Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport Results: Josh Barnett vs. Minoru Suzuki & Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir Competes

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Josh Barnett fought Minoru Suzuki to a Draw

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Frank Mir def. Dan Severn by submission

Hideki Suzuki def. Timothy Thatcher by KO

Davey Boy Smith Jr. def. Killer Kross by submission

Masashi Takeda def. Jonathan Gresham by KO

JR Kratos def. Simon Grimm by KO

Chris Dickinson def. Andy Williams by submission

Dominick Garrini def. Phil Baroni by DQ

Phil Baroni vs. Dominick Garrini

The match begins with Baroni attacking Garrini with a few shots to the midsection, Baroni scores a takedown on Garrini and Garrini looks to pull guard. Garrini trips up Baroni before getting back to his feet, Baroni drags Garrini back to the ground after landing a few knee strikes. Garrini gets up and Baroni scores another takedown on him, Baroni attacks Garrini with some ground and pound. Garrini rolls for an arm bar and Garrini scrambles to his feet, Garrini pulls guard again and he drags Baroni to the ground. Garrini gets top control on Baroni while landing a few strikes, Garrini rolls for an arm bar and Baroni rakes his eyes to escape. Baroni attacks a blinded Garrini with a series of strikes and drops him, Garrini beats the ten count and Baroni floors him with a right afterwards. Garrini doesn’t beat the ten count and the referee calls for the bell.

However, after the bell rang, Phil Baroni got physical with the referee and The ref reverses his decision to give Garrini a DQ win.

Winner: Dominick Garrino, by DQ

JR Kratos vs. Simon Grimm

The match begins with Kratos popping Grimm with a left before eating a leg kick, Grimm looks for a takedown and the referee separates them as they get to the edge of the ring. Kratos goes for his own takedown and Grimm gets back control, Kratos shakes himself free and he stands up afterwards. Grimm stays down and he gets Kratos to jump into his guard, Grimm gets back control on Kratos before landing an elbow strike. The referee separates the fighters after they get to the edge of the ring, Kratos picks up Grimm and scores a takedown on him. Grimm goes for a guillotine choke and Kratos escapes to eventually get top control, the referee separates the fighters after they get close to the ringside edge again. Grimm eats a slap before nailing Kratos with an enzaguri, Kratos drags Grimm to the ground and he gets back control.

Kratos goes for the arm of Grimm and Grimm escapes to wrench on his arm, the fighters get up and Kratos slams Grimm. Grimm quickly catches Kratos in a head scissors and Kratos quickly gets free, Kratos gets up with Grimm controlling his head. Kratos drills Grimm with a knee strike and Grimm goes down, Kratos kneels over Grimm while landing strikes. Kratos gets Grimm in a rear naked choke and Grimm escapes by landing a few strikes, Kratos goes for the choke again and Grimm gets free again. Kratos rolls for an arm bar and Grimm escapes to get top position, Grimm attacks Kratos with some elbow strikes. Grimm stands up with Kratos holding onto him and Grimm slams him to the ground to get free, Grimm hits Kratos with a striking combination.

Grimm goes for a pile driver and Kratos escapes, Grimm then goes for an arm bar after a series of reversals with Kratos. Kratos gets free by power bombing Grimm and landing an elbow strike, which causes the ref to call for the bell.

Winner: JR Kratos, by knockout

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Killer Kross

The match begins with the fighters exchanging some leg kicks, Smith Jr scores a takedown on Kross and he gets the half guard. Smith Jr transitions to the side control position against Kross, Smith Jr transitions to back control on Kross. Kross spins at the right time to get top position and then the ref stands the fighters up because they were to close to the ringside edge, Smith Jr scores another takedown on Kross and he goes for an ankle lock. Kross escapes and he gets on top of Smith Jr while landing a few strikes, Smith Jr sweeps Kross to regain top control. Smith Jr gains full mount on Kross and he attacks him with some strikes, Kross sweeps Smith Jr again to regain top control. Smith Jr rolls for a knee bar at the same time as Kross and the referee breaks them up because they got close to the edge of the ring, Kross drags Smith Jr to the ground and Smith Jr sweeps him to gain top position.

