- The Street Profits are shown backstage, they talk about being at their very first Summerslam and recap what we have seen so far. Ric Flair arrives and he parties with The Street Profits.

SmackDown Live Women's Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon

The match begins with Bayley taking Moon down with a headlock, Moon gets free and she briefly gets Bayley in a head scissors. Bayley gets free and she drops Moon with an arm drag, Moon recovers to hit Bayley with a leg sweep. Bayley gets Moon in another headlock and Moon gets free, Bayley and Moon exchange clotheslines in the corner. Moon eventually crushes Bayley with a handspring forearm smash, Moon then hits Bayley with a springboard cross body block for a near fall. Moon picks Bayley up before landing knee strikes and a drop kick for a near fall, Moon nails Bayley with more strikes before applying the modified bow and arrow stretch. Bayley fights back and she traps Moon in the ropes, Bayley misses a stunner and then Moon misses a springboard cross body. Bayley then hits Moon with a knee strike and clothesline for a near fall, Bayley places Moon on the top rope before suplexing her off of it for another near fall.

Bayley traps Moon in the corner while stomping away on her, Moon gets Bayley to the ting apron before landing a super kick. Bayley recovers and she traps Moon in the ropes for a short time, Bayley then clotheslines Moon on the top rope. Bayley then traps Moon in the turnbuckles before landing a stunner, Bayley follows that up by hanging Moon upside down in the corner. Bayley hits Moon with a running elbow drop for a near fall, Bayley then locks Moon in an inverted Boston crab. Moon gets free and she takes Bayley down with a rana, Bayley misses an elbow drop and Moon hits her with a super kick. Bayley rolls out of the ring and she attacks Moon to prevent a suicide dive attempt, Bayley goes to the top rope and Moon trips her up. Moon meets Bayley on the top rope to take her down with a super rana, Moon then nails Bayley with a double knee strike for a near fall. Bayley fights back and she goes back to the top rope, Bayley goes for a super rana and Moon counters with a power bomb for a near fall.

Moon tries going somewhere and she instead kicks Bayley in the face, Moon goes to the top rope and Bayley meets her up there. Bayley nails Moon with a super Bayley To Belly for a three count.

Winner: Bayley, still the Smackdown Women’s Champion

- Shane McMahon grabs the microphone before the match to announce that Elias is the special guest enforcer for tonight.

If Kevin Owens Loses, He Will Quit WWE
Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

The match begins with Owens and McMahon going face to face on the arena floor, McMahon and Owens eventually get back into the ring. Owens chases McMahon on the arena floor and Elias trips him up, McMahon gets back in the ring while Owens argues with Elias. McMahon then jumps a distracted Owens from behind, Owens responds by nailing McMahon with some strikes of his own. Owens drops McMahon before landing a cannonball, Owens then uses a clothesline to knock McMahon out of the ring. Owens looks for a suicide dive and Elias gets in his way, McMahon throws a distracted Owens from the ring apron to the barricade. McMahon waits for Owens to get back in the ring before landing some more strikes, Owens fights back and McMahon mauls him with more strikes. McMahon nails Owens with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall, Owens fights back and McMahon pegs him with more strikes. McMahon escapes a power bomb attempt to hit Owens with a DDT for a near fall, McMahon sets up for a sharp shooter and Owens fights to get free.

Owens then hits McMahon with a sit out power bomb and Elias distracts the referee, McMahon rolls up a distracted Owens for a near fall. Owens recovers and he nails McMahon with a clothesline, Elias throws a chair in the ring and McMahon slaps him. Owens doesn’t use the chair and he argues with Elias, McMahon accidentally takes out Elias before eating a super kick. Owens then hits McMahon with a swanton bomb followed by a frog splash for a near fall, Elias drags the referee out of the ring and Owens takes both officials out. Owens gets back in the ring and he grabs the steel chair, Elias drags Owens out of the ring and Owens attacks him with the chair. Owens then tosses Elias into the time keepers area, Owens looks to hit McMahon with the chair before the ref returns. Owens gets rid of the chair before kicking McMahon in the balls, Owens nails McMahon with a stunner for a three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

- Highlights are shown of Roman Reigns almost getting taken out by falling objects backstage and then almost getting hit by a car. We all see Rowan taking out Buddy Murphy earlier in the show after Murphy had named Rowan as the one plotting the attacks against Reigns.

Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair

The match begins with Flair backing Stratus into the ropes before a shoving contest ensues, Stratus nails Flair with a kick followed by a Thesz Press. Stratus then nails Flair with a springboard hurricarana, Flair fights back and Stratus uses a head scissors to knock her into the corner. Flair recovers and she kicks Stratus in the midsection, Stratus fights back and she sends Flair out of the ring. Stratus goes to the ring apron before diving off onto Flair, Stratus drags Flair towards the ring and Fair knocks her face first onto the ring steps. Flair keeps Stratus out of the ring to throw her into the barricade, Flair gets Stratus in the ring and she kicks a downed Stratus in the midsection. Flair also smashes the face of Stratus into the mat multiple times, Flair also pulls back on the head of Stratus. Flair transitions to pulling back on the arms of Stratus, Flair then nails Stratus with an exploder suplex. Flair drags Stratus to the ropes before pulling back on her head, Flair goes for a back suplex and Stratus turns it into a pin for a near fall.

Flair gets Stratus back down before landing a knee drop to the back of the neck, Flair keeps Stratus cornered while taunting her. Stratus drops Flair before attacking her with a bunch of strikes, Stratus traps Flair in the corner while landing a ton of strikes. Flair gets Stratus on the ring apron before knocking her to the arena floor with a boot to the face, Flair drags Stratus into the ring before attacking her with knee strikes. Flair goes to the top rope and she misses the moonsault attempt, Stratus then hits Flair with a springboard flat liner. Stratus then nails Flair with a slap to the face before eating a kick to the leg, Stratus fights back and she nails Flair with a ton of chops. Flair goes to the top rope and Stratus meets her up there to have a striking exchange, Stratus goes for a super rana and she lands it for a near fall. Stratus goes for a Chick Kick and Flair avoids it to kicks her in the face for a near fall, Flair starts attacking the leg of Stratus.

Flair goes for a figure eight and Stratus counters with a roll up for a near fall, Stratus then gets Flair in the figure four leg lock. Stratus transitions to the figure eight against Flair and Flair eventually makes it to the ropes, Flair recovers and she kicks the injured leg of Stratus. Flair misses a spear and Stratus lands Stratusfaction for a near fall, Stratus and Flair have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Stratus catches Flair in a roll up for a near fall, Stratus then hits Flair with a Chick Kick for another near fall. Stratus sets up for another Chick Kick and Flair kicks her in the face, Flair gets Stratus in the figure eight and Stratus taps out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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