NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 4 Results: Kenny Omega vs. Hirooki Goto Headlines, Plus Chaos Competes In Multiple Tag Bouts

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NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B
Kenny Omega def. Hirooki Goto

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NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B
Tetsuya Naito def. Tomohiro Ishii

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B
Kota Ibushi def. Juice Robinson

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B
Zack Sabre Jr. def. Toru Yano

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B
Sanada def. Tama Tonga

Chaos (Kazuchika Okada & Gedo) vs. Bullet Club (Hangman Page & Chase Owens)

The Firing Squad (Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay 

Los Ingobernables (Evil & Bushi) def. Togi Makabe & Toa Henare

Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & El Desparado) def. Chaos (Sho & Yoshi-Hashi)

Chaos (Jay White & Yoh) def. Michael Elgin & Ren Narita

Michael Elgin & Ren Narita vs. Chaos (Jay White & Yoh) 

The match begins with Elgin using his power to back White into the ropes, White attacks Elgin with some chops and Elgin quickly drops him with a single chop of his own. Yoh tags in and Elgin quickly catches him with a leg lariat, Narita tags in and he nails Yoh with some forearm strikes. Yoh quickly recovers and he drops a charging Narita, White tags in and he throws Narita outside the ring. White follows Narita out there before throwing him into the ringside edge and barricade, White gets Narita back into the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Narita fights back and White quickly drops him with a slam for another near fall, Narita recovers and cracks White with a drop kick. Elgin tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Elgin catches White with a slingshot back elbow strike.  

Elgin then catches White with a clothesline followed by a sidewalk slam for a near fall, Elgin then crushes White with some clothesline strikes. White recovers and he nails Elgin with a Saito Suplex, Narita and Yoh get tagged in by their respective partners. Narita drops Yoh with a flying back elbow strike and a belly to belly suplex for a near fall, Yoh recovers to nail Narita with a rope assisted enzaguri. Yoh then nails Narita with a neck breaker for a near fall, Narita shocks Yoh with a few roll ups for a few near falls. Yoh catches Narita with a super kick followed by a falcon arrow for a near fall, Yoh applies the Boston crab and a tap out follows. 

Winners: Chaos (Jay White & Yoh) 

Chaos (Sho & Yoshi-Hashi) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & El Desparado) 

The match begins with Suzuki-Gun jumping Chaos before the bell sounds as Suzuki battles Yoshi-Hashi on the arena floor, Desparado and Sho battle in the ring. Sho catches a charging Desparado with a drop kick, Sho traps Desparado in the corner while landing some strikes. Suzuki interferes and he locks Sho in a rope assisted arm bar, a second brawl breaks out between both teams that spills to the arena floor. Suzuki throws Yoshi-Hashi into the barricade before dragging him into the crowd, Suzuki grabs a chair and he attacks Yoshi-Hashi with it. Desparado also attacks Sho with chairs as well, Desparado gets Sho in the ring and Suzuki drops him before tagging into the match. Suzuki drops Sho with a single blow before choking him near the ropes, Suzuki traps Sho in the corner while landing strikes. 

Desparado tags in and he also attacks a cornered Sho with some strikes, Sho fights back and drops Desparado with a suplex before tagging Yoshi-Hashi. Yoshi-Hashi hits the ring and cleans house against the opposing team, Suzuki tags in and Yoshi-Hashi gets him draped on the top rope before landing a drop kick. Suzuki recovers to drop Yoshi-Hashi and land a penalty kick for a near fall, Yoshi-Hashi fights back and he gets Suzuki in the butterfly lock. Suzuki gets free and he drops Yoshi-Hashi with a knee strike, Sho tags in and he double teams Suzuki with Yoshi-Hashi. Sho nails Suzuki with a lung blower for a near fall, Suzuki recovers to hit Sho with a Gotch Style Pile Driver for the three count. 

