Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare 3 Results: Who Is The New LU Champion?

Welcome to Aztec Warfare III! Sure to be a hell of a match!
Who will dominate and who will emerge victorious!
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     We begin the show with Johnny Mundo telling Dario Cueto that he can beat his brother Matanza tonight in Aztec Warfare. Johnny says that he will be the one to hold both The Gift of the Gods title and gain the Lucha Underground Championship. If he doesn’t win tonight, then he wants the championship match next week against tonight’s winner. Dario makes the match tonight even harder for Johnny by making his entrance number 2 instead of his given 12 starting number.


     Matanza and Johnny will be starting out Aztec Warfare III, every 90 seconds a new wrestler will join the ring. Contestants get eliminated by pin fall or submission and anything goes. Tonight the Lucha Underground Championship is up for grabs. Matanza is already in the ring with Dario and the lovely announcer Melissa.  Dario tells Melissa that he knows that it was supposed to be Sexy Star at number 2, but it will now be Johnny Mundo and commands her to announce him to the ring. Matanza and Mundo start by getting in a couple of punches and elbows back and forth, Johnny is doing what he can to avoid big hits, Matanza gives him a fisherman’s suplex and then goes for German suplex and Johnny reverses. Son of Havoc comes in at number 3. Son of Havoc is trying to beat both of them with running shooting star presses. Matanza throws Havoc by the beard into the turnbuckle. Johnny runs away from Matanza, Havoc gets Matanza down with a moonsault off the top rope, Jeremiah Crane comes in at number four after Matanza delivers a double clothesline. After some blows, the four are all back up and give Matanza a triple boot to the face shooting Matanza out the ring. Big boots and super kicks everywhere! Mundo gets speared by Crane  from off the middle turnbuckle. Pentagon Dark is number 5 to enter the match with no eliminations thus far.


    Super kicks and big boot fiesta continues with the contestants in the ring which includes all contestants except Matanza. Pentagon delivers two sling blades and Matanza is back in the ring and goes for Pentagon.  PJ Black is in at number 6. Havoc German suplexes Crane  who superplexes Mundo off the turnbuckle. Black does a huge moonsault off the top rope onto Crane. Black and Mundo team up against Havoc and give him a pop up flap jack cutter. Black and Mundo continue to work together against Crane and Havoc while Matanza is still outside the ring.  Number 7 to enter the ring is Mariposa! (I love that women are eligible contenders in this match) Mariposa does a drop kick off the top rope and then deliver’s a fireman’s carry to Crane. Crane’s attention is on Mariposa and Matanza capitalizes on that and eliminates him by pin fall after a German suplex. Now Mariposa and Matanza are the only ones in the ring. Both look at each other with curiosity. Will they work together? Nope! Matanza delivers a choke slam and eliminates Mariposa by pin fall. 

   Time for competitor number 8, it’s Rey Mysterio! Matanza is alone in the ring awaiting his next opponent.  Mysterio runs for the ring but gets detoured by Black and Mundo who try to take Mysterio out, however, they underestimated him and he plows through the contestants on the outside of the ring. He gets onto the apron to face Pentagon Dark. Dark delivers some kicks and gets Mysterio down. Number 9 to enter the ring is Dr. Wagner, Jr. He faces up with Dark and they both start to beat up Mysterio. Mysterio delivers a pop up rana and Wagner and Mysterio face off. Marty “The Moth” Martinez is number 10 to come down and faces Matanza in the middle of the ring and Marty gives him a slap. The two brawl and Moth gets in a jumping pump kick and flies out of the ring at Matanza. The two go at it on the floor, hurling each other around. Number 11 is Jack Evans who teams up with Black and Mundo, completing Worldwide Underground, and they go after Havoc.  Moth and Matanza are still fighting outside. Evans eliminates Havoc via pinfall. Sexy Star comes in at #12 and goes for Worldwide Underground inside the ring. Evans and Mundo deliver punches to Sexy Star’s stomach and throw her out of the ring into Moth.  Marty gets hit by Evans, Mundo takes out Marty and Matanza. Ricky Manuel is number 13. Evans is beating up Sexy Star, Dark gets Manuel in the middle of the ring and delivers a package piledriver. Before he can do a submission on him, four women appear from the crowd. They deliver huricanranas and super kicks and a Canadian Destroyer (who are these awesome chicks?!) to Dark. They leave allowing Mundo to eliminate Dark and Black eliminates Manuel who was still down from the beating Dark gave him. Number 14 is Mascarita Sacrada. It’s Mascarita and Matanza in the ring and Mascarita got completely crushed and eliminated by Matanza. Famous B is Number 15 who is squaring off with Mysterio in the ring. Famous B hands Rey his business card and tries to start giving him his phone number. Rey said his number is 619 and delivers it followed by a falling splash and eliminates Famous B all too easily. This match is so action packed it is hard to keep track!


