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Last week, on the mid season premiere of Lucha Underground, we had an All Night Long match for the Lucha Underground Championship featuring Johnny Mundo defending his title against The Mack. This was the only match on the show and resulted in a 3-3 tie. However, tonight we will have a Sudden Death tie breaker. Whoever gets the first pinfall or submission wins! Last week was so much fun! Let's see who ends up with the Lucha Underground Championship tonight!

Meysterio is concerned about Prince Puma being swayed by a master. Meysterio then gets a warning from a ghotstly Vampiro about him going straight to hell.

Here we go! "Return of the Mack" chants are being yelled. Let's see who takes the Lucha Underground Championship in Sudden Death! Dario Cueto says no ties in Lucha Underground and makes it falls count anywhere!!!

Lucha Underground Championship (Falls count anywhere, Sudden Death): Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack

We start with a series of kicks my Mundo, Mack with a slam and backflip, cover and kick out by Mundo.Running clothesline by Mack into the cover. Mundo turns it around, goes for a quick cover, no luck, slams his elbows into Mack and gets him up and in the corner, Mack catches him off guard and they go outside the ring. Mack goes for a cover ring side and kick out by Mundo again. The crowd starts to move away from their seats as Mack and Mundo move towards them. Mack places Mundo on the chairs and a running cannonball onto Mundo. These guys are moving fast, looking to finish each other quick. Mack goes under the ring and pulls out a ton of chairs and piles them on top of each other. He throws a chair into Mundo and hits him the chair in Mundo's torso then tosses him onto the pile of chairs. Cover and kick out by Mundo again. Mundo tries to get away but Mack still wields the chair, swings and misses twice as Mundo runs from Mack. Mack tries to get up to him and Ricky Mandel comes to Mundo's aid again. Mundo flips off the balcony onto Mack and goes for a cover and Mack kicks out again! Mundo akd Mandel for help but Sexy Star comes out to help! She beats up on Mandel as he runs backstage. Mundo has hold of a trash can and slams it into Mack, Mack comes back with a few huge slaps and throws him onto the trash can. Cover and count out. Mack is bringing out the tables and P.J. Black is hiding under the ring! He gets Mack down with cheap shots with a kendo stick and Black sets up the table. Black has Mack but Mack gives him a stunner on the apron and Black falls into the table he just set up. Mack in the ring and Mundo jumps in takes control of the match with jumps off the rope, running knees, then Endo of the World but Mack got his knees up, Mack turns it around and powerbombs Mundo, cover and kick out again by Mundo! Mack gets on the apron and pulls Mundo towards him, looking to use the chair pile to his advantage. Mundo reverses, then they exchange back and forth, Mundo gets kicked in the stomach, Taya comes out and helps Mundo before Mack can throw him into the chairs. Johnny reverses and Mack gets powerbombed into the pile of steel chairs, Mundo with the cover and win. With the help of Taya, Johnny Mundo retains his Lucha Underground Championship.

Winner: Johnny Mundo with powerbomb onto pile of steel chairs

Dario Cueto is in the ring and says that he has a new concept that is the most imaginitive wrestling has ever seen. He calls it "The Cueto Cup" and Melissa Santos brings out a giant cup/trophy. Starting next week there will be a single elimination tournatment featuring 32 contenders who win the Cueto Cup and a championship match at Ultima Lucha Tres. At the night that the Cueto Cup is awarded, Johnny Mundo will be facing Rey Meysterio for the Lucha Underground Championship!!!

Trios Championship Match: Aerostar, Fenix and Drago vs. Vibora, Kobra Moon, and Pindar

We start off with Pindar and Aerostar, Pindar has the size advantage, they go back and forth until Pindar gets down with an arm drag and then gets on the apron, Aerostar rushes in, gets reversed and falls on the ropes. Aerstar gets momentum back only for a second, and Aerostar's fancy footwork earns him the upper hand in the match with Pindar taking a minute outside the ring. Pindar gets back in gets Aerostar down and makes the tag to Vibora, they double team Aerostar and he takes control of Aerostar, wearing him down. Aerostar takes a series of knees and then a suplex and Aerostaris in the corner on top turnbuckle and falls out of the ring. Vibora tags in Pindar and Kobra Moon kicks Aerostar while the ref isn't looking. Aerostar back in the ring and is on the top turnbuckle then is on standing on top of Pindar and gives him a neck breaking frankensteiner, now Fenix is in the ring and he is on fire, he goes outside the ring but Vibora takes control and gives Fenix a tombstone piledriver! Back in the ring Aerostar is legal and goes to tag Drago and Drago blew some kind of blue smoke in his face. Kobra Moon calls Drago over to their side and he follows and is made a legal member of Kobra's team who apparently was never legal! Drago turned on his team. Vibora and Pindar hold Aerostar while Drago does a frog splash on him, cover and we have new Trios Champions! Drago is then put on Kobra's chain. She has control of Drago now.

Winners: Drago, Pindar and Vibora (Kobra Moon not legal) and new Trios Champions

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