ROH Global Wars 2018: Toronto Results - Two Title Matches, LIJ Battles The Kingdom & The Briscoes, Plus WOH Action

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ROH World Title Match
Jay Lethal def. Kenny King to retain the title

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) def. Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos) to retain the titles

WOH Title Four Corner Survival Match Qualifier For Final Battle 2018
Karen Q def. Kaitlin Diemond

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. Chris Sabin & Kushida

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) def. Los Ingobernables (Sanada & Evil)

Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito & Bushi) def. The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)

Hangman Page def. Chuckie T

Matt Taven def. Christopher Daniels

Flip Gordon def. Jonathan Greshem

Juice Robinson def. Berretta

WOH Title Four Corner Survival Match Qualifier For Final Battle 2018
Karen Q vs. Kaitlin Diemond

The match begins with Diemond backing Q into the corner before letting her go free, Diemond scores a takedown on Q before applying a headlock. Q get free and she wrenches away on the arm of Diemond, Diemond gets free and she does the same to Q. Diemond then takes Q down with a frew arm drags before landing a drop kick for a near fall, Q traps Diemond in the ropes before shoving her to the mat below. Q shoves Diemond to the mat again before choking her on the middle rope, Diemond fights back and Q drops her with a single blow. Q follows that up by hitting Diemond with a neck breaker for a near fall, Diemond tries fighting back and Q kicks her in the face for a near fall. Q traps Diemond in the corner while landing a few forearm strikes, Q then hits Diemond with a series of big strikes in the corner.

Q then nails Diemond with an exploder suplex for a near fall, Q holds Diemond down while applying a chin lock to her. Diemond gets free and she nails Q with a clothesline, Diemond corners Q before landing a series of pump kicks for a near fall. Diemond then hits a swinging Q with a side effect for a near fall, Q recovers and she drops Diemond while looking for a Boston crab. Diemond gets free and she applies the Billy Goats Curse to Q, Q eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Q recovers and she nails Diemond with a full nelson slam, Q gets Diemond in the Boston crab and a tap out follows.

Winner: Karen Q

After the match, Karen Q and Kelly Klein attack Sumie Sakai (who was watching the match at ringside) until Madison Rayne makes the save.

- Rhett Titus comes on stage to do a few poses while wearing some hockey gear and then he joins the commentary team.

Hangman Page vs. Chuckie T

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Page and T, Page and T also take turns working over each others arms. T and Page try dropping each other with shoulder tackles until T goes down, T recovers and he applies the octopus hold to Page. T follows that up by dropping Page with a shoulder tackle, Page recovers to hit a leaping T with a fall away slam. Page then knocks T out of the ring before nailing him with a suicide dive, Page gets T back in the ring and he nails him with a press slam. Page follows that up by nailing T with a bridging pump handle slam for a near fall, T fights back and Page drills him with a forearm strike. T leaps off the middle rope and Page kicks him in the face before knocking him out of the ring, T gets back in the ring and he catches a leaping Page with a sit out power bomb.

Page rolls out of the ring and T follows him out there to throw him into the barricade a few times, Page recovers and he sends T into the ring post. Page goes for a shooting star press from the ring apron and T gets out of the way, T drops Page with a flat liner on the arena floor. T gets Page in the ring before leaping off the top rope, Page hits T with a clothesline followed by a power bomb for a near fall. T escapes a Rite Of Passage attempt before eating some elbow strikes, T recovers to hit Page with sole food followed by sliced bread for a near fall. T traps Page in the corner before getting him on the top rope, Page knocks T off the ropes and then he hits him with a Buckshot Lariat. T recovers and he nails Page with a pile driver from out of nowhere, Page and T have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Page escapes the Awful Waffle to hit T with a Rite Of Passage for the three count.

Winner: Hangman Page

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito & Bushi)

The match begins with Marseglia dropping Bushi before trying to rip the mask off of his face, Marseglia also stomps away on a downed Bushi. Bushi fights back and he drills Marseglia with a DDT, Bushi also stomps away on a downed Marseglia. Bushi takes off his short and he chokes Marseglia with it, Naito tags in and O’Ryan gets a tag a few moments later as well. Naito drops O’Ryan a few times before landing a drop kick to the back, Naito mocks O’Ryan and Marseglia nails him with a basement drop kick. Marseglia drags Bushi into the ring while trying to rip the mask off of his face, O’Ryan works over Naito near the ropes. O’Ryan drops Naito before landing an elbow drop for a near fall, Naito recovers to hit O’Ryan with an atomic drop followed by an enzaguri.

Marseglia distracts Naito and that allows O’Ryan to knock Naito to the arena floor with a clothesline, Marseglia nails Naito with a cutter on the arena floor. O’Ryan attacks Naito with strikes when Naito is thrown back in the ring, Marseglia tags in and he double teams Naito with O’Ryan. Naito fights back and Marseglia traps him in the corner before kicking away at him, O’Ryan tags in and The Kingdom hits Naito with a double flapjack for a near fall. O’Ryan hits a charging Naito with a spinning takedown for a near fall, Marseglia tags in and he immediately tags O’Ryan back in as the duo double teams Naito for a near fall. O’Ryan holds Naito down while applying a chin lock, Naito gets free and he nails O’Ryan with a tornado DDT. Marseglia and Bushi get tagged in by their respective partners, Bushi quickly cleans house against the opposing team.

Bushi nails Marseglia with a missile drop kick before getting attacked by O’Ryan, Bushi takes both opponents down with a double hurricarana. O’Ryan traps Bushi as Marseglia lands Red Rum for a near fall, The Kingdomn sets up for House Of 1,000 Corpses and Naito breaks it up. Naito tags in and he drops Marseglia in the corner before landing a pendulum drop kick, LIJ double teams Marseglia for a near fall. O’Ryan gets Bushi out of the ring and he throws him into the barricade, The Kingdom hit Naito with a House Of 1,000 Corpses for a near fall. Bushi hits the ring and he sprays the mist into the eyes of O’Ryan, Marseglia then hits Bushi with a reverse DDT. Naito then hits Marseglia with Destino for the three count.

Winners: Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito & Bushi)

After the match, matt Taven helps the rest of The Kingdom attack Los Ingobernables until Christoper Daniels makes the save.

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