Winners: Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & El Desparado) 

Togi Makabe & Toa Henare vs. Los Ingobernables (Evil & Bushi) 

The match begins with Bushi jumping Makabe from behind to give his team the edge, Makabe gets Bushi out of the ring before dropping Evil with a shoulder block. Makabe goes to the middle rope and Evil trips him up, Bushi hits the ring to nail Makabe with a double drop kick alongside Evil. The battle spills to the arena floor as Henare and Makabe are thrown into the barricade by their opponents, Evil gets Makabe back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Bushi tags in and he nails Makabe with a missile drop kick, Bushi then hits Makabe with a neck breaker for a near fall. Makabe fights back and catches a charging Bushi with a power slam, Henare tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Henare then drops Bushi with a flying shoulder tackle, Henare follows up with a Samoan drop on Bushi for a near fall. 

Henare crushes a downed Bushi with a falling chop for a near fall, Bushi recovers and he nails Henare with a DDT. Evil tags in and Henare nails him with some forearm strikes, Evil drops Henare and lands a senton afterwards. Bushi hits the ring to double team Henare alongside Evil, Makabe hits the ring and Bushi chokes him with his shirt. Evil nails Henare with a lariat followed by the Banshee Muzzle to force a tap out. 

Winners: Los Ingobernables (Evil & Bushi) 

Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay vs. The Firing Squad (Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa)

The match begins with Finlay immediately attacking Tanahashi into the ring, Tanahashi catches Fale with a few drop kicks after getting shoved across the ring. Tanahashi drops Fale with a palm strike before landing a dragon screw leg whip, Tanahashi looks for the Texas cloverleaf and Loa breaks it up. Fale recovers and drops a charging Tanahashi with a shoulder block, Loa tags in and he slams Tanahashi before landing a leg drop. Fale drags Tanahashi out of the ring to throw him into the barricade a few times, Loa gets Tanahashi in the ring and he nails him with a few strikes. Tanahashi fights back before missing a charge in the corner, Loa looks for a suplex and Tanahashi counters with Twist & Shout. Finlay tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team, Finlay then hits a cornered Loa with multiple running back e;bow strikes.

Finlay then drops Loa with a back suplex for a near fall, Fale hits the ring and he accidentally nails Loa with a splash. Tanahashi and Finlay knock Fale out of the ring with multiple drop kicks, Loa recovers to hit Finlay with a German suplex and a lariat. Loa nails Finlay with Ape Shit for the three count.

Winners: The Firing Squad (Bad Luck Fale & Tonga Loa)

Chaos (Kazuchika Okada & Gedo) vs. Bullet Club (Hangman Page & Chase Owens) 

The match begins with Owens nailing Gedo with a few strikes, Gedo fights back and pokes the eyes of Owens. Owens rocks Gedo before nailing him with a flat liner, Page tags in and he double teams Gedo alongside Owens. Gedo fights back and he nails Page with a side kick to the midsection, Okada tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Owens hits the ring and Okada nails him with a flapjack, Page returns and Okada crushes him with a DDT. Okada goes to the top rope and a charging Page causes him to leap off, Page drops Okada with a lariat for a near fall. Page and  go through a series of reveals until Page nails Okada with a super kick, Okada recovers and nails Page with a drop kick. 

Owens and Gedo get tagged in by their respective partnmers, Owens and Gedo exchange some blows until Owens goes down. Gedo gets Owens to his knees before landing a thrust kick for a near fall, Page hits the ring and he attacks both opponents with a Buckshot Lariat. Okada rolls out of the ring and Page takes him out with a shooting star press, Owens nails Gedo with a package pile driver for the three count. 

Winners: Bullet Club (Hangman Page & Chase Owens) 

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B: Sanada vs. Tama Tonga 

The match begins with some chain wrestling between both competitors, Tonga trips up Sanada and he fails at a Paradise Lock attempt. Tonga Loa interferes and he trips up Sanada, Tonga then causes Sanada to chase him around the ring until Loa interferes again to clothesline Sanada. The referee then throws the interfering Loa out of the ringside area, Tonga attacks a downed Sanada and throws him into the barricade. Sanada gets back in the ring and Tonga works him over some, Sanada fights back and he catches Tonga with a drop kick. Sanada attacks Tonga with multiple strikes before landing another drop kick, Sanada applies the Paradise Lock to Tonga before ki=ncoking him out of the ring with a basement drop kick. 

