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Tonight, we continue with the Cueto Cup! Who will move onto the next round and who will be eliminated? Marty the Moth and Mariposa both take flight against opponents tonight, but will the siblings move on? Let's continue with the action and see if Cage claims any more victims with his metal arm! Lucha can be seen tonight at 8 EST on El Rey Network.

Here we go!

Fenix an Melissa Santos flirt in a garage, she says she's putting her money on him to win, and he says he will win. Marty the Moth was watching the encounter nearby and looks crazy jealous!

Vinnie Massaro vs. Cage

Oh dear, Cage is gonna kill this guy! Cage takes off his metal glove for the match and sets it in the corner. Vinnie walks up to Cage and looks like he is smack talking and then slaps Cage. Cage clotheslines him and then gets put in the corner. Vinnie going for elbows but they seem to not matter at all to Cage. Cage comes back and tosses Vinnie into the corner and then big clothesline. Vinnie rolls out of ring onto apron. Vinnie with a right hook, then Cage slams Vinnie on the apron and Vinnie out of the ring now. Cage pulls him back and Vinnie uses top rope to his advantage. Vinnie goes for clotheslines but can't take Cage down. Cage knocks him down, goes for a slam and Vinnie reverses, catches him in a series of hits and gets him down to the ground. Instead of pinning Cage, Vinnie grabs his glove and tries to hit Cage with his own glove. Vinnie misses and Cage is back with a series of hits and then piledriver. Cage with the cover and victory. He then puts his metal glove back on and goes busts Vinnie's head open and kicks him out of the ring.  Cage continues his wrath and throws Vinnie from the apron to the floor. Cage advances.

Winner: Cage via pinfall

We have a video package featuring Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo preparing for their Lucha Underground Championship match. This match will happen at the conclusion of the Cueto Cup.

Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs. Saltador

We start with Saltador literally giving Marty his arm to twist to start the match, Marty takes it and bring Saltador to the mat. Saltador back up and Marty still has his hand. Saltador brining all the moves to reverses the arm grab. He does then Marty reverses again and starts chewing Saltador's hand. They move to the ropes and the hold breaks. Marty shoves him down and Saltador back with a drop kick, back and forth and dropkick by Saltador again. He ties Marty up on the ropes, hits him, goes for cover and Marty kicks out. Marty rolls out of the ring., catches Saltador mid air and throws him into the wall. Marty uses the opportunity to try and look good for Melissa. He rolls Saltador back in the ring and goes for the cover, kick out by Saltador. I'm not sure which wrestler is more weird in this match. Marty with Around-The-World Gutbuster, cover and kick out. Marty takes Saltador to the corner and chokes him in the corner, the ref tries to break it and Marty spits in the ref's face. Saltador moves with fancy feat trying to do damage to Marty, he gets Marty off his feet and Saltador waits for marty to rise, huge kick to the chin! Cover over Marty and the Moth kicks out! Saltador definitely playing psychologically. Marty back up and throws Saltador into the ring upside down. Marty keeps giving Melissa "the look". Saltador tries to do a roll up while Marty is distracted trying to hit on Melissa. Marty is back up and takes down Saltador for good. Marty takes the win.

Winner: Marty "The Moth" Martinez via pinfall

The rest of the Rabbit Tribe try to recruit Mascarita Sagrada as their leader for the night since Saltador has fallen. Sagrada declines.

Marty is back in his room with his creepy Melissa Santos shrine. He talks to himself saying that he is not mad at her for not being happy for his win. He says he could never be mad at her, ever. Then he plays a music box with make up he stole from Melissa. Mariposa is there and asks if he forgot what their father taught them. She said his lust has made him weak and in the next round, after she beats Fenix, she will hurt him. He wishes her luck and they exchange slaps. Definitely a dysfunctional family.

Pindar vs. Mascarita Sagrada

The size difference is huge, who will move on? Sagrada tries to do hits the torso and immediately gets taken to the mat by Pindar. Pindar literally throws him across the ring, twice. Sagrada gets Pindar to his knees by taking out his legs. Sagrada gets him out of the ring and does a dive out the ring into a huricanrana. Both are back in the ring. Pindar with a pop up cutter, Sagrada is down. Pindar with kicks to Sagrada, throws him into the corner, puts his boot in Sagrada's face, Kobra kicks Sagrada in the face while the ref's back is turned. Pindar picks hum up, gives him a spanking, Kobra slaps him in the face taking advantage of the ref's destraction again. Pindar stands on Sagrada while he is on the bottom rope. Macarita with a huge head scissors and Pindar rolls out of the ring. Kobra Moon comes in the ring trying to distract him, but he does a dive out of the ring onto Pindar again. The men are back in the ring. Sagrada to top rope, moonsault, cover on Pindar and he kicks out. Big boot by Pindar, He takes down Sagrada throwing him in the air, cover and win.

Winner: Pindar via pinfall

Mariposa vs. Fenix

Fenix looks for a handshake and Mariposa hits his hand. Mariposagoes for a lock up, Fenix backs her up to the ropes, he goes for a handshake again and she denies him again. Both go back and forth, neither landing hits until Fenix gets a huge dropkick. She finally gets back up and she gives a series of kicks herself. DDT by Mariposa, cover and kick out by Fenix. Mariposa with a drop kick sending him out of the ring. She kicks him in the back, lands a huricanrana, Fenix gets tossed back in the ring by Mariposa. Mariposa uses the ropes to her advantage for a bulldog, cover and Fenix kicks out again. German suplex by Fenix, Fenix with a kick to the face, cover and Mariposa kicks out. Fenix goes for powerbomb, she reverses into a modified sunset flip powerbomb, cover and kick out. The two go back and forth, in the turnbuckle, elbows by Mariposa, punch by Fenix, Mariposa goes for cross body, gets caught and Fenix Driver, cover and win by Fenix. Marty comes out and stomps on Fenix. Melissa yells for Marty to stop. Fenix gets up and takes down both Marty and Mariposa standing victorious.

Winner: Fenix via pinfall

Next week we will see more Cueto cup matches! Lucha Underground is on Wednesday nights at 8 EST on the El Rey Network and we have you covered at!



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