Lucha Underground Results (6/13): Aztec Warfare Returns

Season Four of Lucha Underground is here! We begin with a brief recap of Ultima Lucha 3 where we see Pentagon Dark win the Lucha Underground title after beating Prince Puma and Dario Cueto being shot.

Afterwards, the show sets the scene where Cueto's funeral is being held. Cueto's father Antonio and another man are talking about having to move the Lucha Underground to another place, adding that the wrestling promotion is a front for their "true objective." Antonio takes a big key dangling from Dario’s chest and closes the casket where Dario rests peacefully.

We come back to the new temple where they are doing a 10-bell salute for Dario Cueto's death, but Antonio comes in to interrupt the salute and insults the crowd and his deceased son. Antonio knocks down a portrait of Dario with his cane and tells the crowd this is his temple. Antonio then claims he invented Aztec Warfare and says Pentagon Dark will defend his Lucha Underground title in an Aztec Warfare match right now.

After the commercial break, Antonio comes out and said the Trios Champions will start out Aztec Warfare. However, only Killshot and Da Mack appear in the ring with Dante Fox nowhere in sight. Antonio then proclaims that the next man to come out will be Killshot’s and Da Mack’s new partner and be considered a Trios Champion. Son of Havoc appears and is now considered a Trios champion, which kicks off Aztec Warfare 4.

Aztec Warfare For The Lucha Underground Championship

Entrants No. 1 (Killshot), No. 2 (Da Mack) and No. 3 (Son of Havoc) start:

Son of Havoc gets a good start taking out Killshot first and then Da Mack and getting them out of the ring for a brief second, but Killshot returns to take down Son of Havoc.

Entrant No. 4 Joey Ryan:

Joey Ryan comes out and then takes out handcuffs from his trunks. He handcuffs himself to the ropes and then out comes the next entrant as the rest of the field fight among each other.

Entrant No. 5 Mr. Pectacular:

Mr. Pectacular drop kicks all three of the Trios champions, but then they each get some offense in return. As Mr. Pectacular gets dropped into a corner, Killshot gets a surprise rollup on Da Mack as Da Mack was facing Mr. Pectacular and gets the three count. Da Mack is eliminated.

Entrant No. 6 Pentagon Dark:

Immediately afterwards, Pentagon Dark comes in as we go to break. Afterwards, Pentagon hits a slingblade on Killshot, Son of Havoc and Mr. Pectacular and is dominating the match. Son of Havoc then comes in and swoops in for a quick pin on Killshot and Killshot is eliminated. In the ensuing mess, Ryan is also eliminated.

Entrant No. 7 Tommy Dreamer:

Tommy Dreamer enters and brings a trash can full of weapons, mostly kendo sticks. As he does so, Pentagon gets ready to eliminate Mr. Pectacular and is successful. As Dreamer and Pentagon stare at each other, the next entrant enters.

Entrant No. 8 Mariposa:

As Mariposa makes her way to the ring, Dreamer puts Pentagon in a Tree of Woe, puts a trashcan in front of Pentagon and then proceeds to dropkick it to the champion's face.

Mariposa gets some offense by hitting both Pentagon and Dreamer with kendo sticks. Dreamer and Pentagon go out to the crowd and now Havoc eliminates Mariposa out of nowhere. Dreamer takes out a bag full of thumbtacks and then puts it all on the floor. Pentagon manages to avoid danger, gets Dreamer to hit the tacks and then gets him back to the ring. Pentagon eliminates Dreamer with a Pentagon Driver.

Entrant No. 9 Vinnie Massaro:

Vinnie Massaro is now in the match but as he is on his way to the ring, a pizza delivery guy brings him a box containing a large pepperoni pizza. Massaro accepts the box of pizza and refuses to pay for the pizza. Massaro offers Pentagon a slice but then Pentagon superkicks Massaro and then hits the Pentagon Driver on Massaro to the box of pizza. Pentagon eliminates Massaro.

Entrant No. 10 Hernandez:

Hernandez comes in and then slaps Pentagon extremely hard. Pentagon then puts Hernandez to the floor and breaks Hernandez’s arm with a grounded hammerlock inverted armbreaker and eliminates him. Son of Havoc comes in and then hits a dropkick on Pentagon and gets a two-count. Pentagon then counters a springboard move off the ropes from Havoc and eliminates him as well.

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