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Tonight, we continue with Cueto Cup matches to see who will grab the number one contender position for the Lucha UInderground Championship. We also have Trios action with The Rabbit Tribe facing off with The Worldwide Underground! The action starts at 8 EST on the El Rey Network.

Here we go, we start with Trios Action! The winner we receive three medallions!

The Rabbit Tribe vs. Worldwide Underground

Saltador and Taya start us off, Saltador pushes her into the turnbuckle, she tags to Black, Saltador with a dropkck, Saltador with a splash and then a kick,Suerte gets tagged in, senton, cover and kick ut. Black with punches, tag to Taya, kick to Suerte. She continues and then runs into an elbow, Suerte takes Mandel off the apron, then gets dropped to the bottom turnbuckle, before Taya can kick at him, Saltador  runs in and sits in front of Suerte, then London sits in front of both of them. London says they do everything together and Taya kicks London which gets all three of them from the impact. Taya with a cover and Saltador interrupts. Tag to Mandel, the Rabbit Tribe dance around Mandel and London who is now legal goes back and forth wih Mandel. London to top rope, Evans (not in the match) from ringside takes down London, Saltador does a moonsault on Taya and Black outside the ring.Suerte with neckbreaker to Mandel, London with a cover and win! The Rabbit Tribe takes the win.

Winner: The Rabbit Tribe-London over Mandel with neckbreaker

In the back, Worldwide Underground's new manager tell the rest of Worlwide Underground that they should all be fired for putting pressure on Johnny Mundo. Mundo says all he wants is to remain champion and everyone else needs to step up.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes

Mil sneaks up behind Crane before the bell can be run and Mil is beating the heck out of Crane. They are going through the crowd, Mil throws Crane through a gate into a storage area! They cut to a commercial break while the ref tries to get the match underway. Crane ust comes through a wall out of nowhere! Mil takes him through the crowd, They are on the second story, Crne throws Mil into equipment backstage, Crane gets tossed onto the roof of Cueto's office, The two move to the stairs, then to the bleachers, these two are going at it! They finally move ringside and Crane is thrown into ringpost. Crane moves to the apron and delivers a kick to Muertes' face, then Mil powerbomb's Crane onto the side of the apron. They move to the inside of the ring. Muertes back out of the ring, Crane tries for a suicide dive but just bounces off Mil. Crane is now thrown into the chairs in the crowd. Crane delivers some kicks, then a huge chop to Mil's chest. Mil then gets caught with a kick. Crane does a lap around the ring going for a big move but literally runs into a spear by Mil. Crane gets thrown into more chairs. Now Mil goes under the ring  and throws steel chairs into the ring. Finally back into the ring, Mil jabs the chair into Crane's chest. Mil drops Crane onto two steel chairs with his back first, Mil with a cover, and kick out! Crane is still on the ground, now he is taking chair shots to the back. Mil sets up a chair in the corner, Crane gets enough momentum to throw Mil into the chair. Crane now throws more chairs into the ring, Crane with shots to the head with the chair. Mil is down, instead of doing a cover, Crane grabs a chair, positions it over Mil, yells at Mil to quit, takes another chair and hits the positioned chair with it. Catrina looks on apprehensively. Crane grabs a table from under the ring. As he gets up on the apron, Mil is back and dives out at Crane onto the table, the table did not break! Now Mil is up and breaks the table by putting Crane through it with a powerbomb!  They both move back inside the ring. Mil lunges at Crane for a spear and Crane locks him in a guillotine! He's making Mil face but doesn't have it locked in enough! Mil throws Crane off of him. Crane is left catching his breath on the mat and Mil throws another table into the ring. He positions this table in the corner. Crane catches him off guard, goes for a cover and kick out! Huge kicks by Crane to Mil. Mil seems unaffected! He gets up and delivers a Flatliner!!! Cover and win by Mil. Catrina comes to deliver the kiss of death, and gives him a full on kiss! Muertes is so mad he kicks Crane and gives him another flatliner!

Winner: Mil Muertes via submission after Flatliner

A man named Agent Winter from the FBI shows up at Cueto's office telling him that he is Delgado's replacement. Delgado is the Agent who got his head smashed to bits by Cage. Winter tells Cueto that they have similar interests. Winter says that their mutual friend wants Winter to kee an eye on Cueto and the Temple.

Texano vs. Pentagon Dark

Texano has previously had the assistance of Famous B and Beautiful Brenda in his matches, will they show up against Dark? Texano with punches, Dark tries to block but Texano comes back, Texano with a leg drop, cover and kick out. Texano comes out of the ring, moonsault by Dark onto Texano. Now a giant kick to Texano. He rolls Texano back in the ring, Dark takes a knee, followed by dropkick, now a sault by Texano onto Dark outside the ring. Dark gets tossed back in the ring, kicks Texano in the back, the runs into a nn arm. Texano back in the ring, cover and kick out. Famous B and Brenda make their way to the ring and are distracting Texano.Dark with a slinglbade, then another one,  and another! Cover and Texano kicks out. Texano with chops and lariats in the corner. Texano with a knee, cover and Dark kicks out. Dark takes a kick to the face, Dark slow to get up. Dark with knees to Texano's back, dropkick by Texano, Texano with a Indian Deathlock submission! Dark gets to the rope for a rope break. They move to the top rope with TExano in control, he positions Dark upside down with feet hanging. Texano with a running dropkick to Dark's stomach. Cover and kick out. Texano with a leg drop off top rope, cover, Dark kicks out again. Brenda distracts ref while, B throws in a horeshoe to Texano, he misses Texano and Dark grabs it and hits Texano with it while Brenda was still distracting the ref. Cover and win by Pentagon!

Winner: Pentagon Dark via pinfall

After the match Pentagon goes for his signature arm break, B begs him not to break Texano's arm. Texano rolls out of the ring, Famous B gets caught with a dropkick and Dark proceeds to break Famous B's arm. Brenda goes in to check on him. Dark comes back in and throws Brenda down, he grabs her arm, and breaks it too!! Dark advances to meet Mil Muertes next week!

Catrina goes to meet the FBI director, they talk about Cage's arm being beneficial. She tells Catrina that Mil needs to get the gauntlet from Cage. She tells Catrina that she gets her life back when they deliver the gauntlet. Catrina makes the deal.

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