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Tonight on Lucha Underground, we have the final fights of the first round brackets of the Cueto Cup! Who is the Son of Madness? We will find out more tonight when he takes on Son of Havoc. We will also see fights from Sexy Star, Dante Fox, Prince Puma, El Dragon Azteca Jr., and more!

Here we go!

In Boyle Heights, Dante Fox is on a run next to old run down buildings. He has a flashback to Afghanistan and getting beaten and threatened. Then when he reaches the temple, he sees Killshot looking at him making a gun gesture at him with his hand.

P.J. Black vs. Sexy Star

Black reaches out for a show of strength and he grabs her arm and tosses her to the mat, he still has a hold of her hand and arm, lifts her up and slams her back onto the mat, lifts her up again and Sexy flips him, then comes around with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Black throws her into corner, Sexy comes at him from top rope, Black reverses a choke into a suplex. He moves to the turnbuckle, top rope and she stops him from going anywhere, slaps then Frankensteiner! Cover and kick out at 2. She knees Black in the face, then he puts her in the corner, runs at her and misses, she runs at him but runs into a boot. Black to the outside of the ring, Sexy up to the top rope and does a cross body splash from the top rope onto Black outside the ring, Black back in the ring and Sexy with a cross body splash inside the ring. Taya comes from the back to ringside and grabs Sexy's feet when she goes to bounce off the ropes, sending Sexy facefirst into the mat, Taya throws Black brass knuckles and distracts the ref, Sexy sees the brass knuckles and gets them off of Black. Then she grabs them and punches Black with it, however, the ref sees it and disqualifies her. She is so mad that she knocks out the ref and looks to Taya. Taya runs to the back. Black moves on to the next round.

Winner: P.J. Black via disqualification

Video package on Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo.

Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness

Havoc seems confused on who Son of Madness is and runs straight for Madness on the stairs. The two go back and forth before finally ending u in the ring. More back and forth until Havoc gives a kick to the face as Madness goes for a suicide dive. Madness is back up and tosses Havoc into the wall, the two move around the room. Madness gets Havoc and pushes on his face on the apron. Havoc comes back with a chop and sends Madness back in the ring. Madness catches Havoc when he goes for backspring elbow. the two dodge each other until Havoc lands a kick. Madness sends Havoc off the apron with a kick. Both are outside the ring. Madness takes Havoc out with a shoulder and drives his shin into Havoc's throat.  Madness kicks Havoc in the face, grabs him by the beard and throws him in the ring. Madness back in, Havoc gets to his feet and takes some kicks in the corner, Madness steps on him and puts all his weight on his chest. Havoc comes back with some punches and elbows, clothesline, backspring elbow, springboard crossbody, cover and Madness kicks out. Madness gains control and gives boots to the back and a slam, cover and kick out, Havoc picks up momentum, DDT to Madness, cover and kick out. Havoc gets and elbow to the face on top rope, Madness looks for superplex, gets a headbutt, Madness back up to top rope, neither can get a big move off and they come down. Havoc with a suicide dive onto Madness outside the ring. Havoc puts Madness back in, goes to the top rope, Madness out of the way, roll up, uses tights to assist and gains the win. Madness is not happy and cheap shots Havoc. Madness grabs both motorcycle vests (one is Havoc's) and goes to the back. Madness has Havoc's colors.

Winner: Son of Havoc via roll-up

Prince Puma vs. Ricky Mandel

Mandel has the mic and tells Puma that he is going to Slam Town. Mandel recieves a hge kick to the face, Vertical suplex, cover and Mandel kicks out. Puma lifts him up, Mandel gets out of it and kicks Puma in the face, Puma returns the favor sending Mandel down. Puma gets him and does a variation of a driver, Looks like Puma has a new finisher! Cover and win for Puma.

Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall

Rey Mysterio talks to El Dragon Azteca Jr., Mysterio is there to support Azteca. Puma tells Mysterio to beat Mundo because he wants his rematch, and this time, he will not lose.

El Dragon Azteca, Jr. (accompanied by Rey Mysterio) vs. Dante Fox

Dragon charges at Fox, both go back and forth then Dragon finally lands a blow and then a chop, Fox gets Azteca on apron, he comes back in with a cross body and then a chop. Fox goes out the ring, then back in, Azteca out the ring and Fox with a huge suicide dive, Fox back in the ring and senton onto Dragon. Fox gets Dragon and hits him in the back, back in the ring, Fox to top rope, leg drop onto Dragon who was positioned halfway off the apron. Fox back in the ring with a cover and Dragon kicks out at two. Fox continues the beating, throws Dragon in the corner, double feet, Dragon gets hit again and somehow gets momentum, kicks Fox while he is on the apron. Dragon to top rope, Fox with a kick sending Dragon off the apron. Both outside the ring and Fox gets a DDT to the concrete floor. Dragon throws him into the wall, goes back in the ring to break the count. Comes back for Fox and puts him in the ring. Cover and Fox kicks outs. Dragon with a series of kicks, leg drop, cover and Fox kicks out. Mysterio trying to rally the crowd.  Dragon with an elbow, Fox with springboard C4, cover and kick out. Strikes back and forth. Dragon with a springboard C4! Cover and Fox kicks out! Both with dropkicks to the face! Both slow to get up! Dragon is telling Rey that he is hurt, Taya comes from the back and attacks Rey! The rest of Worldwide Underground come out to fight Rey, Mundo throws Rey and Rey's back hits the apron. All the members start kicking at Rey, Dragon moonsaults out of the ring to Rey's aid. Fox gets Dragon as soon as he comes back in the ring, gives him a vertical suplex and takes the win with the help of the distraction.

Winner: Dante Fox via pinfall

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