Lucha Underground Recap For 7/25: A Gift Of The Gods Champion Is Crowned, Plus Matanza Cueto Makes Another Sacrifice

- The show starts with highlights from the past few weeks of Lucha Underground.

- Matt Striker says the doctors have been able to save the injured Famous B’s leg.

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Sammy Guevara vs. Jake Strong

The match begins with Strong nailing Guevara with a German suplex followed by a release German suplex, String then hits Guevara with a Vader Bomb. Guevara avoids a swinging Strong before using a running high cross body block to knock both over the top rope and out of the ring, Strong recovers and throws Guevara into a bunch of chairs. Guevara climbs a fire emergency exit ladder and Strong catches him in an ankle lock, Guevara gets free and he climbs the ladder. Strong follows Guevara up the ladder and Guevara knocks him off, Guevara makes it up to the balcony before leaping off onto Strong. Guevara gets up and he nails Strong with a series of super kicks, Guevara gets Strong in the ring and goes for a springboard move. Strong catches a leaping Guevara in the ankle lock to force a tap out.

Winner: Jake Strong

- Before the next match, Antonio Cueto comes out and says he evaluated the contracts of every wrestler and he has been wanting to fire Vinny Massaro. Cueto says he son believed there was some talent in Massaro, then Cueto reveals that he has ordered Massaro a pizza and the pizza is delivered to the ring before announcing that Massaro is being sacrificed to the gods.

Vinny Massaro vs. Matanza Cueto

The match begins with Cueto attacks the pizza delivery boy as Massaro prepares for battle, Massaro approaches Cueto and slaps him in the face. Massaro attacks Cueto with a series of forearm strikes followed by a roaring elbow strike, Massaro tires himself out running the ropes to attack Cueto. Cueto quickly drops Massaro before landing a power slam on the pizza for the three count.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

After the match, the pizza delivery boy steals Vinny Massaro’s wallet and Matanza Cueto nails him with a choke slam. Massaro and the pizza delivery boy are sacrificed to the gods.

- Before the next match, Antonio Cueto comes out and turns the upcoming six way match into a six person tag team match, with the winning team facing each other for the Gift Of The Gods Championship.

Winning Team Competes For The Gift Of The Gods Championship
Dragon Azteca Jr., King Cuerno & Dezmond X vs.  Ivelisse, The Mack & Son of Havoc

The match begins with Cuerno rolling up a charging Mack for a near fall, nails Mack before Azteca Jr nails him with a springboard move. Mack recovers and drops a charging Azteca Jr with a chop, Azteca Jr gets in the ring and Mack nails him with a knee strike. Mack then hits Azteca Jr and X with Forever Clotheslines, Cuerno hits the ring and Mack nails him with a Samoan drop followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Havoc tags in and he nails Cuerno with a handspring elbow strike followed by a cross body block, Ivelisse tags in and she knocks Cuerno out of the ring with a hurricarana. X hits the ring and Ivelisse knocks him right out, Azteca Jr comes in next and Ivelisse kicks him in the face.

Ivelisse looks for a submission on Azteca Jr until X kicks her in the face, X tags in and he works over the arm of Ivelisse. X then throws Ivelisse face first into the boot of Azteca Jr, X traps Ivelisse in the corner while landing a series of strikes. Ivelisse recovers and she drops  with an enzaguri, Mack tags in at the same time of Azteca Jr and Mack cleans house against the opposing team. Ivelisse takes out Cuerno with a dive from the ring apron to the arena floor, Mack knocks Azteca Jr to the arena floor before taking him out with a suicide dive. Havoc tags in and he takes everybody out with a suicide dive, Havoc gets Cuerno in the ring and he goes to the top rope. Havoc misses a shooting star press and Cuerno nails him with a Thrill Of The Hunt for the three count.

Winners: Dragon Azteca Jr., King Cuerno & Dezmond X 

After the match, Mil Muertes appears and he attacks Son Of Havoc. Killshot tries to make the save and he accidentally takes out Havoc before Muertes drops him.

Gift Of The Gods Championship Match
Dragon Azteca Jr. vs.  King Cuerno vs. Dezmond X 

The match begins with Cuerno nailing X with a forearm strike before hitting Azteca Jr with a tilt a whirl back breaker, X recovers and Cuerno hits him with a double knee strike. Cuerno gets on the top rope before kicking him in the head, X manages to somehow roll up Azteca Jr and Cuerno kicks him in the head. Cuerno nails Azteca Jr with a standing moonsault for a near fall, X gets Cuerno up before landing a series of strikes. X goes after Azteca Jr with nailing Cuerno with a super kick, X drops Cuerno before landing a drop kick for a near fall. Azteca Jr recovers and he takes X out with a springboard arm drag, Cuerno gets back in the ring and he kicks X in the face.

Azteca Jr dives over Cuerno and he nails X on the arena floor, Cuerno then takes out Azteca Jr with a suicide dive. Cuerno gets Azteca Jr in the ring before landing a splash for a near fall, Azteca Jr recovers and he rolls up Cuerno for a near fall. X traps Azteca Jr in the corner while landing a plethora of strikes, X nails a rocked Azteca Jr with a handspring head kick for a near fall. Cuerno returns and he kicks X right in the face, Cuerno catches X in an elevated full nelson while trapping the legs of Azteca Jr. Everybody gets free and Azteca Jr nails Cuerno with a drop kick, Cuerno attacks both opponents before going to the top rope. X knocks Cuerno off the ropes with a hurricarana. The battle spills to the arena floor and Cuerno uses a knee strike against Azteca Jr, Azteca Jr dives off the strairs to hit Cuerno with a hurricarana.

Azteca Jr and X attack each other until Cuerno lays them both out with a double clothesline, Cuerno grabs Azteca Jr and he throws him into the announce table. Cuerno grabs and he drops him on top of the barricade, Cuerno grabs Azteca Jr and he throws him into a bunch of chairs. Azteca Jr fights back against Cuerno before X leaps off the top of the emergency exit onto both opponents, X gets Azteca Jr into the ring before missing a swanton bomb. Azteca Jr goes to the top rope and X eventually follows him up there, Azteca Jr gets off the ropes before landing a top rope victory roll for the three count.

Winner: Dragon Azteca Jr., your new Gift Of The Gods Champion

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