Lucha Underground Results 11/30: Penatgon vs 4 Lady Ninjas!

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Lucha Underground

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We start with Vampiro confronting Pentagon Dark in the the back, saying even though he is not Pentagon’s master anymore, it doesn’t mean he has forgotten what Pentagon has done to him, and whether Pentagon wins or loses, there will be hell to pay.


    Tonight Pentagon Dark faces all members of the Black Lotus Triad made up of Black Lotus, and now revealed member names Doku, Yurei and Hitokiri.  He will face each of them one on one and will fight FOUR matches tonight. I don’t know how he will survive it. The crowd is chanting cero miero which means zero fear.  First up, Pentagon against Doku.


Pentagon Dark vs. Doku


     Doku looks like she is ready for a fight. Here we go, the crowd is on Pentagon’s side so far.  Lock up and then Pentagon to the turnbuckle followed by some chops to the chest and a kick to the shin.  Pentagon comes back with a huge drop kick to Doku’s chest.  She continues trying to fight with a back fist chop and Pentagon is back in the turnbuckle. He comes at her with a boot and she is down and hurting.  She hasn’t given up though. Pentagon gives her another kick to the leg and then gets her with a huge chop and rolls her out the ring.  Fighting continues outside the ring with more kicks by Pentagon and he throws her around outside the ring.  She doesn’t seem to stand a chance. He lifts her entire body way above his head and just tosses her on the apron.  Doku is flat on her back and hurting.  Pentagon throws her into a wall and her back takes the force. More chops to the chest by Pentagon.  Doku finally gets thrown back in the ring and he continues the destruction.  She goes for a spear and he reverses. They go back and forth on the ropes and she finally lands a spear getting Pentagon off his feet. She gets some momentum.  Off the top rope onto Pentagon and he gets her into an arm bar and throws her arm backwards looking to possibly have broken Doku’s arm. The referee calls the match, Doku is done. Pentagon Dark has won his first of four matches!


Winner: Pentagon Dark


     We see Jeremiah Crane and Catrina talk. Catrina is coming onto him, asking if he is happy to see her again. She says that he is not in love with Ivelisse, but in love with her.  She says the only problem is that she’s in love with someone else.


      Time for the next match. Pentagon says it isn’t important how many there are. He swears to Black Lotus that he will break her arm and then break her in two.


Pentagon Dark vs. Yurei

     Here we go! Yurei is looking confident as she makes her way to the ring.  The crowd is still very much behind Pentagon. Arm drag by Pentagon, she gets back on her feet and gets him to go out of the ring. Huge cross body splash off the top turnbuckle onto Pentagon outside of the ring. She has taken control and throws him into the wall outside the ring. She is getting in some kicks and he goes to the ground. She throws him into some chairs and smashes his face into the chair multiple times.  She grabs him and walks him to the announcer’s table.   She grabs the ring bell and hits him in the head.  She has control of the match.  She throws him into the stadium seats.  He finally gets some kicks in, she is down on the ground. She gets back up and returns the kicks with a sly smile.  She throws him back in the ring and delivers a running knee to the face.   She gets two more in.  Then he is able to grab her for a submission move. He has her leg and she is able to break the hold with the ropes.  He continues working on the leg, then has her against the ropes.  Huge chop by Pentagon. OUCH.  Yurei delivers a big kick and then huricanrana off top rope. Double stomp by Yurei onto Pentagon. She goes for the cover and a two count.  Pentagon keeps coming at her. She gets in a Round-the-World DDT! Then Yurei gets caught in a package piledriver!   Arm bar again and throws her arm back. Yurei can no longer compete! The referee calls the match and awards it to Pentagon Dark since Yurei can not defend herself. That is now two possible broken arms!


Winner: Pentagon Dark


     Mil Muertes is offered a championship match by Cueto. He refuses and says he wants Mysterio as they unveil lots of blood on his hands with a question mark behind him drawn in blood on the wall.


Pentagon Dark vs. Hitokiri


             Hitokiri’s name translates to assassin so we will see what kind of hurt is in store for Pentagon Dark. He is tired and this will be his biggest challenge so far.  Hitokiri starts on the top turnbuckle.  She delivers a drop kick sending him out of the ring. Moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto Pentagon who is outside the ring.  She is bringing it and Dark is down.  She goes under the ring and grabs a chair.  She delivers a huge chair shot to the head, then one to the back, then a few more and then throws the chair at him.  She throws him into the announcer’s table. Then delivers a slap.  She throws him into the wall, then the chairs in the audience.  She moves the crowd out of the way and moves the protective floor mat. She drags him to the exposed concrete floor. She delivers some kicks and then a scoop slam onto the bare floor!  More kicks to his back while he is down.  He asks for more. She grabs him and tosses him back in the ring.  Punches to his back.  Vampiro is smiling and happy at the fact the Dark is getting beat. Then Dark gets some momentum and delivers a huge drop kick while she was doing a flip. Boots right to the stomach.  Now he has the upper hand and is delivering kick after kick. Kick to the back of the head has her down and in pain. He ties her up on the ropes. Huge knife hand chop to the chest! Kick to the face! He gets her out of the ring and it is time for payback. He sends her FLYING into the chairs like a rag doll.  He hits her with camera cables and uses it around her neck to drag her around.  He gets her around the ring post with the cable and she cannot breath! She falls to the ground and then he grabs a chair. Chair to the butt! Ouch! Pentagon then licks the chair (ewwww).  He delivers a huge kick to the ribs and she is crawling away from him.  He grabs her and throws her into another set of chairs!  She is not moving. Dark then exposes bare flooring and gets her to the concrete.  Lifts her above his head and drops her on the floor. I can’t imagine how bad that hurt.  He throws her into guard rails and then drags her over to the front of the ring.  There is a lone chair set up that she almost runs into but is able to reverse it. Hitokiri runs up the steps onto the roof of Cueto’s office.  She walks over to the edge, she delivers a huge cross body splash onto Dark who is still on ground level!!!  He is out!  She is hurt and is moving slowly.  She crawls towards his lifeless body, grabs him and manages to get him in the ring.  Dark is back! He grabs he and goes for a package piledriver, she reverses into a Far East Destroyer!!! She gets the pin and wins the match!!! Black Lotus appears and makes her way down the stairs to the ring!


Winner: Hitokiri


     Black Lotus comes out with the rest of the Triad.  Black Lotus kicks the referee and kicks Dark while he is down.  It appears there will not be a match between these two. She pulls him to the middle of the ring, grabs his arm and pulls it back as hard as she can, completing her revenge. The Black Lotus Tribe stands triumphant. El Dragon Azteca is back in the crowd!  He makes his way to the ring!  He stands over Pentagon in the middle of the ring.  The Triad leave the ring where Dragon grabs Dark’s other arm and delivers a devastating blow.  Azteca says that this is his vengeance.  Dark is left crippled in the ring.  What will his payback be?!

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