ROH Global Wars 2018: Lewiston Results: LIJ Battles ROH's Best, Plus The ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Titles Are Defended

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ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Title Match
The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan) (c) def. Dalton Castle & The Boys to retain the titles

Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, Bushi, Evil & Sanada) def. Jay Lethal, Jonathan Greshem, Chris Sabin & Kushida

Silas Young & Bully Ray def. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Juice Robinson def. Christopher Daniels

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) def. The Elite (Cody & Hangman Page) w/Brandi Rhodes

SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) w/Christopher Daniels def. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas)

Jeff Cobb def. Cheeseburger w/Ryan Nova & Eli Isom

Flip Gordon def. Eli Isom w/Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova

Flip Gordon vs. Eli Isom w/Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova

The match begins with Gordon applying a front headlock to Isom, Gordon starts wrenching away on the arm of Isom. Gordon transitions into a headlock against Isom, Ison gets free and Gordon drops him with a shoulder tackle. Isom and Gordon both miss several drop kick attempts against the other, Gordon eventually lands a drop kick against Isom. Isom gets Gordon on the top rope before landing a chop, Gordon gets off the ropes before hitting Isom with an overhead kick and springboard moonsault. Isom rolls out of the ring and Gordon takes him out with a suicide dive, Gordon gets Isom back in the ring before having a striking exchange with him. Gordon corners Isom before landing a running drop kick for a near fall, Gordon holds Isom down while wrenching away on his head.

Isom gets free and he drops Gordon a few times with forearm strikes, Isom then slams Gordon for a near fall. Gordon misses a springboard move and Isom lands a bridging back suplex for a near fall, Isom knocks Gordon to the ring apron and Gordon gets back in the ring before landing a spinning head kick. Gordon and Isom exchange roll ups until Isom lands a German suplex for another near fall, Gordon recovers and lands a falcon arrow for a near fall. Gordon follows that up by nailing isom with a springboard spear, Gordon then hits Isom with the Flip Five for the three count.

Winner: Flip Gordon

- Scorpio Sky gets the microphone before the match to say that Lewiston is the worst town SCU has ever been to, Christopher Daniels says the town does have bad ass wrestling fans. Frankie Kazarian leads the crowd in “SCU” chants.

SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) w/Christoper Daniels vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas)

The match begins with Kazarian trapping Bruiser in the corner while landing a few strikes, Bruiser chases Kazarian around the ring after getting his ass slapped. Sky tags in and he catches Bruiser in a roll up for a near fall, Bruiser drops Sky before tagging Milonas into the match. Milonas attacks the back of a downed Sky with a few strikes, SCU double team Milonas and drop him after Kazarian lands a spinning heel kick. Kazarian tags in and he nails a cornered Milonas with a drop kick, Kazarian also takes Bruiser down with a hurricarana on the arena floor. Kazarian gets back in the ring and Milonas knocks him back out of it, Bruiser then does a senton from the ring apron onto Kazarian. Bruiser gets Kazarian back in the ring so Milonas can nail him with a back suplex, Milonas backs Kazarian into the corner while sitting on him a few times.

Bruiser tags in and he crushes Kazarian with a cannonball for a near fall, Bruiser keeps Kazarian down while biting him. Milonas tags in and he double teams Kazarian with Bruiser for a near fall, Kazarian fights back and Milonas crushes him in the corner. Bruiser tags in and Kazarian finds a way to tag Sky in as well, Sky quickly cleans house against the opposing team. Sky then hits a ducking Milonas with a double stomp, Sky also causes Bruiser to nail Milonas with a spear. Kazarian tags in and he nails Bruiser with an assisted tornado DDT for a near fall, Sky goes for a suicide dive and Milonas smashes him on the ring apron. Milonas tags in and he buckle bombs Sky into Kazarian, The Bouncers hit Kazarian with The Last Call for a near fall. Bruiser battles Sky on the arena floor as Milonas battles Milonas on the top rope, SCU hits Milonas with a double super power bomb for a three count.

Winners: SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) w/Christoper Daniels

Jeff Cobb vs. Cheeseburger w/Ryan Nova & Eli Isom

The match begins with Cheeseburger getting tossed around by Cobb, Cheeseburger attempts a plethora of takedowns against Cobb and they all fail. Cheeseburger goes for a hurricarna and Cobb blocks it, Cheeseburger then hits Cobb with a drop kick. Cheeseburger goes for a middle rope bulldog and Cobb avoids it before landing a few strikes, Cobb then grabs Cheeseburger and tosses him across the ring. Cheeseburger fights back and Cobb gets him in a bear hug, Cheeseburger goes for a guillotine choke and Cobb places him on the top rope before landing a drop kick. Cobb goes to the top rope and he nails Cheeseburger with a delayed superplex, Cobb goes for a spinning moonsault and Cheeseburger gets out of the way. Cheeseburger then attacks Cobb with a series of forearm strikes, Cheeseburger then finds a way to hit Cobb with a stunner followed by a super kick.

Cheeseburger then hits a cornered Cobb with a running palm strike, Cheeseburger then hits Cobb with Special Sauce for a near fall. Cobb recovers and hits Cheeseburger with a spinning back suplex, Cobb follows up by hitting Cheeseburger with a Tour Of The Islands for a three count.

Winner: Jeff Cobb