LIVE RAW COVERAGE 3-6: Goldberg's First Raw As Champ; Will Taker Show Up?

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Goldberg Gets To Gloat

Hooray! Won't that be fun!


Neville vs Rich Swann
for the Cruiserweight Title

So that should be fun.

No, seriously.
Sorry if that sounded sarcastic.
I'm legit excited for this match.

Also, probably,




We start with Chris Jericho coming to the ring.

He says he screwed over Owens, but Owens had it coming, after the Festival of Friendship.

He just wants to know why KO did it.

He demands that Owens come out and tell him why.

Owens music hits, he comes out, says he didn't stab his best friend in the back, because Jericho was never his best friend.

KO said that on the night he became champ, Triple H told him he needed to find somebody to have his back.

KO chose Jericho, because he was uniquely qualified and also, totally gullible.

Jericho outlived his usefulness the night he accepted the match against Goldberg on KO's behalf.

So he put Jericho down.

And he knew that he was going to beat Goldberg last night, that he had him outsmarted, except he's man enough to admit that Jericho outsmarted him.

Jericho says he wants KO at Wrestlemania.

KO says put the US Title on the line.

Jericho says "Done."

Then he says how about we fight right now?

KO says "Cool."

He runs to the ring starts fighting with Jericho, AND SAMOA JOE RUNS IN TO HELP KO.

My god.

The Fat Guy Faction is an actual thing.

Sami Zayn runs in with a chair to make the save for Jericho, he and Y2J clean house.



Zayn is in control to start, Owens briefly gains the advantage, but Sami Zayn counters a Pop-Up Powerbomb with a dropkick.

Owens rolls to the outside, then Zayn hits a running Tope Con Hiro.

Back to the inside, POP-UP POWERBOMB!

But Owens doesn't make the cover.

He hit a somersault guillotine leg drop, then a package driver to the back of his knee, which looks SICK

then a SECOND Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Then he makes the cover.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

If losing to Goldberg brings back murderous Kevin Owens, I'm all for it.


They announce Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe later tonight.



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