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Tonight is the start of Ultima Lucha Tres!!! A lot of amazing matches lined up and it all starts tonight when Killshot and Dante Fox go to war! This and more tonight on Lucha Underground at 8 EST on El Rey Network!

It's time for Ultima Lucha Tres!

Tonight will feature The Hell of War match! The match will consist of 3 rounds, the first round will go to whoever draws first blood on their opponent, the second will be a no DQ round, and the third and final will be a Medical Evacuation, the winner has to shut their opponent in a medical evac truck. This will be an all out war! This match will be the main event of tonight!

The first match will be Texano vs. Famous B. If Famous B wins (he has a broken arm currently) then Texano will have to sign with Famous B and his company. Famous B tells Texano that he still has a broken arm and there is no way he can defeat Texano in his condition. B says that Cueto gave permission for Famous B to have a tag team partner and make it a handicap match.

Famous B and Dr. Wagner, Jr. vs. Texano (Handicap Match)

Texano goes for a back drop first and then Wagner comes in with chops and kicks, Texano back with a big flip. Texano with a clothesline throwing Wagner over the top rope, Texano flies out on top of him. They return to the ring and Texano with a drop on Wagner. Famous B hits Texano from behind with his cast even though he was not tagged in. He leaves the room and Texano goes after him, rips his cast off and throws him down the stairs. Wagner back with a trash can hitting Texano from behind. They return to the ring, senton by Wagner. Wagner goes to work on Texano's arm, roll up and Texano with a kick out. Famous B gets tagged in, Texano lays him out and goes to work, cover and Wagner breaks it up. Texano then goes to work on Wagner, covers, the ref will not count it because Wagner is not legal! Beautiful Brenda gets on the apron, distracts and kisses Texano, Famous B rolls him up and takes the win! Texano now has to sign under Famous B!

Winners: Famous B and Dr. Wagner, Jr.

The Hell of War Match: Killshot vs. Dante Fox

Round 1: The two go back and forth until they end up outside of the ring. Killshot throws Fox into the wall, then sets up a ladder between the apron and the gate, Fox grabs a chair and hurls it at Killshot, then he positions Killshot on top of the ladder and comes down on him. Then he gives punches to Killshot's face. No blood yet. Killshot regains composure and lands some chair shots to Fox. Fox gets the chair and throws it into the ring, followed by Killshot. Fox positions the chair in the turnbuckle. It backfires and Killshot gets the hit that puts Fox into the chair. Still no blood. Killshot with a curbstomp, Fox with a huge kick, Fox positions two chairs on top and on bottom of Kilshot who is laying on the apron. Fox gets very high up and jumps on top of the sandwiched Killshot. Fox still hasn't drawn blood so he goes to the office and grabs a sheet of glass meant for windows. Fox then grabs two more chairs from under the ring. Killshot gets to his feet. Fox positions the glass on top of the two folded out chairs. Fox goes after Killshot to line him up to go through the glass. Killshot stops the hit, headbutts Fox, Fox comes back with a kick on the apron. Killshot then slams Fox down on the apron. Killshot to the turnbuckle, goes to the top rope. Fox pushes him down. The two exchange punches. Fox with a huge move on Killshot inside the middle of the ring. The glass and the chairs make their way inside the ring. He makes the set up the same. Fox positions Killshot on the top turnbuckle, They struggle, Killshot with punches, then Fox tosses Killshot over him into the glass. Blood has been shed by Killshot, Fox takes round one!

Round 2: This is a no DQ match, the carnage is already all over the ring, shards of glass, chairs, and now Fox is bringing a ladder in. He positions it in the turnbuckle. Fox with an elbow, Killshot sits on the top rope, Fox with kicks and then brings Killshot down on top of a chair. Cover and Killshot kicks out. He positions Killshot on top the ladder in the corner, then comes down on Killshot, cover again and he kicks out. Killshot finally lands some kicks and then a DDT off the second rope, cover and Fox kicks out. Killshot brings out a board rigged with barb wire on it. Both are struggling to throw the other one in it. Kilshot with kicks, trying to weaken Fox enough to get him in, KillStomp by Killshot, cover and kick out by Fox. Killshot lifts Fox up and throws him into the barbed wire! Holy hell that had to have hurt. Killshot with a driver, cover and he takes round 2!

Round 3: The two exchange blows and then both go over the top rope with a suplex turned into a DDT. The stretcher is placed ringside and Fox grabs it. Killshot does a huge dropkick over the stretcher onto Fox. Killshot chases Fox with the stretcher. They have to place their opponent on the stretcher and into the med evac truck to win. Killshot throws Fox into the ringpost. They move to the top rope, Killshot has higher ground, now Fox comes up, Killshot takes Fox on his shoulders and throws him down onto the stretcher! Killshot straps Fox on the now damaged stretcher. Fox is locked in. Killshot rolls him to the medical evacuation truck. Fox is trying to break free, he kicks at Killshot. Killshot makes his way up into the crowd, then jumps on Fox for good measure on top of the stretcher. Because of this, Fox is free, he makes is way into the ring, Fox with a huge leap over the top rope onto Killshot. There is a structure set up between the ring and the truck with chairs and wood. It is blocking them from getting to the back of the truck. The two go up and fight by the band. Fox uses a guitar cord to try and strangle Killshot. Killshot grabs a beer bottle, smashes his head, Fox falls down off the stage and through the stucture blocking the truck which also had lots of glass. Fox is out. Killshot grabs him and places him in the back of the truck. Killshot is victorious.

Winner: Killshot

What a crazy start to Ultima Lucha Tres! The matches continue next week and we have you covered here at!

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