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Tonight, the Cueto Cup continues on as we have matches between Fenix and Pindar as well as Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox. In a non Cueto Cup match we have the Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo facing El Dragon Azteca, Jr.! The action starts on El Rey Network at 8 EST.

Here we go!

Cueto is by Matanza's cell and bring him food. Cueto says his figurative hunger allowed Matanza to hurt Cueto. He tells his brother that his hunger will destroy him if he cannot control it. Cueto leaves a tray of food next to him but Matanza seems ready to inflict danger.

Pindar (accompanied by Kobra Moon) vs. Fenix

Fenix escapes Pindar's grasp a few times, blocks kicks until landing one to Pindar's chest. Pindar then takes Fenix down, but Fenix lands another kick, backbreaker by Pindar. Pindar with a cover and kick out by Fenix. Pindar blocks kicks until he takes a kick to the face. Pindar gets checked on by the ref and Kobra grabs Fenix's head while the ref is distracted. Back and forth action. Pindar with a giant throw across the ring. Fenix tries to go for a move but gets caught by Pindar. Pindar with knees to the stomach, Pindar with a cover and Fenix kicks out. PIndar has Fenix in the corner, punching him in the face, Fenix gets energy back and gets a German Suplex into a bridge, cover and kick out by Pindar. Pindar moves to top rope, Fenix with a palm strike, both men to the top rope, Fenix slams Pindar on the mat, Fenix follows up with double knees, cover and Fenix takes the win!

Winner: Fenix via pinfall after double knees

In Dario Cueto's office the Worldwide Underground is there. Dario says that he gives them too many opportunities and tonight they are not allowed to interfere with Johnny Mundo's match tonight. If they interfere they will lose their shot with the medals to earn the Gift of the Gods. That's good incentive for them to let Mundo take on El Dragon Azteca one on one. They all agree not to interfere, even Jack Evans mumbles as he has his jaw wired shut and cannot get out coherant words.

Dante Fox vs. Prince Puma

We start with both goind back and forth, neither able to land blows until Fox gives a kick sending Puma out of the ring and then suicide dive. Puma returns the favor on the opposite side of the ring. Spinning heel kick by Fox, moonsault over top rope onto Puma who is outside the ring. Kick to the face by Puma, now Fox outside the ring and moonsault by Puma over top rope onto Fox! Fox with a DDT outside the ring. These two are super fast in their moves and now is the first time Puma is slow to his feet. Fox gives punches and tosses Puma back into the ring. Cover and kick out by Puma. Fox kicking Puma while he is down and using the bottom rope to his advantage.  Puma in a type of headlock. Puma fights back, both back and forth with uppercuts. Fox reverses a DDT, cover and kick out. Puma with a  trip, cross body, cover and Fox kicks out. Both back and forth, Puma with a big combo and cover, Fox kicks out. Fox with a kick, Fox off the top rope, cover and kick out by Puma. Both back and forth after a Puma sunset flip, neither can get a cover. Series of kicks byh Fox, Puma with a tilt-a-whirl, kick out by Fox. Fox with a forearm, Puma with uppercuts. Fox gets tossed in the corner, double knee strike by Puma. Fox with a running forearm, Fox with a roll up after coming off top rope. Puma still manages to kick out. Puma with several kicks, Suplex, Modified Jackhammer by Puma, cover and kick out by Fox. Fox with knee strikes, Puma to top rope, gets caught by a boot, Fox joins him on top rope, Puma positions Fox, they come off top rope with Puma with the advantage, cover and kick out again by Fox. Puma with huge dropkick sending Fox into the corner. 630 by Puma off top rope and Puma with cover and win!

Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall after 630

After the match, Killshot comes out to inflict damage on Dante Fox. Payback has come for Fox. Killshot has the mic and tells the audience that Fox was right, it isn't over between them.

Captain Vasquez talks to her undercover agent about the murder that Cage did a few weeks ago. Vasquez says that she wants the gauntlet from Cage, his machine glove. She pulls out a necklace agreeing that there is not a man who can take away the gauntlet from Cage, but maybe a woman can...

Johnny Mundo (LU Champion) vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Lock up, Mundo throws Azteca down, Dragon with a huge right hit, Azteca takes his arm and puts pressure on elbow and shoulder. Mundo gets out of it and push kick, leg sweep, Azteca kick again.  Azteca motions to bring it. Mundo with a series of hits. Azteca with a rana, Mundo outside the ring, Azteca jumps outside the ring, Mundo catches him and brings him down. Mundo throws Azteca back in the ring, cover and kick out. Mundo with a knee to the face, cover and Azteca kicks out. Mundo with rear chinlock. Dragon tries to create space, gets out of the lock, Mundo with a kick off the second rope, cover and kick out.  Azteca with a roll up, Mundo with blows to Azteca in the turnbuckle. Mundo gets sent out of the ring, Azteca with a huge moonsault over the turnbuckle onto Mundo, throws Mundo back in the ring, cover and kick out by Mundo! Dragon with chops, then kicks, big leg drop, cover, kick out again. Mundo with an eye strike, then he gets kicked, Dragon with a reversal, cover and kick out again. Mundo with standing C-4, cover and kick out by Azteca. They move to the turnbuckle, Mundo on top rope, Dragon brings him down onto a cover, kick out by Mundo, Azteca to top rope and Mundo knocks him off, End of the World by Mundo, cover and win by the Lucha Underground Champion.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

Mundo brings a chair into the ring. He gives Azteca a chair shot, positions the chair around his neck, Rey comes out Dragon's aid and tosses Mundo out of the ring. Rey helps Azteca in the ring and grabs the chair and threatens Mundo with it. Mundo starts to climb the stairs and holds up his Championship. Rey raises Azteca's hand in the ring. Mundo comes back down, talks smack to Rey's son and wife. Rey's son gets in his face. Rey comes back out and gets attacked by the rest of Worldwide Underground. Rey's son goes to try and help his dad but security guards are holding him back. Mundo hits Rey's son with his belt and runs away. Rey is pissed and the rest of the Underground scatter away.

Meanwhile, Fenix walks Melissa Santos to her car, she asks if he always wears the mask. They walk to her car, Marty the Moth looks on and says to himself that she won't like him once he takes Fenix's mask away.

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