Lucha Underground Results (6/27): Three-Way To The Grave

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground where this week, we get the first-ever Three-Way To The Grave match between Fenix, Mil Muertes and Jeremiah Crane. Plus we have a debuting wrestler in the Temple and we find out who is gunning for Pentagon Dark's Lucha Underground title.

We start backstage with Ricky Mundo talking to PJ Black and Jack Evans backstage about an island while also talking to the rotting doll he had at Aztec Warfare IV. Johnny Mundo and Taya come in and said the Reptile Tribe have started a war against Worldwide Underground. Mundo said Evans should call out one of the members of the Reptile Tribe, but Evans backs out saying that he doesn’t do stuff with reptiles and snakes.

Three Matches Announced For 4/27 WWE NXT

Jack Evans vs. XO Lishus:

Before the match, Evans takes the fight from ring announcer Melissa Santos and makes his own introduction. The two exchange flips to start the match and Lishus lands a couple of hurricanranas in a row. Lishus follows it up with a handspring arm drag to Evans. Evans recovers and goes for a lariat and is thrown out of the ring by Lishus. Lishus then hits Evans with a crossbody suicide dive. Lishus gets Evans back to the ring and instead of going for the pin, Lishus twerks on top of Evans.

Evans gets back up and connects with a kick to Lishus and then gets a submission attempt on Lishus. Evans lets go and then throws Lishus into the corner. Evans flips across the ring to the corner and then tries to gouge Lishus’ eyes out once Evans gets there. Evans lands a couple of knees to the body. Evans tries to go for a modified armbreaker from a triangle choke position. Lishus eventually escapes, lands a dropkick on Evans followed by a stunner. Evans then hits a leg drop for a two-count. Evans goes for a spinwheel kick then a corkscrew pike. Lishus kicks out at two on the ensuing pin attempt. Evans goes to the top rope but Lishus counters and head scissors Evans to the mat. Both men go to the top rope now and Lishus hits a top rope X-Factor and pins Evans to pick up the victory.

Official result: XO Lishus defeats Jack Evans

Pentagon Dark is in the ring and cuts a promo in Spanish, saying that he will defend his title come hell or high water and talks about his wins in Aztec Warfare IV and then his follow-up title defense against Matanza Cueto. Brian Cage enters the ring and attacks Pentagon from behind. Cage gets a table out and then puts Pentagon through the table with a powerbomb. Cage then says he will be the next Lucha Underground champion.

Three-Way To The Grave Match: Fenix vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane

Once the match starts, Crane looks at both to see who he will target first and chooses Muertes. Crane charges towards his target, but Muertes spears Crane to start. Fenix takes advatnage of the opening and hits a couple of kicks, including a spinning heel kick, to Muertes. Crane gets back up and Fenix handsprings his way to a twisting dragon suplex from Crane. Crane is on offense and then hits a big boot to Muertes, who was relegated to the corner after Fenix's initial offense. Crane hits a superkick to Fenix’s chest when Fenix was on the apron and Crane then goes for a bottom rope suicide dive to Fenix.

Fenix gets back up and hits a top rope moonsault to the outside to Crane. Muertes goes to the top and then hits a crossbody to the outside to both men. Muertes then grabs Crane repeatedly slams slams face with one of the coffins. Muertes then powerbombs Crane to one of the closed coffins. Muertes isn't done yet as he tries to goes for a powerbomb on Crane to the announcers’ desk, but Crane blocks and hits multiple strikes on Muertes to get out of danger. Muertes hits a Reaper’s Trident on Crane, who was gunning towards Fenix who was sitting outside.

Fenix gets up and hits a modified frankensteiner on Muertes. Crane and Muertes fight each other with Muertes chokeslamming Crane to one of the closed caskets. Muertes has Fenix and about to hit a flatliner, but Crane attacks Muertes. Crane is then grabbed by Muertes and Muertes is about to hit a double flatliner on both Crane and Muertes. Fenix and Crane get out of danger and hit a double superkick to Muertes followed by some offense from the makeshift team.

Crane takes Fenix upstairs to the crowd and hits a piledriver. Muertes appears out of an elevator behind Crane and attacks Crane. Muertes is about to throw Crane out onto the crowd but Fenix hits a crossbody on both of his opponents. Muertes recovers and strikes Fenix, then Crane with both tumbling down the Temple’s stairs. Muertes brings out and sets up a table in the ring. Muertes gets Crane back to the ring and sets him on top. Fenix hits a springboard kick to the back of Muertes’ head and Crane then throws Fenix outside but Fenix recovers and goes to the top rope. Crane then drops Fenix to the ropes, hitting Fenix's groin.

Crane goes on top and then hits a top rope piledriver to Fenix through the table. Crane opes the first coffin and tries to drag Fenix to the first coffin. As Crane is about to close the first coffin, Ivelisse returns and hits Crane with multiple shots using a hammer. Crane then throws the middle finger to Ivelisse and Ivelisse bends and breaks Crane’s middle finger and sends him to the coffin. Ivelisse closes the coffin and Crane is eliminated from the match.

Coming back from the commercial break, Muertes is clearing debris from the ring and Fenix throws several kicks to Muertes. Muertes hits a powerslam to Fenix and then tries to rip Fenix’s mask, but is unsuccessful. Muertes then hits a spear on Fenix.

Afterwards, Muertes tears the padding of the bottom turnbuckle and then throws Fenix to the exposed turnbuckle, busting him open. Muertes and Fenix then fight outside, but Muertes gets the better of the strike exchange. Muertes brings the second coffin to the ring and sets it up in the corner. Fenix is Irish Whipped to the coffin but Fenix avoids entering the coffin. Fenix then hits a pair of dropkicks to Muertes to send him to the coffin. Fenix tries to close down the coffin, but at the last second, Muertes stops Fenix and gets out.

Muertes hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Fenix. Fenix then chops Muertes but Muertes slams Fenix to the mat. Muertes runs the ropes but Fenix then surprises Muertes by hitting him with a rolling pop-up cutter. Muertes recovers and then chokeslams Fenix to the coffin. Fenix recovers, goes to the top rope and hits a drop kick onto Muertes. Fenix goes to the top rope once more but Muertes hits a flatliner on Fenix. Muertes opens another coffin, drags Fenix and places him inside the open coffin, closes it and wins the match.

Official Result: Mil Muertes defeats Fenix and Jeremiah Crane in a Three-Way To The Grave match

As the end credits roll, we see Matanza locked in a cage as Antonio Cueto talks to him, saying he failed Matanza. Cueto brings out a big key that he says carries Matanza’s soul and that it has made Matanza weak, something Antonio despises. Antonio throws the key to Matanza and destroys the key, symbolically destroying what is left of Matanza’s humanity.

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