Lucha Underground Results (11/7): Ultima Lucha Cuatro Ends With A Bang

Welcome to Fightful’s recap of the final part of Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro. It’s been a very long journey to get to this point with Aztec Warfare opening the fourth season of Lucha Underground, to numerous debuts and incredible moments. But now, we end this latest season with a Deathmatch, Matanza Cueto facing off against Johnny Mundo and the Lucha Underground Championship on the line in the main event.

Now let’s get things started. After a recap of this season, we go backstage to Johnny and Taya Mundo and Johnny is admiring his new Gauntlet of the Gods which was given to him at the end of last week’s episode. As Johnny exits, Taya is left alone with the doll that has been accompanying Ricky Mundo throughout the whole season. The doll now appears to be starting a process to take over Taya’s body, but we are not shown the conclusion.

Back in the Temple, Matt Striker and Vampiro introduce the viewers to Ultima Lucha Cuatro and sends it to the first match tonight.

Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Fenix: 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match

Fenix and Azteca exchange chops to the chest. Azteca hits an enziguiri, but Fenix responds by connecting with a roll-up cutter. Azteca goes to the rope, but Fenix superkicks the back of Azteca’s knee. Azteca hits a Canadian Destroyer but Fenix kicks out. Fenix goes outside but Azteca hits a springboard crossbody. Both men re-enter the ring and Fenix hits a big boot. Azteca hits a big boot as well and then goes to the top rope. Fenix picks up Azteca and lands a Black Bird Driver. Fenix gets the first fall.

Fenix wins the first fall

Fenix takes out a chair and wedges it between the middle and top turnbuckles. Fenix brings out a table. Fenix lands a German Suplex. Azteca gets Fenix into the corner and hits a pair of forearms. Azteca hits a Satellite DDT and ties it all up when he pins Fenix.

Dragon Azteca Jr. wins the second fall

Antonio Cueto comes in and adds another stipulation to the third fall of the match. The third fall is now Falls Count Anywhere. Fenix hits a chair shot onto Azteca before the third fall commences.

Fenix throws a round a stack of wooden chairs outside. Azteca blocks a pair of vertical suplexes from Fenix. Azteca kicks Fenix and Fenix lands face-first onto the table. Azteca throws Fenix onto the announce table. Azteca takes out a table of his out. Fenix recovers and hits a bridging German Suplex and Azteca kicks out. Fenix throws Azteca back into the ring. Fenix rushes to the corner shoulder first and Azteca hits an enziguiri. Both men are back outside of the ring and exchange chops and strikes. Azteca hits a DDT, but doesn’t go for a cover and instead continues to set up the table he brought out earlier.

The two wrestlers go up a level in the stands and trade elbow strikes. Azteca then hits a super headscissors, sending Fenix through the table. Fenix kicks out at two. They return to the ring and Fenix hits a palm strike that sends Azteca to the outside. Azteca is on a table outside and Fenix overshoots a senton from the top rope and barely hits Azteca, but doesn’t break the table. Azteca and Fenix exchange strikes briefly and go up to the top rope. Azteca hits a top rope Frankensteiner through the tables, but Fenix still kicks out once more.

Azteca brings out another steel chair and brings it to the ring. Melissa Santos stops Azteca from hitting Fenix with the chair. Fenix hits Azteca in the head with a chair and Fenix spears Azteca through a table placed in the ring. Fenix has Azteca in the top rope and then hits another Black Bird Driver to pick up the win.

Official Result: Fenix defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. 2-1

Antonio Cueto is in the Temple, telling the audience that he has brought on Shaul Guerrero to be the ring announcer after Melissa Santos left the building after the latest match. Famous B comes in and said he is the ring announcer and tells Shaul to get out of the ring. Shaul talks about her family heritage and the crowd erupts into an “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” chant.

Famous B takes offense to this, takes off his jacket and is ready to face off against Shaul. Chavo Guerrero comes in for the save and then Shaul hits Eddy’s signature Three Amigos suplexes. Chavo goes to the top rope, points to the sky and hits a frog splash in honor of Eddie Guerrero.

Mil Muertes vs. The Mack: Deathmatch

Mack starts off by landing several strikes on Muertes. Muertes throws Mack to the corner, but Mack gets out of trouble by landing a big boot. Mack then hits a flying knee strike and clotheslines Muertes out of the ring. Mack hits a tope con hilo to the outside on Muertes. Muertes hits Mack numerous times and hits Mack’s head with a casket he brought before the match.

Both men are on the ring apron and Muertes hits a DDT to Mack. Muertes brings out another casket and both men exchange strikes. Muertes hits an X-factor onto the casket. Muertes has Mack back in the ring and then lands numerous clotheslines to Muertes. Mack recovers and eventually gets some momentum, hitting a reverse cannonball to Muertes. Mack goes outside and opens one of the casket, full of weapons to be used in the match.

Muertes lands a tope suicida to Mack and Muertes brings out a few weapons to the ring. Muertes takes out an axe and brings it to the ring. Mack blocks an axe swing and gets the axe. Mack misses an axe swing and gets hit with a spear. Muertes brings an ice pick and hits Mack with it. Mack reverses an Irish Whip and hits a spinning back kick. Mack gets out of the ring and throws a rusty garbage bin into the ring, placing it on to Muertes who is sitting in the corner. Mack goes Coast-to-Coast and hits Muertes. Mack goes for the pin and Muertes kicks out.

Muertes gets back up and chokeslams Mack. Both men get back up and runs to Mack, but Muertes hits the ring post shoulder first. Mack tries to rip Muertes’ mask, but is unsuccessful. Mack gets the axe handle and hits Muertes on the head with it. Mack sends Muertes to the ring and hits a DDT. Mack goes for the pin and Muertes kicks out once more. Muertes hits a clothesline and goes for the pin, but Mack kicks out at two.

Mack gets up and hits a standing moonsault, but Muertes kicks out at two. Muertes lands a powerslam, but when he goes for the pin, Mack kicks out. Muertes hits a flatliner, but Mack kicks out again. Mack hits multiple back elbows and counters a chokeslam into a stunner. Muertes gets up and Mack hits another stunner. Muertes is still up so Mack grabs a brick, hits Muertes with it, connects another stunner and gets the win.

After the match, Mack tries to bring Muertes onto a casket and drags him into an open one. Mack then celebrates by spilling beer onto Muertes.