Lucha Underground Results (12/14)

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Here we go! The continuation of Battle of the Bulls! Who will join Cage and the Mack for the final four way to determine the number one contender for the Lucha Underground championship.

Street Fight With Major Stakes, North American Title Match, And More Added To NXT Heatwave On 8/16

Killshot vs. Dante Fox vs. Mariposa vs. Jeremiah Crane

Huge kick to Fox by Crane, then Killshot and Crane exchange blows. Killshot goes for an early cover, dropkick to Crane and Killshot by Mariposa. She goes one on one with Killshot, then Fox, then Crane. She is holding her own until she gets a big kick to the face by Fox. Fox jumps out of the ring taking out the other contenders. Mariposa comes back with a dropkick on Fox inside the ring, then a crossbody splash to contenders outside the ring. Fox and Crane go at it in the ring, then Fox goes out the ring, Crane does dive out onto him and then Killshot follows. Killshot goes back in the ring and tries to jump out the ring again and then gets a chair thrown to his face by Crane.  Crane continues the carnage with the chairs on Killshot. He throws a ton of chairs in the ring.  He proceeds to set several up inside the ring.  Crane has Killshot in the turnbuckle, he goes to kick him on the chairs, the Fox comes in while both are on turnbuckle, then Mariposa comes in and on the bottom of the bile in the turnbuckle, she gets them and brings all crashing down on the chairs!!! She continues to beat each one of the contenders with the eteel chairs. She is going crazy! Crane finally gets enough strength to get her down, then Fox comes in with a dropkick to Crane. Crane is back and delivers boots to Mariposa in the turnbuckle.  Fox takes a kick, Crane takes a kick, then modified code breaker by Fox to Killshot! All are down in the ring. Fox is slowly getting up and turns to Crane and throws him out the ring, then tosses Mariposa out the ring, then he is coming for Killshot. He tries to throw him into a turnbuckle with a chair set up but Killshot reverses. He goes for the cover but Crane interrupts. Crane gets Killshot, both are trying for suplexes. Crane goes for powe rbomb but then gets ina submission, no tap out, Mariposa tries to reverse out of a submission into a roll up but no luck. Stunner by Mariposa to Killshot. Mariposa delivers Butterfly Effect onto the chair in the middle of the ring! Crane interrupts the cover. She gets a huge boot to the face by Crane. Crane goes for a move but gets a neck breaker from Fox instead.  Fox delivers springboard to Crane but he kicks out again! Cranial Contusion to Fox!!! Crane advances!!!

Winner: Jeremiah Crane

What an incredible match!!! Now Killshot and Fox exchange glances inside the ring. Huge kick to Fox, Killshot goes to the top turnbuckle and comes crashing down on Fox. This war between them is only getting started.

We see Worldwide Underground shooting a fake movie backstage. Johnny says that they need to be concentrating for their match.

Sexy Star has a training montage.She finds a giant spider in her locker.Someone is trying to get under her skin.

Kobra Moon vs. Drago

Let's see if he will kneel when this match is over.  They lock up, He goes for the legs and then gets her down. Moon gets an armbar and then uses the ropes and he gets a drop kick in.  She gets herself up in the turnbuckle and gets kicked and then she moves to the middle of the ring. Another dropkick given.  Series of kicks by Drago and he is clearly in control.  Neck breaker by Drago and e grabs her and lifts her and just throws her back down. She is laying in the ring and out comes another wrestler ina snake/lizard mask.The ref calls the match due to disqualification.  He is taking down Drago and delivers a powerbomb. No Aerostar is out to try and help Drago out! Kobra Moon is summoning something. Now a huge wrestler with a snake mask comes out. We don't know his identity but he takes out Aerostar and Fenix. Kobra is smiling on the outside of the ring. Double choke slam delivered to Fenix and Aerostar! The masked wrestlers continue to deliver carnage and a Tombstone is delivered! Drago gets carried off by the snake mask wrestler and we have yet to learn the identities of Kobra's disciples.

Sexy Star sees Mariposa in the back and Mariposa pulls her hair starting a fight between the two. Star says she tortured her. She thinks it was her who put a spider in her locker. Star threatens her. Mariposa says obviously she would leave a butterfly in her locker, not a spider. Star geos to punch Mariposa but she moves out of the way and Star leaves a giant hole in the wall.

jack Evansvs. PJ Black vs. Son of Hvoc vs. Angelico

Angelico gets a very warm reception. How wil PJ Black and Evans handle this match as members of Worldwide Underground?

Havoc and evans start off along with Angelico and Black. Now Havoc and Angelico go at it. Angelico flips out at Evans and then Havoc suicide dives out as well. Jack tries to get a quick cover on Black. Now Havoc and Angelico temporarily work together taking turns at Black and Evans. then they reverse itand they take out Havoc. Then they work on Angelico but he is harder to take down. So much action! Angelico gets Evans on his shulders while Black is taking a breather. All of a sudden Havoc is on the top rope and delivers a stomp to Evans and then a stomp to Black! That was amazing! Back flip onto Black then Angelico throws Evans on top of Black. Havoc and Angelico turn their attention to each other. Havoc takes control and delivers standing moonsault. Havoc looks to almost have a cover then Evans and Black are back in the ring. Havoc tries to take them both out and they catch Havoc mid air and throw him out. They are now giving punches to Angelico. Black and Evans are still working together Angelico gets in a few hit to each and then delivers knees and tries to roll up Evans.  Angelico grabs Evans and tries to deliver a finisher but Evans reverses. Now Havoc is back in and takes out Black. Havoc goes for the cover but Black kicks out.  Havoc is now on Black's shoulders and Evans jumps off the top turnbuckle onto Havoc.  Havoc somehow gets back up and on the turnbuckle. Now he is fighting Evans on the turnbuckle. Angelico gets back in and up on the turnbuckle as well. Havoc breaks free and comes out to the outside with a suicide dive on to Black. Now Evans and Angelico come crashing down off the turnbuckle onto the outside of the ring! All four men are down! Black is dazed back in the ring. Angelico takes advantage and delivers a knee. Evans knocks off Angelico off the turnbuckle. Black and Evans are alone in the ring. Black tells Evans to pin him, Evans comes up and goes for it and then Black reverses into a a roll up and tricks Evans! PJ Black is the winner!

Winner: PJ Black

Rey Meysterio and Azteca are talking about destiny.  Meysterio tells him that it is his battle not Azteca's. Azteca says that he is building his own legacy and it starts with ending Matanza's life. Where will it go from here!

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