Kross regains top control and he rolls for an arm bar on Smith Jr, Smith Jr scrambles and the fighters get separated because they were to close to the ringside edge. Smith Jr cradles Kross and he gets him back to the ground, Kross sweeps Smith Jr to get top position and they get separated for being too close to the ringside edge. Kross goes for a drop toe hold and it eventually drops Smith Jr, Smith Jr gets back up and he scores a takedown on Kross. Smith Jr rolls for a kimura and Kross rolls to the ringside edge for a separation, Kross drops Smith Jr with a Saito Suplex before getting back control. Smith Jr scrambles to freedom and he rolls for a knee bar on Kross, Kross escapes by attacking Smith Jr with knee strikes and palm strikes. Kross goes back to the ground and Smith Jr sweeps him to get back control, Smith Jr attacks Kross with knee strikes of his own.

Kross gets up and both competitors exchange knee strikes until Kross goes down, Kross gets up and he has a striking exchange with Smith Jr. Kross ends the exchange by dropping Smith Jr with a head kick, Kross then hits Smith Jr with another Saito Suplex. Smith Jr gets back up and another striking exchange breaks out with Kross, Smith Jr drops Kross with a leg kick before kicking him in the head. Kross gets up and another striking exchange takes place between the two, Smith Jr drops Kross with a Saito Suplex and he applies a crossface to force a tap out.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr., by submission

Jonathan Gresham vs. Masashi Takeda

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Gresham and Takeda, Takeda starts attacking Gresham with some leg kicks. Gresham drags Takeda back to the ground and he gets back control, Takeda gets up and he scores a takedown on Gresham. Takeda rolls for a knee bar and Gresham escapes to get full mount a few moments later, Takeda gets back up with Gresham controlling his leg. Takeda goes back to the ground and Gresham gains top control right away, Gresham starts twisting on the leg of Takeda. Gresham releases the leg to get full mount on Takeda, Takeda gets free and he goes for a single leg crab until the referee separates them for being too close to the ringside edge. Gresham and Takeda both grapple and then fall out of the ring, Gresham and Takeda have a striking exchange on the arena floor.

Takeda goes for a chair and the referee prevents him from using it, Takeda gets Gresham back in the ring while landing a combination. Gresham drags Takeda to the ground and he gets side control, Gresham goes for an arm triangle choke and he releases it to get north/south position. Takeda gets up and Gresham lights him up with a combination, Takeda rolls for an arm bar and Greshem escapes to get top position. Gresham attacks Takeda with hammer fists to the eye, Takeda sweeps him and lands strikes while on top. The competitors get up and Gresham nails Takeda with a variety of kicks, Takeda gets Gresham to a knee and absolutely destroys him with a knee strike to the head for a knockout win.

Winner: Masashi Takeda, by knockout

Andy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson

The match begins with the fighters engaging in a wild striking exchange, the fighters just stay in the middle of the ring and swing away at each other. Williams drops Dickinson with a power bomb before getting top position on the ground, Dickinson scrambles and gets back control while landing a ton of strikes. Dickinson briefly gets up and he attacks Williams with multiple kicks to the midsection, Williams recovers and regains top position and side control on Dickinson. Williams gets up and he nails Dickinson with a dead lift gut wrench suplex, Williams rolls for an arm bar and Dickinson escapes to get top control before getting back control. Williams gets up with Dickinson on his back, Williams falls to try and get Dickinson off of him and Dickinson maintains back control. Dickinson applies a rear naked choke and a tap out follows.

Winner: Chris Dickinson, by submission

Dan Severn vs. Frank Mir

The match begins with Mir hunting for a takedown and Severn controls his head on the ground, Severn keeps Mir down by going with the gator roll. The fighters stand up and Severn scores another takedown on Mir, Mir rolls for an arm bar and Severn escapes to keep top position. Mir and Severn roll for heel hooks at the same time and Severn taps out.

Winner: Frank Mir, by submission

Hideki Suzuki vs. Timothy Thatcher

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Thatcher and Suzuki, Thatcher drags Suzuki to the ground while wrenching away on his arm. Suzuki gets free and he controls the head of Thatcher on the ground, Thatcher gets up and Suzuki catches him in a kravat. Thatcher gets free and he works over the arm of Suzuki, Thatcher drills Suzuki with a knee strike to the midsection. Thatcher rolls for an arm bar and Suzuki escapes to damage the leg of Thatcher, Thatcher gets up and he drags Suzuki back to the ground. Suzuki quickly gains control and he traps the legs of Thatcher, Thatcher gets free and he gets back control on Suzuki while applying a chin lock. Suzuki gets free and some chain wrestling breaks out, Thatcher eventually catches Suzuki in the bow and arrow stretch. Suzuki gets free and Thatcher wrenches away on his leg, Thatcher stands up and he gets Suzuki in a single leg crab.