      Moth is now in the ring with Mysterio, gets spiked by Rey and Moth is eliminated.  Number 16 is The Mack and he immediately delivers a stunner to the Moth and the Mack gets in the ring only to jump out of the ring at other contestants. Matanza is beating up Dr. Wagner. Sexy Star is getting momentum against Evans. Number 17 out is Joey Ryan who brings some handcuffs and proceeds to handcuff himself to the railing for the stairs outside the ring. The Mack is destroying Worldwide Underground with chairs. Number 18 is Mil Muertes. Ryan is handcuffed right where Muertes is walking down. Joey is terrified and tells Muertes to go to the ring. Muertes rips the handcuffs off the steel and throws Ryan into the ring. Ryan and Wagner get beat up and then eliminated by Muertes and Matanza respectively. Muertes and Matanza stare off and then deliver blows to each other and take it outside the ring. Number 19 is Kobra Moon and she goes to the announcers table and sits down. The Mack and Evans are in the ring. Mack delivers a stunner to Jack Evans and eliminates him. PJ Black comes in to fight The Mack but gets a pop up stunner and gets eliminated. Sexy Star helps with the cover the last second so she would get the elimination. Number 20 to enter is Drago (I love his mask) and he goes for Kobra Moon immediately. Mundo and Star are fighting and the Mack is going for Mundo also. Kobra and Drago go to the ring and Kobra gets eliminated. Matanza is the ring with Drago and delivers a car bomb and also eliminates Drago.  Rey and Matanza are in the ring while Mack continues the beat down on Mundo. Mysterio is very quick for Matanza. Mundo, Muertes and Star join the action in the ring. Star gets a Code Breaker in on Matanza and then Mack delivers a stunner to Matanza, then Mundo with a springboard kick to Matanza. Mysterio is back up with a 619 to the big guy, then goes for another 619, then he goes for a third and Matanza catches him. Rey gets a reversal into a powerbomb in and eliminates Matanza!!! There will be a new champion!


    Matanza is furious and takes it out on Mysterio and the referee.  Matanza keeps beating up Mysterio and leaves him in the ring. Matanza goes on a tirade outside the ring and pushes Dario before walking out of the arena.  Mundo steals an elimination on Mysterio due to him still being out cold from Matanza’s wrath. Star gets in the ring with Mundo where he gives her kicks to the back.  Black and Evans get back in the ring to help beat up Sexy Star even though they were already eliminated. Mysterio is getting put on a stretcher outside the ring, it appears that he is really hurt.  Angelico comes out of NOWHERE on a balcony and takes out Worldwide Underground with a cross body splash off the balcony! This leaves Mundo out in the middle of the ring, incapacitated, and Sexy Star covers him and eliminates him. The Mack comes in the ring along with Muertes. The Mack and Sexy team up against Muertes. The Mack and Muertes fight one on one. Muertes delivers a flat liner and Mack has been eliminated. All down to Sexy Star and Mil Muertes. She delivers kicks and punches. He delivers kicks to the head. He is just destroying her. Muertes goes to the outside and grabs a table.  He brings the table in and places it in the turnbuckle. Then he brings in a chair. She reverses a move into a DDT and lands it on top of the chair. She grabs the chair and delivers multiple chair shots to Muertes’ head. He throws her in front of the table. He runs at her expecting to smash her through the table but she moves out of the way and he runs into the table himself! She tries a roll up but he gets out before the count of three. He slugs her in the face, goes outside the ring and grabs another table. He sets it up inside the ring.  Star is still down from that punch. He picks her up and places her on the top turnbuckle.  Star somehow gets some elbows in, pushes him off the turnbuckle through the table and delivers a double stomp to the chest! She goes for the pin! One, two, three! Mil Muertes is eliminated!!!!

Sexy Star is the new Lucha Underground Champion!!!

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