracks Janela in his previously injured leg with a leg kick, Janela responds by kicking Stunt in his previously injured leg. Stunt surprises Janela with a roll up for a near fall, Janela recovers and nails Stunt with a release German suplex.

(Note: My feed died briefly, coverage will resume from when the feed returned.)

The coverage resumes with Janela attacking a downed Stunt with a ton of palm strikes, Stunt escapes a neck breaker from Janela to land a drop kick. Janela recovers to hit Stunt with a super kick and a package pile driver for a near fall, Janela places Stunt on the top rope and he follows him up there. Janela looks for a super package pile driver and Stunt knocks Janela off the ropes and to the ring apron, Stunt leaps off the ropes and nails Janela with a rana to the arena floor. The competitors get in the ring and Janela attacks the cut open eye of Stunt with a ton of strikes, Stunt recovers and he nails Janela with a tornado code breaker for a near fall. Stunt goes to the top rope and Janela follows him up there, Janela hits Stunt with a super falcon arrow for another near fall. Stunt shocks Janela with a roll up from out of nowhere for a three count.

Winner: Marko Stunt

- Tony Deppen comes out before the next match and he grabs the microphone, Deppen is angry with the crowd for not celebrating that he is at spring break. Deppen is challenging anybody from the crowd to a match tonight, Deppen starts walking through the crowd with a microphone and he confronts a guy in a wheelchair. The wheelchair guy calls Deppen a pussy and Deppen attacks him, Deppen grabs the legless guy from his wheelchair and brings him in the ring.

Tony Deppen vs. No Legs

The match begins with Deppen stomping away on Wheelchair Guy, Deppen picks No Legs up and No Legs counters into a sleeper hold. Deppen gets free by backing No Legs into the corner, No Legs takes Deppen down with an arm drag. No Legs nails Deppen with a 619, No Legs nails Deppen with a high cross body for a near fall. Deppen rolls out of the ring and No Legs leaps off the top rope onto him, No Legs gets in the ring and Deppen follows. No Legs goes to the top rope and Deppen slaps him, Deppen nails No Legs with a superplex for a near fall. Deppen places No Legs on the top rope and No Legs nails him with a tornado DDT from out of nowhere, No Legs hits Deppen with a 450 splash for a near fall.

No Legs goes back to the top rope and he misses a splash, Deppen hits No Legs with a shining wizard for the three count.

Winner: Tony Deppen

Scramble Match
A-Kid vs. Australian Suicide vs. Jake Atlas vs. Shane Mercer vs. Slim J vs. Jungle Boy

The match begins with everybody nailing Mercer with some super kicks, Mercer rolls out of the ring and suicide dives follow. Atlas corners A-Kid and he nails him with a series of strikes, A-Kid recovers and levels Atlas with a super kick. Atlas recovers and lands a neck breaker, Suicide hits the ring and he takes Atlas down with a satellite head scissors. J hits the ring and he drops Suicide with a head scissors, J then hits Suicide with a top rope enzaguri. Boy returns and he takes J down with an arm drag followed by a hurricarana, Boy hangs J in the ropes before landing a guillotine leg drop. Mercer gets back in the ring and he choke slams everybody while holding Boy up in the air, Mercer then tosses Boy out of the ring.

Atlas and A-Kid use super kicks to knock Mercer to the arena floor, A-Kid and Atlas take everybody out with dives to the arena floor. Atlas and A-Kid decide to work over Suicide in the ring, Atlas accidentally hits A-Kid before eating a twisting press from Suicide. J returns and he nails Suicide with a DDT followed by a top rope high cross body, Boy and Mercer battle in the ring. Boy nails Mercer with multiple super kicks before nailing J with a back breaker on Mercer’s knee, Atlas misses a standing moonsault and Boy nails him with a super kick. Atlas and Boy battle on the middle rope and Atlas nails Boy with a super Olympic Slam, A-Kid nails Atlas with a super kick followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Mercer returns and he propels A-Kid across the ring, Mercer battles J on the top rope before landing a super death valley driver.

Suicide nails Mercer with a shooting star press to break up the pin attempt, A-Kid knocks Boy out of the ring before taking him out with a dive. Mercer catches a leaping A-Kid and he nails him with a moonsault fall away slam, Suicide returns and he hits Mercer with a destroyer. Atlas hits Suicide with a cartwheel DDT before eating a super kick from Boy, Boy gets A-Kid in a modified abdominal stretch to force a tap out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

GCW World Championship
Nick Gage (c) vs. Shinjiro Otani

The match begins with Gage backing Otani into the ropes before letting him go free, Otani and Gage do some chain wrestling until Otani scores a takedown. Otani starts wrenching away on the arm of Gage until Gage gets to the ropes, Gage eventually drops Otani with a running back elbow in the corner. Gage goes out of the ring and he brings a door back into it, Gage sets up the door in the corner before having a striking exchange with Otani until Gage goes down. Otani keeps Gage down while applying the single leg crab, Gage eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Otani traps Gage in the corner while landing a plethora of strikes, Gage gets free and he nails Otani with a running back elbow strike.

