LIVE RAW COVERAGE 12-26: Braun's Path Of Destruction Continues Unabated (Hopefully)

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Stephanie McMahon starts off the show.

To immediate CM Punk chants, but she shuts that shit down WITH THE QUICKNESS.

“If you could go ahead and keep that up for two minutes and 15 seconds,” she started, “you would last one second longer than Punk did.”

Burn unit alerted.

Seth Rollins comes out and talks shit about Triple H.

Roman Reigns comes out and says he wants to kick Braun Strowman's ass.

Seth says how bout I get in on that?

Steph teases that she might bring out Dean Ambrose to reunite the SHIELD for one night only.

Of course, then she says "it ain't gonna happen," because she's still Stephanie McMahon.

She gives Seth Rollins a match against Braun Strowman.

And she says Roman will have to defend the US Title (for a change) against an opponent of her choosing.

But for now, it's ...

Sheamus & Cesaro vs New Day
Tag Team Title Match

NOTE: It's Woods & Kofi for the New Day here, which is an odd choice.

They're getting one more wear out of their Christmas Themed Gear, so that's nice.

Kofi and Woods get the better of Cesaro for a while, running a Unicorn Stampede on him, then Woods gets caught with a Cesaro uppercut and Sheamus pulls him over the top rope by his hair.

That wouldn't have happened with Big E.

Just sayin'.


After the break, Woods continues to take the heat, even getting a backbreaker/diving knee combo.

He hits a tornado DDT on Cesaro through the ropes to the floor, then makes the tag to Kofi, who hits a tope on Cesaro and an SOS to Sheamus.

Woods is tagged in and hits a springboard elbow drop on Sheamus.

Cesaro Gorilla Presses Kofi onto Big E, then Woods gets Brogue Kicked by Sheamus..


WINNERS: Sheasaro

I should probably mention that this is the worst match these two teams have ever wrestled against each other.

Lots of botchy stuff here.


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