NJPW Best Of the Super Juniors 25 Day 2 Results: Block B Action Begins, Plus Chaos In Tag Action

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NJPW BOTSJ 25 Block B Match
Hiromu Takahashi def. Marty Scurll

NJPW BOTSJ 25 Block B Match
Chris Sabin def. Kushida

NJPW BOTSJ 25 Block B Match
El Desparado def. Ryusuke Taguchi

NJPW BOTSJ 25 Block B Match
Dragon Lee def. Sho

Los Ingobernables (Sanada & Bushi) def. Bullet Club (Chase Owens & Taiji Ishimori)

Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) def. Flip Gordon & Toa Henare

Chaos (Will Ospreay, Yoshi-Hashi & Yoh) def. ACH, Tiger Mash IV & Tomoyuki Oka

Shota Umino def. Yota Tsuji

Shota Umino vs. Yota Tsuji

The match begins with some chain wrestling between the competitors, Tsuji and Umino take turns wrenching away on each others arms. Tsuji gets Umino to the ropes before nailing him with a chop, Umino goes for a headlock before dropping Tsuji with a shoulder tackle. Umino gets Tsuji to his feet and the two have a striking exchange, Umino ends the exchange by nailing Tsuji with a slam followed by a back body drop. Umino keeps Tsuji down before applying the single leg crab to him, Tsuji eventually gets to the ropes to break the submission. Umino drops Tsuji again with a chop before stomping away on him, Tsuji recovers and nails Umino with a drop kick. Tsuji traps Umino in the corner while landing some strikes, Tsuji then hits Umino with a hip toss for a near fall.

Tsuji then hits Umino with a slam before applying the Boston crab, Umino makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Tsuji picks Umino up to nail him with a few forearm strikes, Umino recovers and catches a charging Tsuji with a drop kick followed by a spine buster. Umino locks Tsuji in the Boston crab and Tsuji eventually makes it to the ropes, Umino then hits Tsuji with a missile drop kick before reapplying the Boston crab and a tap out follows.

Winner: Shota Umino

ACH, Tiger Mash IV & Tomoyuki Oka vs. Chaos (Will Ospreay, Yoshi-Hashi & Yoh)

The match begins with Ospreay faking a chop on ACH before snapping him arm along the ring ropes, Yoshi-Hashi and Oka get tagged in by their respective partners. Oka nails Yoshi-Hashi with a few strikes before getting hit with a back body drop, a brawl breaks out between members of both teams on the arena floor. Yoh tags in and he catches Oka with a running swanton bomb for a near fall, Yoh slows things down further by holding Oka in a head scissors. Yoh releases the hold and he stomps away on Oka, Ospreay tags in and he works over the arm of Oka. Yoshi-Hashi tags in and he places Oka on the top rope before landing a running drop kick for a near fall, Yoh tags in and Oka starts fighting back against him. Oka recovers and he nails Yoh with a belly to belly suplex, Mask IV tags in and he nails Yoh with a top rope cross body block.

Mask IV cleans house against the opposing team before nailing Yoh with a Tiger Driver, Mask IV gets Yoh to the top rope and he follows him up there. Mask IV looks for a super Tiger Driver and Yoh knocks him off the top rope, Yoh gets off the ropes and Mask IV locks him in a modified Rings Of Saturn until Ospreay breaks it up. Yoh recovers to catch Mask IV with a back breaker followed by a neck breaker, Ospreay tags in and he nails Mask IV with an enzaguri. Mask IV recovers to hit Ospreay with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, ACH tags in and he trips up Ospreay before landing a double stomp and basement drop kick. Ospreay recovers and he starts working over the arm of ACH, ACH recovers and catches a leaping Ospreay with a release German suplex. Yoshi-Hashi and Oka get tagged in by their respective partners, Oka drops Yoshi-Hashi a few times before landing a suplex for a near fall.

Oka keeps Yoshi-Hashi down before applying the STF to him, Ospreay breaks up the submission by kicking at Oka. ACH hits the ring and Ospreay takes him out with a 619, Mask IV then knocks Ospreay out of the ring as Oka nails Yoshi-Hashi with an avalanche followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Yoshi-Hashi recovers and catches a charging Oka with a super kick followed by a neck breaker, Yoshi-Hashi applies the butterfly lock to Oka and a tap out follows.

Winners: Chaos (Will Ospreay, Yoshi-Hashi & Yoh)

Flip Gordon & Toa Henare vs. Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

The match begins with Suzuki-Gun jumping their opponents before the bell sounds and the brawl quickly spills to the arena floor, Suzuki gets Henare back in the ring while Kanemaru battles Gordon on the arena floor. Suzuki attacks a downed Henare with a series of kicks and chops, Suzuki with also corner Henare before kicking him in the face. Henare recovers and drops Suzuki with a flying shoulder tackle, Kanemaru and Gordon tag into the match. Gordon knocks Kanemaru out of the ring with a springboard drop kick before taking him out with a suicide dive, Kanemaru gets back in the ring and Gordon nails him with a springboard spear for a near fall. Kanemaru recovers and sends a charging Gordon out of the ring while Suzuki attacks Henare with a steel chair, Kanemaru then throws Gordon into some chairs that the fans were sitting on.

Suzuki grabs Henare and he also throws him into a bunch of chairs, Kanemaru waits for Gordon to get back in the ring before ripping the protective tape off of his shoulder. Kanemaru attacks Gordon with a few kicks before tagging Suzuki into the match, Suzuki traps Gordon in the ropes before attacking him with chops. Suzuki holds Gordon down while wrenching away on his injured arm, Suzuki bends the arms of Gordon in unnatural ways until Gordon gets to the ropes. Kanemaru tags in and he attacks a trapped Gordon with some chops, Gordon recovers and he drops Kanemaru with an enzaguri. Henare tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Henare then hits Kanemaru with a series of spears. Henare then catches Kanemaru with a clothesline followed by a top rope shoulder tackle for a near fall, Kanemaru drops Henare before tagging Suzuki into the match.

Gordon hits the ring and he double teams Suzuki alongside Henare, Henare nails Suzuki with a Samoan drop before Gordon lands a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Gordon then hits Kanemaru with a dive on the arena floor, Suzuki catches Henare in a knee bar from out of nowhere and Henare makes it to the ropes. Henare tries fighting back and Suzuki levels him with strikes of his own, Suzuki locks Henare in the sleeper hold before landing a Gotch Style Pile Driver for the three count.

Winners: Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)