Rev Pro "Live In New York" Results: Aussie Open vs. Roppongi 3K, Plus Hiroshi Tanahashi, Will Ospreay, Suzuki-Gun, Tomohiro Ishii & More!

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Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr.) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Will Ospreay

Tomohiro Ishii def. David Starr

Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) def. Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh)

Ryusuke Taguchi def. Rocky Romero

CCK (Chris Brooks & Jonathan Gresham) def. Clark Conners & Karl Fredericks

Carlos Romo def. A-Kid, Flamita & Kid Lykos

Brian Cage def. Michael Oku

- The Rev Pro President makes his way to the ring to address the crowd, he thanks the crowd for being at the show and says the show may be the highlight of their ‘Mania weekend.

CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) vs. Clark Conners & Karl Fredericks

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Gresham and Conners, Conners scores a takedown on Gresham. Conners backs Gresham into the ropes before a chopping exchange breaks out, Fredericks tags in and he powers Gresham into the corner. Brookes tags in and Conners quickly scores a takedown on him, Brookes gets Fredericks down while wrenching away on his arm. Brookes tries hyper extending the elbow of Fredericks, Fredericks fights back and Brookes attacks him with a few chops. Fredericks recovers and he drops Brookes with a shoulder tackle, Fredericks corners Brookes before attacking him with strikes. Conners tags in and he works with Fredericks to apply a double leg lock on Brookes, Gresham hits the ring to attack the opposition.

Gresham tags in and he nails a leaping Conners with a German suplex, Conners and Gresham get into a chopping exchange until Gresham takes him down. Brookes tags back in and he stomps away on the leg of a downed Conners, Brookes ties up the legs of Conners until Fredericks breaks it up. Gresham tags in and he focuses his attack on the injured leg of Conners, Conners knocks both opponents out of the ring. Conners then nails a charging Gresham with a drop kick, Fredericks and Brookes get tagged in by their respective partners, Fredericks and Conners double team Brookes for a near fall. Fredericks then nails Brookes with a spine buster before applying a Boston crab, Conners nails Gresham with a spear before applying a Boston crab. Brookes eventually gets to the ropes to break the submission hold, Brookes recovers and lands a middle rope senton on a bending Fredericks.

Gresham tags in and he immediately knocks Conners off the ring apron, Gresham corners Fredericks before landing a running drop kick. Brookes tags in and Fredericks sends him right into Gresham, Conners tags in and he exchanges chops with Brookes. Gresham attacks Conners in the injured knee, Brookes hits Conners with a double underhook pile driver for a near fall. Gresham tags in and he has a striking exchange with Conners, Gresham nails Conners with an enzaguri and a middle rope moonsault. Gresham then gets Conners in an ankle lock before transitioning into a German suplex for a near fall, Gresham levels Conners with forearm strikes and kicks for a three count.

Winners: CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham)

Carlos Romo vs. A-Kid vs. Flamita vs. Kid Lykos

The match begins with Lykos and A-Kid brawling on the arena floor, Romo then hits Flamita with a leg lariat for a near fall. Flamita recovers and he drills Romo with a drop kick, Lykos comes bcak in the ring and he nails Flamita with a pair of head scissors takedowns. A-Kid gets back in the ring and he knocks Lykos out of it with a drop kick, Romo and A-Kid double team Lykos as he returned to the ring. Flamita returns to take down both Romo and A-Kid, Flamita looks for a suicide dive and Lykos prevents it. A-Kid knocks Lykos out of the ring before accidentally hitting Romo with a dive, Lykos and Flamita follow up with dives of their own. Flamita and Romo battle in the ring and Flamita lands a one man Spanish fly for a near fall, A-Kid hits Flamita with a northern lights suplex for a near fall.

Lykos crushes A-Kid with a springboard stunner and then a split legged corkscrew moonsault for a near fall, Lykos and A-Kid have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Lykos drops A-Kid before eating a head kick from Romo, everybody takes turns taking each other out. A-Kid nails Lykos with a 619 before taking out Flamita with a dive, Romo nails Flamita with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Flamita lays out A-Kid with a super kick before hitting Romo with a suplex into a lung blower for a near fall, A-Kid eventually catches Flamita in a triangle choke. Flamita escapes and A-Kid nails him with a destroyer from out of nowhere, Romo steals the pin on Flamita to get the win.

Winner: Carlos Romo

Michael Oku vs. Brian Cage

The match begins with Oku attacking Cage with a few leg kicks, Oku looks for a tornado DDT and Vage blocks it. Oku then hits Cage with a drop kick before failing at a hurricarana attempt, Cage then tosses Oku across the ring. Cage traps Oku in the corner while landing some strikes, Cage follows that up by dropping Oku with a back elbow strike. Cage then picks up Oku and tosses him completely across the ring a few times, Cage also uses a monkey flip to propel Oku across the ring. Oku tries fighting back and he nails Cage with a drop kick to the back of the head, Cage gets angry and he destroys Oku with a lariat. Cage then drops Oku with a hard Irish whip in the corner, Oku tries fighting back and he lands a few strikes. Oku leaps off the top rope and Cage catches him, Oku gets free and he nails Cage with an enzaguri from out of nowhere.

Oku follows that up by knocking Cage down with a top rope moonsault, Cage gets to the ring apron before dropping Oku with a clothesline. Oku causes Cage to get trapped in the ropes before landing a tornado DDT, Cage falls to the arena floor and Oku takes him out with a suicide dive. Cage gets back in the ring and he nails Oku with a German suplex into the corner, Oku somehow counters an F5 attempt by hitting Cage with a destroyer for a near fall. Oku follows that up by nailing Cage with a knee strike to the head, Cage propels Oku across the ring before landing a buckle bomb and a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Oku catches Cage in a roll up before eating a clothesline, Cage then hits Oku with his finisher for a three count.

Winner: Brian Cage

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