Sanada eventually catches Tonga with a dive that sends both crashing to the arena floor, Sanada gets Tonga back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt. Tonga surprises Sanada with a Tongan Twist for a near fall after a series of reversals, Sanada looks for Skull End and Tonga gets free before backing Sanada into the referee. Tonga then goes for an avalanche and he crashes into the referee, Sanada nails Tonga with a Gun Stun from out of nowhere. Bad Luck Fale and Tonga Loa hit the ring to attack Sanada, Tonga gets a near fall on a badly beaten up Sanada. Sanada goes for Skull End before surprising Tonga with a roll up for the three count. 

Winner: Sanada 

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B: Toru Yano vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

The match begins with Yano immediately going for the turnbuckle pad and Sabre Jr stops him, Sabre Jr and Yano then do some chain wrestling. Sabre Jr then applies the abdominal stretch to a swinging Yano, Sabre Jr transitions to another submission on Yano and Yano gets out of the ring. Sabre Jr follows Yano out of the ring and Yano throws him into the barricade, they battle into the crowd and Sabre Jr wrenches away on Yano's arm before applying the octopus stretch. Sabre Jr gets back in the ring and he attacks Yano as he gets back in the ring, Sabre Jr and Yano go through some reversals until Yano catches him in the abdominal stretch. Yano releases the hold and he throws Sabre Jr out of the ring, Sabre Jr waits for Yano to come out before throwing him into the barricade.

Sabre Jr traps the legs of Yano in the barricade and he gets back in the ring, Yano beats the count into the ring and Sabre Jr applies a modified ankle lock to him until Yano gets to the ropes. Yano fights back and he nails Sabre Jr with a belly to belly suplex, Sabre Jr fights back and he rolls up Yano for a near fall. Sabre Jr catches Yano in a triangle choke from out of nowhere and Yano eventually gets to the ropes, Yano goes for a low blow and Sabre Jr rolls him up for a near fall. Sabre Jr gets angry and he nails Yano with a ton of forearm strikes, Yano gets free and he removes the turnbuckle pad. Yano doesn't use the pad and he rolls up Sabre Jr for a near fall, Yano then throws Sabre Jr into the exposed corner a few times before removing another turnbuckle pad. Sabre Jr catches Yano with another roll up for the three count.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B: Juice Robinson vs. Kota Ibushi 

The match begins with some chain wrestling between both competitors, Robinson droips Ibushi with a shoulder block and Ibushi gets right back up. Robinson takes down Ibushi with an arm drag before wrenching away on his arm, Ibushi gets free and he drops Robinson with a flying head kick. Robinson rolls out of the ring and he avoids a Golden Triangle from Ibushi, Robinson then takes out Ibushi with a dive from the ring apron. Robinson gets Ibushi back in the ring and he lands a top rope high cross body for a near fall, Robinson crushes Ibushi with a senton bomb for a near fall. Robinson corners Ibushi before landing a running clothesline, Robinson goes for a cannonball and Ibushi gets out of the way.  

Ibushi follows that up by nailing Robinson with a springboard drop kick, Ibushi drops Robinson with a combination before landing a standing moonsault for a near fall. Robinson fights back and Ibushi drops him with a drop kick that knocks Robinson out of the ring, Ibushi goes for the Golden Triangle and Robinson gets out of the way. Robinson then hits Ibushi with a superplex followed by a cannonball, Robinson follows up with a falling power bomb on Ibushi for a near fall. Robinson and Ibushi battle to the ring apron until Ibushi knocms Robinson off to the arena floor, Ibushi then takes out Robinson with a moonsault from the ring post that sends them both crashing to the arena floor. Ibushi gets Robinson into the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Robinson recovers and he nails Ibushi with a lariat. 

Ibushi recovers to hit Robinson with elbow strikes and a head kick, Robinson crushes Ibushi with a leg lariat after a series of reversals. Robinson hits Ibushi with a gut buster for a near fall, Robinson goes for Pulp Friction and Ibushi gets free to land a straight jacket German suplex for a near fall. Ibushi destroys Robinson with a knee strike for a three count. 

