Results for Smackdown! Live 6/26 United States Championship Match, The Bludgeon Brothers on Miz TV

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-Miz TV starts the show as The Miz comes out and introduces the Smackdown  Live tag team champions, the Bludgeon Brothers. Miz says that they have something in common, saying that they showed how easy it was to dismantle Daniel Bryan. Miz asks them why they attacked Daniel last week before showing a video from last week where Daniel said that he was ready to take on anyone on the brand before we see how he came out to the ring last week for the gauntlet match right after the Smackdown! Tag Team Title match. Miz says that he disrespected them and that Daniel is a glory hound and that Daniel is the villain in what he calls "the movie". Miz mocks the Brothers before Daniel Bryan interrupts them and says that he isn't afraid of the three of them before Harper says he'll learn tonight as we go to commercial.

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Xavier Woods vs Rusev

Rusev is in control to start the match before sending Xavier out of the ring as we go to commercial. 

Xavier comes back with an enzuigiri and a neckbreaker for a quick two count before Rusev hits a Samoan drop, then drops Xavier with the Machka Kick. Rusev then makes Xavier tap out with the Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev defeats Xavier Woods via submission with the Accolade. 

​​​​​​-Jeff Hardy issues an open challenge for the United States Championship and it's answered by the leader of SanitY, Eric Young. 

United States Championship Match 

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Eric Young

​​​​​​Eric attacks Jeff as soon as the match starts before Jeff comes back and teases a Swanton Bomb, but Eric rolls out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Eric is in control as we come back from break until Jeff fights his way out of a headlock only for Eric to whip him across the ring and into the opposite corner for a quick two count. Jeff gets a near fall off of a roll up before Eric drops him with a clothesline for a quick two count. Jeff hits a jawbreaker and a series of right hands before hitting an inverted atomic drop and a leg drop for a quick two count. The Usos come down and brawl with Alexander and rain at ringside before Eric tosses one of the Usos in the ring and gets speared for the disqualification.

Winner: Eric Young defeats Jeff Hardy via disqualification, but Jeff retains his United States Championship. 

Six Man Tag Match

Eric is in control of Jey to start the match before he drags him to his corner and Dain comes in. Dain drops Jey for a quick two count before he sends Jeff and Jimmy off of the apron and hits a running splash in the corner. Eric gets the tag before Jey sends him out of the ring  but Eric pulls Jeff from the apron right before he can get the tag. Jey sends Dain into the ring post after sending Eric over the top rope before Jimmy comes in. Jimmy hits a Samoan drop to Wolfe before hitting a diving cross body for a quick two count. Wolfe catches a kick, but Jimmy spins and hits a wheel kick before hitting a running hip attack in the corner. Jey hits a tope to the outside before Jimmy tags Jeff in and Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos and Jeff Hardy defeat SanitY via pinfall when Jeff pins Alexander with a Swanton Bomb. 

Becky Lynch vs Sonya Deville​​​​​

Becky pins Sonya's wrists to the mat for a quick two count before Sonya drops her and the two start grappling. Sonya drags Becky out of the ring before Becky sends her over the announce table as we go to commercial.

Sonya is in control of Becky as we come back to the action as we see that she was sent into the barricade during the break. Becky comes back with several clotheslines and a fall away slam for a quick two count before Sonya hits a meteora for a quick two count of her own. Becky then locks in the Disarmer after Mandy distracts her and Becky sends her off of the apron and to the floor for the tap and the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch defeats Sonya Deville via submission with the Disarmer.

-James Ellsworth mocks Asuka and demands she come out before Paige comes to the ring and James says that she came out to see him before Paige makes a match between James and Asuka.

Daniel Bryan vs Harper 

Harper attacks Daniel as soon as the match begins before Daniel tries to come back with a series of kicks, but harper drops him and sends him out of the ring. Harper sends Daniel into the barricade before they get back in the ring and ​​​​​​Daniel chops and kicks Harper before sending him out of the ring. Daniel then goes for a tope to the outside, but Harper catches him before dropping him across the announce table and hitting a boot as we go to commercial.

Daniel tries to come back as we return to the match  but Harper hits a deep six for a near fall  then hits a slingshot senton for another near fall. Daniel comes back with a series of kicks before Harper dropkicks him and Daniel hits a tornado DDT. Daniel hits the Yes Kicks before locking in the Yes Lock, but Rowan attacks him for the disqualification.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeats Harper via disqualification when Rowan interferes.

-After the match Kane comes out and saves Daniel before they hug as we go off the air. 

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