Suzuki gets free and he rolls for a leg lock against Thatcher, Suzuki sits up and he exchanges headbutts with Thatcher. Suzuki gets up first and he stomps on the head of Thatcher, Thatcher gets to his knees while Suzuki levels him with kicks. Thatcher trips up Suzuki before landing a modified enzaguri, Suzuki gets top position before landing a strike on Thatcher. The fighters get up and Suzuki drops Thatcher with a forearm strike, Thatcher gets up and a striking exchange breaks out. Thatcher ends the exchange by nailing Suzuki with a gut wrench suplex, Thatcher keeps Suzuki on the ground while controlling his arm. Suzuki gets free and he swings away at Thatcher before getting dropped with an eznaguri, Suzuki gets up again and he assaults Thatcher with forearm strikes. Suzuki cracks a swinging Thatcher with an enzaguri followed by a rib breaker, Suzuki then throws Thatcher and he lands on top of his head. Thatcher is out cold and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Hideki Suzuki, by KO

Josh Barnett vs. Minoru Suzuki

The match begins with a test of strength between both competitors, Barnett scores a takedown on Suzuki and he gets back control. Suzuki gets free and he does some chain wrestling with Barnett, Suzuki and Barnett stand in front of each other while trading blows. Barnett uses a head and arm throw to get Suzuki back to the ground, Suzuki quickly recovers and he applies a head scissors to Barnett. Barnett gets free and he applies a modified Boston crab to Suzuki, Suzuki gets free and he rolls for a knee bar against Barnett. Barnett escapes and he gets top position against Suzuki while controlling his arm, Barnett rolls for an arm bar and Suzuki quickly escapes to get back control. Suzuki starts pulling backwards on the head of Barnett, Barnett trips Suzuki up and he rolls for a knee bar.

Suzuki escapes and he applies an ankle lock to a downed Barnett, Barnett scrambles and Suzuki gets back control on him. Barnett gets free and he focuses his attack on the arm of Suzuki, Suzuki stands and he gets free of Barnett. Barnett drags Suzuki back to the ground and Suzuki quickly gets him in a bulldog choke, Barnett gets free and he nails Suzuki with an Olympic Slam. Barnett nails Suzuki with a kick before getting full mount on the ground, Barnett attacks Suzuki with some ground and pound. Suzuki scrambles and catches Barnett in a modified knee bar, Suzuki releases the hold to pick Barnett up and land knee strikes followed by forearm strikes. Barnett recovers and a striking exchange breaks out between the two, Barnett drops Suzuki with a head and arm suplex.

Suzuki recovers by nailing Barnett with a series of knee strikes, Suzuki sets up for a Gotch Style Pile Driver and Barnett trips Suzuki up to avoid it. Barnett stomps on the head of Suzuki before applying a single leg crab, Barnett transitions to an STF against Suzuki and then into a bulldog choke. Suzuki gets free by nailing Barnett with a belly to back suplex, Suzuki rolls out of the ring and he grabs a steel chair. The chair is taken away from Suzuki and he returns to the ring, Barnett swings away at Suzuki and Suzuki drags him towards the ringside edge. Suzuki drags Barnett out of the ring before attacking the referee, Suzuki attacks Barnett with a steel chair as well. Barnett fights back and then he drags Suzuki back into the ring, Barnett drills Suzuki with knee strikes and forearm strikes. Barnett catches Suzuki in a headlock and he transitions to a front headlock, Barnett then drops Suzuki with a gut wrench suplex.

Suzuki and Barnett get into a striking exchange while on their knees, the fighters get up and continue exchanging blows. The striking exchange keeps going until the bell sounds for a time limit draw.

Match Result: Time Limit Draw

The referee rings the bell for a five minute overtime, which begins with the fighters getting right back into a striking exchange. Barnett eventually drops Suzuki with a spinning heel kick, Suzuki gets up and Barnett drops him with a German suplex. Barnett gets Suzuki in the rear naked choke and Suzuki bites his arm to get free, Suzuki follows Barnett around the ring while biting him some more. Suzuki rolls for a knee bar and then releases it a short time later, Suzuki and Barnett have yet another striking exchange when they both get back up. Barnett catches Suzuki in a standing guillotine choke, Suzuki escapes and he gets Barnett in the octopus stretch. Suzuki transitions into a modified kimura and Barnett escapes a short time later, Barnett goes for a heel hook while Suzuki goes for a knee bar and the time limit expires again.

Match Result: Time Limit Draw

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