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Tonight on Lucha Underground we have some great matches set! We will see Rey Mysterio vs. P.J. Black. Will the Darewolf get redemption after last week's loss? We will also see more Cueto Cup matches including Pentagon Dark vs. Drago! The action starts on El Rey Network tonight at 8 EST!

The Mack vs. Texano

They start with a handshake, then lock up, Texano takes control.Mack with a series of moves finishing with an armdrag, Mack witha roll up but doesn't quite get it, lots of leg sweeps by the Mack and both to their feet. Another handshake, lock up again, headlock by Mack, kick by Mack sending him to the apron, another kick sending Texano on the ground. Mack with a moonsault onto Texano outside the ring. The Mack throws him back in the ring. Mack still in charge, knee to the back, cover and kick out by Texano. Chops to Texano in the corner. Mack runsinto an elbow, then cross body, cover and Mack kicks out. Texano with chops of his own now. Mack runs into an elbow and then gives an uppercut sending Texano outside the ring again. Now a tilt a whirl backbreaker by The Mack outside the ring. Both get back in the ring. Elbows by Texano, then suplex by the Mack, body slam, cover and Texano kicks out. Famous B shows up in the ring with a spray gun, stunner by Mack to famous B, but The Mack was distracted, Texano lands a huge powerbomb! Cover and Texano takes the win!

Winner: Texano via pinfall after powerbomb

We see Son of Havoc and Son of Madness in a bar, Havoc says he is not going back after what happened. Madness says that they can either fight or Havoc can hear him out. Madness says he is there to make his live a living hell until he comes back to The Invisible Cult and Havoc will go back eventually, even if it is just his head.

Paul London and his Rabbit Tribe are acting extra creepy, playing checkers on Saltador's stomach and receive a present. The card says Good Luck and they get a Rabbit's foot, they all scream in fear.

Drago (accompanied by Kobra Moon) vs. Pentagon Dark

The men grapple back and forth, neither landing significant blows. Very fast action with the back and forth. Dark goes for a kick and then a chop sending Drago to the mat. Dark throws him out the ring and then Dark with a flying attack over the top rope onto Drago. Drago comes back with a kick and sends Dark into the fence outside the ring. Drago throws Dark back in the ring, Drago give him a kick and Dark is in the corner. Drago with a drop kick and then Dark comes back with a kick and throws Drago into the turnbuckle, goes for a cover and Drago kicks out. Drago with a series of hits, roll up and no luck, roll up again and Dark still kicks out. another roll up and near fall but Dark still gets out. Dark with a big kick to Drago's torso as he was going for a flip off the ropes. Cover by Dark and Drago kicks out. Drago with a big blockbuster, cover and kick out by Dark. Pentagon with a Fear Driver! Cover and Drago still kicks out! Huge chop by Dark, Drago with a series of kicks and then a DDT, cover and Dark kicks out. Dark on top turnbuckle, Drago moves to the top rope and Frankensteiner! Drago back up to top rope, cross body splash, cover and Dark kicks out. Dark with a Canadian Destroyer, cover and kick out again by Drago. They move back to the turnbuckle, Package Pile Driver by Pentagon Dark! Cover and he takes the win!

Winner: Pentagon Dark via pinfall after Package Pile Driver

Pentagon Dark goes for his signature arm break to Drago and Kobra Moon comes in to try and interrupt, he knocks her down and then Aerostar comes to Drago's assistance. Drago is unappreciative and takes down Aerostar. Pentagon Dark comes back in the ring and settles for breaking Aerostar's arm instead with Kobra Moon and Drago looking on from ringside.

Backstage, Catrina appears and threatens Pentagon Dark. She says should he face Mil Muertes he will end him.

P.J. Black vs. Rey Mysterio

Very quick action, body scissors, roll ups, leg sweeps all within the first 30 seconds. Rey takes a kick to the face. Gives one back, sends Black outside the ring. He tries to call for a time out, Rey slides out at him, Black catches him and lifts him on his shoulders and slams him on his shoulders then the ground. Throws Rey back in the ring, Black to top rope, punch to the face, cover and Rey kicks out. Black with a suplex, has him in an arm submission working on his arms and back. Rey finally gets out and sends Black into the ropes, Rey runs at him and into a kick, cover and kick out. Black heading to the turnbuckle again, flies at Rey but Rey counters with a dropkick. The two exchange blows, now kicks, Rey with a big kick and Rey gets Black out of the ring, huge moonsault onto  Black by Rey outside the ring. Both slow to get up. Rey is back up first and throws Black back into the ring. Rey with a springboard and then the two throw each other into the corners. Rey with tilt a whirl head scissors, he moves to the top rope, Black catches him and Rey is caught upside down in the turnbuckle. Mundo gets him down and does a lot of damage. Black to top rope and Rey catches him, Rey moves to the top rope and goes for a Frankenstiener but Black holds on, gets off a Styles Clash and cover, Rey kicks out! Black flips off the crowd. Rey hits a spinning DDT taking out the ref. Rey goes for a cover but the ref is down. Johnny Mundo comes out while the ref is out and beats up Rey Mysterio. Mundo helps Black to his feet. Now Jack Evans comes out to help take out Rey Mysterio while the ref is still out. Now El Dragon Azteca comes out with a Tornado and evens the odds! But Taya comes out now and takes out Azteca. Mundo places Black on top of Rey, the ref comes for the count, and Rey counts out!!! Azteca scares the rest of the Worldwide Underground back to the back of the temple. Black goes for a hit, Mysterio reverses, hits a 619 and then a frog splash! Cover and win! Rey Mysterio takes it.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall after 619 and Frog Splash

Rey Mysterio takes the mic and says that this doesn't concern P.J. It concerns Johnny Mundo. Rey says that there will be a time when Mundo is tired of running and Rey will see him back in this ring in four weeks for the Lucha Underground Championship match.

Next week we have more Cueto Cup matches as we move into the semi-final matches. Stay with us here at for all the updates and coverage!



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