Gage then lands a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall on Otani, Gage follows that up by nailing Otani with a face wash. Otani gets up and he puts Gage through the door with a German suplex, Otani keeps Gage in the corner before landing his own face wash. Otani picks Gage up and he nails him with some more strikes, Gage recovers and he nails a swinging Otani with a DDT for a near fall. Otani drops Gage with a leg sweep for a near fall, Gage surprises Otani with a roll up with a handful of tights for a three count.

Winner: Nick Gage, still the GCW World Champion

Invisible Stan vs. Invisible Man

The match begins with the referee putting on Bad Boy Vision Glasses to see the invisible competitors, the invisible competitors exchange a ton of pin attempts. The invisible competitors have a striking exchange, Stan and Man sit on chairs in the ring while exchanging more blows. Man gets busted open during the striking exchange with Stan, the battle between Stan and Man travels into the crowd. Stan and Man travel up to the balcony and they both fall off to the arena floor below, the action returns to the ring and Stan gets a near fall on Man. Stan attacks the referee and Kikutaro makes his way to the ring as the new referee, Kikutaro attacks Stan with a DDT and Man makes the pin for a near fall. The original ref takes over and Stan knocks Kikutaro into the crowd, Man gets another near fall on Stan. Man puts Stan through a door for a three count.

Winner: Invisible Man

Taka Michinoku vs. Orange Cassidy

The match begins with Michinoku trying to figure out how to lock up with Cassidy, Michinoku eventually kicks Cassidy before applying a headlock. Michinoku and Cassidy would then exchange some shoulder tackles, Michinoku goes for a waist lock and Cassidy gets free. Cassidy uses a drop kick to knock Michinoku into the ropes, Michinoku removes the glasses from Cassidy and Cassidy gets angry. Cassidy attacks Michinoku with a huge striking combination, Michinoku pokes Cassidy in the eyes before giving him a noogie. Michinoku continues attacking the eyes of a downed Cassidy, Michinoku traps Cassidy in the corner while landing more strikes. Michinoku eventually drops Cassidy and he gets a near fall on a pin attempt, Michinoku drills Cassidy with a few knee strikes for a few near falls.

Cassidy fights back and he lands a middle rope cross body for a near fall, Cassidy catches Michinoku in a roll up for a near fall. Cassidy then hits Michinoku with a super kick for another near fall, Cassidy goes to the top rope and Michinoku rolls across the ring. Cassidy leaps and misses the dive against Michinoku, Michinoku catches Cassidy in a cross face and Cassidy gets to the ropes. Cassidy recovers and he drops Michinoku with a right, Cassidy grabs his bottle of orange juice and he takes a drink from it. Michinoku nails Cassidy with a super kick and a Michinoku Driver for a three count.

Winner: Taka Michinoku

- Ethan Page grabs the microphone before the next match to say that tonight is the final night for him to fight for his soul, Page calls everybody in attendance Joey Janela’s puppets. Page promises that the Clusterfuck won’t happen tomorrow night.

Ethan Page’s Soul is On The Line
Ethan Page vs. Starman

The match begins with Starman appears behind Page and immediately rolls him up for the three count.

Winner: Starman

After the match, Starman takes his mask off and it is Virgil under that mask. Ethan Page grabs the microphone and says he isn’t going anywhere, Page says he prays that his wife wasn’t watching this crap. Page says never do anything half-assed…no matter what, Page says he will now enter the Clusterfuck tomorrow and it will be the craziest of all time.

Anything Goes Deathmatch​​​​​​​
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Masashi Takeda​​​​​​​

The match begins with Takeda taking Lloyd down with a headlock, Lloyd gets right back up after applying a head scissors to Takeda. Lloyd drops Takeda with an arm drag before eating a thrust kick, Takeda and Lloyd attack each other with light tube shots. Lloyd stabs Lloyd with a metal object and Takeda does the same to Lloyd, Takeda then drops Lloyd with a shoulder tackle. Takeda sticks the sharp object into the arm of Lloyd, Takeda smashes a light tube on the arm of Lloyd for a near fall. Takeda then hits Lloyd with a light tube assisted Russian leg sweep for a near fall, Takeda and Lloyd have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Lloyd grabs light tubes and he hits Takeda with them for a near fall, Lloyd then hits Takeda with a death valley driver followed by a light tube super kick for a near fall.

Takeda recovers and drop kicks light tubes into the eyes of Lloyd, Takeda brings a board pf scissors into the ring. Takeda drop kicks the board of scissors into Lloyd before landing a suplex for a near fall, Lloyd fights back and he power bombs Takeda onto another board. Lloyd then hits Takeda with a tiger driver for a near fall, Takeda and Lloyd have a striking exchange and then a dragon suplex exchange. Lloyd drills Takeda with a lariat for a near fall, Lloyd grabs a weed whacker and Takeda takes it from him before hitting Lloyd with it. Takeda grabs a door and he sticks light tubes on it, Takeda then suplexes Lloyd through the door before kicking him in the head with more light tubes for a near fall. Takeda nails Lloyd with a swanton bomb with light tubes for another near fall, Takeda then hits Lloyd with an elevated reverse DDT on light tubes for a three count.

Winner: Masashi Takeda

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