Lucha Underground Results (7/18): Cage Gets His Shot At The Lucha Underground Title

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground where this week, we find out who the last competitor for the Gift of the Gods Championship match is and Lucha Underground's head honcho reveals a surprise twist regarding the match.

In the main event, Pentagon defends his Lucha Underground title for the third time this season, but this time it's going to be against Cage, a match that has been building up for weeks. But for now, let's kick things off with a match that will decide the seventh and final holder of the Ancient Aztec medallion, guaranteeing them a spot in the Gift of the Gods Championship match.

Paul London vs. Dezmond X: Winner receives an Ancient Aztec Medallion for the Gift of the Gods Championship

London starts attacking Dezmond to open the match. London puts Dezmond’s head down under the ropes with the Rabbit Tribe holding Dezmond’s head. While his head is being held upside down, under the ropes, London dropkicks Dezmond’s face. Dezmond is then pulled from outside the ring and London accidentally baseball slides the Rabbit Tribe, originally aiming for Dezmond. Dezmond gets back into the ring and then moonsaults the entire Reptile Tribe on the outside part of the ring.

London manages to rebound and attack Dezmond outside and then brings him back inside the ring. Dezmond hits a back elbow on London. Dezmond hits a stunner on London after both men exchange palm strikes. Dezmond goes to the corner and London misses a splash to Dezmond. London goes to the top rope and Dezmond hits a frankensteiner, but London kicks out at two. Dezmond misses with the running European uppercut but hits an enzuigiri. Dezmond double backflips into a Pele kick onto London and London kicks out at two. London hits a double knee after Dezmond misses a 450 splash from the top rope. Dezmond reverses a tiger suplex attempt from London and rolls up London and gets the surprise win.

Official Result: Dezmond X defeated Paul London to win an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Antonio Cueto comes out and congratulates Dezmond X on winning the final medallion and that next week will be the Gift of the Gods Championship match. Cueto then introduces all the medallion holders in this order: Dragon Azteca Jr., King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son of Havoc, The Mack and finally Mil Muertes.

All seven contestants place their medallions onto the Gift of the Gods belt and enter the ring. Cueto said it’s time to have some fun and said the number seven is usually a lucky number to some people, but to him, it’s unlucky and so next week's title match will only have six competitors fighting for the title instead of the usual seven. The match will be a Battle Royal in which the winner gets to decide who of the six losers will not get a chance to fight for the title next week.

Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. King Cuerno vs. Ivelisse vs. Dezmond X vs. Son of Havoc vs. The Mack vs. Mil Muertes: Battle Royal where the winner gets to take out one of the losers on next week’s Gift of the Gods championship match.

Cuerno starts by almost throwing Ivelisse out of the ring but she hangs on at the apron. Muertes eliminates Cuerno and then Ivelisse. Muertes then throws Dezmond X out over the top rope and eliminates him. Muertes has Azteca up for a powerbomb but The Mack and Havoc throw Muertes, along with Azteca, out of the ring, eliminating both men This left Mack and Havoc as the last two men standing. Havoc and Mack stare at each other and then Havoc runs the rope and throws himself out of the ring and eliminates himself. Mack is your winner.

Official Result: The Mack defeated Dragon Azteca Jr., King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son of Havoc and Mil Muertes to get a chance to take out one competitor on next week’s Gift of the Gods Championship match.

Cueto comes out to congratulate The Mack and asks who he eliminates. Mack says Muertes “scares the sh*t” out of him and picks him as the odd man out. Muertes is outraged at losing his shot at the title and attacks everyone else as we go to break.