Lucha Underground Result (9/5): The Thrill Of The Kill

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground. This week, Pentagon Dark defends his Lucha Underground title in the main event.

But first, we start with Catrina and King Cuerno alone as Catrina leaves Cuerno, saying that she never loved him. As Catrina leaves, Melissa Santos confronts Catrina and Santos starts attacking her. Both women have an action-movie style sequence. Catrina gets the upper hand by landing numerous body punches but Santos gets back to fighting back. Catrina escapes to a shady and dirty attic and Santos follows suit. Santos splashes Catrina with water from a nearby pail. Catrina has Santos in an armbar and then Catrina escapes outside.

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As both women continue fighting outside the building, Catrina still keeps throwing body punches and has Santos in a chokehold. Catrina then takes the necklace given to Santos and tries to choke her. Santos eventually escapes and throws Catrina over a railing. As Santos is about to drop Catrina, Cuerno reappears, takes Catrina’s hand, gives her the rock and drops her, seemingly to her death.

Santos and Aerostar stand above Catrina’s lifeless body and Aerostar asks for the necklace. Aerostar then takes the medallion and appears to absorb a black mist.

We then flashback to 10 weeks ago as Catrina kisses Fenix’s lifeless body, then leaves. Aerostar magically appears and then takes out the black mist and revives Fenix. Aerostar then tells Fenix to come with him and now both men teleport back to present day. Fenix and Santos are reunited, but Fenix is still getting adjusted to the timeskip, so it will be some time before Fenix returns to normal. However, Fenix’s eyes are still filled with the black aura.

We return to the Temple and Matt Stryker said Johnny Mundo was scheduled to challenge for Pentagon Dark’s Lucha Underground title, but after Matanza Cueto disrupted Mundo’s wedding, he won’t be competing.

Joey Wrestling vs. Matanza Cueto

Joey starts clubbing at Matanza, but Matanza hits a big boot on Joey. Matanza then knees Joey in the kidneys and tosses him around the ring. Joey punches Matanza, but Matanza clotheslines Joey. Matanza Irish Whips Joey across the ring and then hits an Avalanche. Matanza has Joey in a bear hug, Joey then escapes the bear hug with numerous punches upstairs. Joey then has Matanza in a fireman’s carry followed by a Death Valley Driver. Both men are outside for a brief moment until Joey brings Matanza back to the ring. Joey kicks Matanza down low then superkicks him. Joey then hits a Pedigree on Matanza but Matanza gets up immediately. A second Avalanche by Matanza followed by Wrath of the Gods and Matanza is your winner.

Official Result: Matanza Cueto defeated Joey Wrestling

Killshot vs. Big Bad Steve (with Beautiful Brenda)

Both men lock up to start the match and Killshot ankle trips Steve and starts beating up on it. Killshot then leg drops on that same ankle, but as Killshot is getting some offense in, Son of Havoc appears with a bucket of popcorn and soda in hand. Killshot continues kicking Steve’s injured ankle until he starts punching Steve in the back of his head. Killshot starts slapping away at Steve with a few palm strikes and then dropkicks the injured leg. Killshot goes for a modified Indian Death Lock and keeps injuring the bad leg. Killshot continues with the palm strikes. But as he then runs the ropes, Steve gets a quick Saito-plex on Killshot.

Steve has Killshot in a fireman’s carry and lifts Killshot, then Killshot uses the momentum to dropkick Steve in midair. Killshot starts kicking away at Steve’s head, then boots Steve in the chest. Killshot then drops Steve in the bad leg once more. Steve then hits a pop-up cutter and then Steve has Killshot where he wants him and modifies his sit-out powerbomb into a sit-out facebuster. Killshot breaks the pin by putting his leg on the bottom rope. Steve then strikes away at Killshot in the corner, followed by a knife-edge chop. Both men are on the second rope and Killshot gets out of a vertical superplex then hits two consecutive double stomps to get the pin and victory

Official Result: Killshot defeated Big Bad Steve

After the match, as Killshot makes his way out of the Temple, he turns back and goes towards Son of Havoc. Killshot then knocks Son of Havoc’s popcorn away and both men start to brawl. Son of Havoc throws Killshot around and rips his mask. Killshot then runs away, covering his unmasked face.

Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Hernandez: Lucha Underground Championship Match

Pentagon starts kicking Hernandez then headscissors him. Both men then go outside the ring where Pentagon headscissors Hernandez. Pentagon kicks away at Hernandez and then chops him, followed by the champion throwing Hernandez to the wooden chairs. Pentagon then chops Hernandez hard on the steel ringpost. Pentagon kicks Hernandez once more and Hernandez is back in the ring as Pentagon misses with the top rope double stomp.

Pentagon hits multiple forearms on Hernandez, but Hernandez shoulder tackles Pentagon and then hits a tope con hilo over the top rope to Pentagon. Hernandez throws Pentagon back in the ring and goes for a pin and Pentagon kicks out at two. Hernandez now has Pentagon in a camel clutch but the champion gets out of the hold. Pentagon kicks Hernandez in the back of his leg again. Hernandez then chops away at Pentagon in the corner.

Pentagon superkicks Hernandez then sling blades Hernandez for a two-count. Pentagon then chops Hernandez once more and the champion Irish Whips Hernandez to the corner and then hits a jumping clothesline. Both men go to the top rope and Hernandez slams Pentagon’s ears to knock him off balance. Hernandez hits a splash from the top rope and Pentagon kicks out at two. Hernandez is on the apron and Pentagon hits an enziguri. Hernandez goes for a shoulder block and then Pentagon counters with a superkick to the throat. Pentagon then slams Hernandez into a cradle and the champion gets the pin and retains the title.

Official Result: Pentagon Dark defeated Hernandez to retain the Lucha Underground Championship

Pentagon then tries to break Hernandez’s arm, but King Cuerno appears and hits Pentagon in the back of his head with the title belt. Cuerno then connects with Thrill of the Kill to Pentagon on top of the title in the center of the ring.

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