Winner: Kota Ibushi 

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito

The match begins with Naito getting Ishii into the ropes before landing a few strikes, Naito goes to the ring apron before catching a swinging Ishii with a leg sweep. Naito drags Ishii out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade, Naito waits for Ishii to get back in the ring before landing more strikes. Ishii recovers and he catches a downed Naito with a basement drop kick, Ishii and Naito get into a chopping exchange in the middle of the ring. Ishii traps Naito in the ropes while winning the chopping exchange, Naito fights back and he eventually catches Ishiiith an atomic drop followed by a neck breaker. Naito follows up by tripping up Ishii in the corner before landing a slingshot drop kick, Naito spits at Ishii and Ishii destroys him with a slap.

Ishii and Naito have yet another striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Ishii gets angry and he assaults Naito with chops in the corner. Naito fights back and Ishii quickly drops him a few moments later, Naito drops Ishii with a kick to the face after a series of reversals. Naito then hits a kneeling Ishii with an enzaguri, Naito then lands a missile drop kick and Ishii doesn't go down before sending Naito into the corner. Ishii gets Naito on the top rope and he follows him up there, Naito fights back and he nails Ishii with a sunset bomb for a near fall. Ishii recovers and catches a flying Naito before landing a release German suplex, Naito gets back up and drops Ishii with a flying forearm strike.

Ishii goes for a brain buster and Naito counters with a DDT, Ishii recovers and he clobbers a charging Naito with a lariat. Ishii and Naito exchange blows until Ishii drops Naito with a headbutt, Ishii then hits Naito with a power bomb for a near fall. Ishii fllows up by landing a sliding lariat for a near fall, Naito looks for the Destino and Ishii counters with a lariat. Ishii then crushes Naito with a barin buster for another near fall, Naito escape sthe clutches of Ishii to nail him with an enzaguri. Ishii avoids Destino again before landing an enzaguri, Ishii goes for a barin buster and Naito counters with Destino for a near fall. Naito lands a second Destino on Ishii for the three count.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block B: Hirooki Goto vs. Kenny Omega 

The match begins with some chain wrestling between the competitors, Omega eats a shoulder tackle before king Goto in the face. Omega and Goto both go for their finishers early in the match, Omega would eventually take Goto out of the ring with a hurricarana. Omega looks for a dive and he instead knocks Goto back to the arena floor, Omega uses a baseball slide drop kick to knock Goto into the crowd. Omega goes for the dive and Goto cracks him with a chair shot, Goto then hits Omega with a GTR on the arena floor. Goto drags Omega into the crowd while landing a ton of strikes, Omega picks up Goto and he slams him on the bleachers. Omega does a dive off the bleacher railings onto Goto and they both go crashing into the bleachers, Omegaoto back into the ring a few moments later. 

Omega picks Goto up and he attacks him with a few chops, Omega follows that up with a kitaro crusher on Goto for a near fall. Omega traps Goto in the corner before choking him for a short time, Goto gets out of the corner and Omega nails him with more strikes. Omega nails Goto with a running chop for a near fall, Omega stands over Goto while landing a bunch of knee strikes and then applying a chin lock. Goto starts fighting back and Omega recovers by landing a Finlay Roll followed by a moonsault, Goto recovers and crushes Omega with a brain buster. Goto follows that up by crushing Omega with a lariat, Goto then hits Omega with a Saito suplex for a near fall. 

Omega gets to the ring apron and Goto gets him back in the ring to land a modified neck breaker, Omega escapes the grip of Goto to land a V Trigger. Goto goes to the top rope and Omega crushes him with another V Trigger, Omega goes to the top rope and Goto destroys him with a super code red for a near fall. Goto and Omega have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Omega looks for a V Trigger and Goto counters with a lariat. Goto then hits Omega with a reverse GTR, Goto then hits Omega with a suplex into a side effect for a near fall. Omega escapes a GTR to catch Goto with a roll up for a near fall, Omega and Goto have a striking exchange again. Omega goes for the Jay Driller and Goto counters with a headbutt, Omega recovers to nail Goto with a V Trigger and Shoto for a near fall. 

Omega nails Goto with another V Trigger followed by a One Winged Angel for the three count. 

Winner: Kenny Omega 

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