NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling Results: 3 Title Bouts, The Wrestlekingdom Contract Is On The Line, Plus LIJ & Bullet Club OG's Get New Members

Chaos (Hirooki Goto, Will Ospreay & Tomohiro Ishii) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & Takashi Iizuka)

The match begins with an all out brawl breaking out between both teams and it quickly spills all over the place, Iizuka and Goto keep their fight in the ring as everybody else battles all over the place. Goto nails Taichi with a suplex and he lands on Iizuka, the brawl spills into the ring and Chaos gains the advantage. Suzuki interferes and he gets Goto in a rope assisted arm bar, a second brawl takes place and it quickly spills all over the place again. Suzuki grabs a steel chair and he attacks Ishii with it, Iizuka also finds a chair and he chokes Goto with it. Iizuka and Goto continue their battle into the ring until Taichi tags in, Taichi chokes Goto in the corner before tossing him out of the ring. Iizuka bites Goto on the forehead after Suzuki removed his mouth guard, Iizuka gets Goto back in the ring before biting him again. Iizuka does his best to bite all the members of the Chaos team, Suzuki tags in and he attacks a downed Goto with a plethora of kicks.

Goto fights back and Suzuki gets him in a front headlock, Goto gets free by nailing Suzuki with a brain buster. Ishii tags in and he attacks Suzuki with a running clothesline in the corner, Suzuki and Ishii have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Suzuki looks for the Gotch Style Pile Driver and Ishii escapes to nail him with multiple shoulder tackles, Ospreay and Taichi get tagged in by their respective partners. Ospreay quickly nails Taichi with Hip Hip Cheerio followed by a handspring enzaguri, Ospreay misses a charge into the corner and Taichi kicks him in the head. Ospreay the gets triple teamed by the opposing team, Taichi finds a piece of rope and he chokes Ospreay with it. Taichi goes for a super kick and Ospreay blocks it, Taichi then goes for a power bomb and Ospreay escapes to just eat an enzaguri. Suzuki-Gun all get back in the ring to triple team Ospreay, Iizuka grabs the iron claw and he distracts the ref,

Taichi grabs the NEVER Openweight Title belt and Ospreay nails him with a one man Spanish fly, Ospreay then hits Taichi with a super kick followed by Storm Breaker for the three count.

Winners: Chaos (Hirooki Goto, Will Ospreay & Tomohiro Ishii)

Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, Sho & Yoh) vs. Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, Bushi & Shingo Takagi)

The match begins with Yoh attacking Takagi with a series of chops and Takagi also lands a few of his own, Takagi then drops Yoh with a shoulder tackle. Sho hits the ring and he double teams Takagi alongside Yoh, the rest of LIJ hit the ring to cause a brawl with Chaos that spills all over the place. Takagi battles Yoh in the ring whole everybody else battles on the arena floor, Takagi nails Yoh with a suplex for a near fall. Sanada tags in and he attacks Yoh with a few strikes, Sanada locks both Yano and Yoh in the paradise lock before drop kicking them both. Bushi tags in and he applies a chin lock to a downed Yoh, Bushi then hits Yoh with a missile drop kick as Naito tags in. Yoh hits Naito and Bushi with dragon screw leg whips, Okada tags ina nd he quickly hits Naito with a DDT.

Okada follows that up by nailing Naito with a flapjack for a near fall, Naito recovers to trip up Okada and land a slingshot drop kick in the corner. A second brawl breaks out between both teams and it spills to the arena floor, Naito hits Okada with a basement drop kick for a near fall. Naito then hits Okada with an enzaguri before eating a drop kick, Naito recovers and nails Okada with a flying forearm strike. Sho tags in and Bushi gets a tag a few moments later, Sho hits Bushi with a spear after a series of reversals. Sho and Yoh then hit Bushi with a few double team moves, Bushi avoids 3K and he hits Yoh with a DDT. Takagi tags in and he hits Yoh with a clothesline before eating a knee strike, Takagi hits Sho with a Guerrero Special for a near fall. Yano hits the ring and Sanada nails him with a drop kick, everybody from both teams hits the ring and they all take each other out. Takagi hits Sho with the Last Falconry for the three count.

Winners: Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, Bushi & Shingo Takagi)

- One of the druids during the entrance for Evil attacks Evil and it is revealed to be IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, Jericho gets Evil in the ring to continue the attack and land a Code Breaker before removing his mask. Jericho grabs the title belt and he nails Evil with it, Zack Sabre Jr gets in the ring and he demands the referee start the match. The referee calls the match off because Evil is too injured for the bout, Sabre Jr gets angry and he attacks the referee. Sabre Jr clears the ring and he attacks Evil, Tetsuya Naito hits the ring and he brawls with Sabre Jr to save Evil.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals
Kushida vs. Marty Scurll​​​​

The match begins with Kushida doing a little work on the arm of Scurll, Scurll also works on the arm of Kushida. Scurll goes for a headlock and Kushida gets free to apply a front headlock, Kushida gets Scurll down with a hip toss while looking to lock in an arm bar. Kushida catches Scurll in a roll up during a series of reversals and roll up attempts, Scurll knocks Kushida out of the ring before landing a thrust kick from the ring apron. Scurll gets Kushida in the ring and he locks him in the Romero Special, Kushida gets to the ropes to break the submission hold. Scurll gets Kushida up and he attacks him with some chops, Kushida recovers and he plants Scurll with a DDT. Kushida gets up and he drops Scurll with multiple forearm strikes, Kushida then hits Scurll with a cartwheel drop kick.

Kushida starts focusing his attack on the arm of Scurll, Kushida gets to the ring apron before nailing Scurll with an enzaguri. Kushida goes to the top rope and Scurll follows him up there to land a superplex, Kushida surprises Scurll with a roll up before eating a thrust kick. Kushida and Scurll have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Kushida and Scurll exchange pin attempts for a series of near falls. Kushida and Scurll have another striking exchange until Scurll lands another thrust kick to the face of Kushida, Kushida gets angry and he exchange knee strikes with Scurll. Kushida eventually connects with an overhead kick against Scurll, both competitors eventually swing away at each other until both go down. Kushida uses a cartwheel kick to knock Scurll out of the ring, Kushida goes to the top rope and Scurll follows him up there.

Kushida gets Scurll down with a top rope Diablo Arm Bar, Scurll gets free and he slingshots Kushida into the bottom rope. Kushida recovers and he propels Scurll into the turnbuckle, Scurll then counters Back To The Future by getting Kushida in the chicken wing. Kushida gets free and Scurll gets him in a double wrist lock, Kushida gets free and Scurll nails him with a half nelson suplex. Kushida recovers and he nails Scurll with an Air Raid Crash, Kushida goes for the Hoverboard Lock and he couldn’t lock it due to the injured hand. Kushida goes for Back To the Future and Scurll rolls him up for the near fall, Scurll then hits Kushida with a power bomb followed by package DDT for a near fall. Scurll then hits Kushida with a lariat before going for his chicken wing, Kushida escapes and he hits Scurll with multiple Back To The Futures for the three count.

Winner: Kushida, your new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion