No Holds Barred Match
The Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

The match begins with McIntyre and Reigns exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring, McIntyre corners Reigns before propelling him across the ring. McIntyre corners Reigns before tagging McMahon in, McMahon attacks a cornered Reigns with some strikes. Reigns fights back and he assaults a cornered McMahon with strikes of his own, Undertaker tags in and he attacks McMahon with short arm shoulder tackles followed by a leg drop. Undertaker sets up for Old School and McMahon drags him off the ropes, Undertaker still corners McMahon while landing more strikes. Undertaker throws McMahon into the opposite corner before dropping him with a clothesline, Undertaker then hits McMahon with Old School. McIntyre tags in and he goes face to face with Undertaker, McIntyre and Undertaker exchange a few blows.

McIntyre avoids a strike to clothesline Undertaker out of the ring, Undertaker drags McIntyre out of the ring to smash him back first into the ringside edge. Undertaker then places McIntyre on the ring apron before landing a leg drop for a near fall, Reigns tags in and he cracks a cornered McIntyre with clothesline smashes. Reigns follows that up by nailing McIntyre with a running boot to the face, McMahon pulls down the top rope and an incoming Reigns falls out of the ring. Undertaker grabs a steel chair and he chases McMahon up the entrance ramp, McIntyre throws Reigns into the ring steps before getting him back in the ring. McIntyre then nails Reigns with a suplex for a near fall, McMahon tags in and he gets a near fall on a downed Reigns. McMahon mounts Reigns while landing a few strikes, McIntyre tags back in and he nails Reigns with an overhead release suplex for a near fall.

McIntyre holds Reigns down while wrenching away on his arm, Reigns fights back and McIntyre nails him with a few strikes in the corner. Reigns recovers and nails a charging McIntyre with a Samoan drop, McIntyre charges at Reigns and he gets sent into the ring post. Undertaker and McMahon get tagged in by their respective partners, Undertaker quickly cleans house against the opposing team. Undertaker corners McMahon before landing Snake Eyes and a big boot, McIntyre tries getting back in the ring and Undertaker clears the ring. Undertaker goes out of the ring and he prepares an announce table for destruction, Undertaker sets up McMahon for a power bomb when Elias appears and attacks Undertaker with a guitar. Reigns goes after Elias and McIntyre nails him with a Claymore Kick, McIntyre then hits Undertaker with a Claymore Kick.

McMahon then has McIntyre and Elias put Undertaker on the announce table, McMahon goes to the top rope and he puts Undertaker through the table with an elbow drop. McIntyre and Elias grab Undertaker to bring him back into the ring, McIntyre and Elias then drags Undertaker into the corner. McMahon grabs a garbage can and he places it by Undertaker’s head, McMahon goes back up to the top rope and he nails Undertaker with a Coast To Coast. Reigns returns and he nails Elias with a superman punch, McIntyre then hits Reigns with a Russian leg sweep on the arena floor. Undertaker recovers and he nails McMahon with a choke slam, Undertaker grabs Elias and he also nails him with a choke slam. McIntyre returns and Reigns nails him with a spear from out of nowhere, Undertaker nails McMahon with a tombstone pile driver for a three count.

Winners: The Undertaker & Roman Reigns

- Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins are interviewed, Rollins says that they know exactly what is at stake tonight, Lynch says that Philadelphia likes it when things get extreme. Rollins says that Philadelphia is a source of inspiration for their match tonight, Rollins and Lynch say that losing isn’t an option tonight.

RAW Tag Team Championships
The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

The match begins with Dawson and Jey doing some chain wrestling, Jey catches Dawson in a few pin attempts for a few near falls. Jey nails Dawson with a punch before tagging Jimmy in, Jimmy nails a cornered Dawson with a flying forearm strike for a near fall. Wilder tags in and Jimmy takes out both opponents, Jey tags in and he works with Jimmy to kick Wilder in the face. The Revival roll out of the ring and attack The Usos to prevent a dive, The Revival get back in the ring and The Usos knock them back out before landing stereo suicide dives. Jey gets Wilder in the ring and Dawson makes a blind tag, Jey follows The Revival out of the ring until Dawson drops him with a clothesline. The Revival the throws a downed Jey into the barricade, Jey gets back in the ring and Dawson nails him with a leg drop followed by an elbow drop.

Wilder tags in and he nails Jey with an assisted leg drop for a near fall, Wilder knocks Jey under the ropes before slingshotting him into the bottom rope for a near fall. Wilder holds Jey down while applying a reverse bear hug, Jey gets free and Dawson tags in so Jey cannot make a tag. Jey fights back and he nails Dawson with a back suplex, Wilder and Jimmy battle on the ring apron so the referee wouldn’t allow The Usos tag. The Revival trap Jey in the corner while landing a plethora of strikes, Wilder tags in and The Revival nail Jey with a Destruction Device. Dawson tags in and he places Jey on the top rope before following him up there, Jey fights back and he knocks them both off the top rope and to the arena floor. Wilder tags in and Jimmy tags in a few moments later, Jimmy nails Wilder with a top rope cross body block for a near fall.

Jimmy follows that up by nailing both opponents with Samoan drops, Jimmy then hits Dawson with a running butt smash. Wilder then hits Jimmy with a sit out power bomb for a near fall, Dawson tags in and Jimmy takes out both opponents with a corkscrew dive. Jey tags in and they hit Dawson with an assisted Samoan drop for a near fall, Dawson recovers and Jey rolls him up for a near fall. Dawson avoids a super kick to hit Jey with a brain buster for a near fall, Wilder tags in as Jey is placed on the top rope. Dawson and Wilder nail Jey with a superplex/splash combination for a near fall, Jimmy interferes and hits Wilder with a top rope splash for a near fall. The Usos and The Revival have a huge brawl in the ring, Jey then hits both opponents with super kicks.

The Usos set up for a dive and Dawson drags Jey out of the ring, Dawson tags in and The Revival hits Jimmy with a Shatter Machine for a three count.

Winners: The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder), still the Raw Tag Team Champions